16 Reasons Why It Might Be Good to Stay Unemployed


  1. Unemployment may bring about welfare benefits. However, this depends on whether the government promotes welfare economics and hands out welfare benefits to the unemployed. Though this sum is usually minimal, it is still a form of handouts. 
  2. The freedom to do whatever you want is one of the greatest perks of unemployment. You could do the things that you have dreamt of but which did not have time to proceed previously. Man craves for freedom, be it through freedom of choice of religion, identity, speech etc. Freedom gives room for creative expression. 
  3. Unemployment provides the time for relaxation. Rest is essential in recharging after long periods of hectic work and stress. After a period of respite, you will be able to take on the challenges of tomorrow.
  4. Travel far and wide. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain. This quote sums it all up. The best time to travel is when you are unemployed. You will be able to stay overseas for significantly longer periods of time as compared to someone who used their annual leave to do so.
  5. Should you have succumbed to depression and anxiety, unemployment provides you the opportunity to recuperate and recover from this. Long bouts of depression can lead to suicidal tendencies and is indeed life threatening. It pays to leave your job and learn to relax. 
  6. There is definitely less stress during employment. This is assuming that there is no urgent need to feed your financial dependents or to make ends meet etc. There is a saying that ‘pressure turns coal to diamonds.’ Although there is truth to this saying, high levels of prolonged stress can cause anxiety and other health related problems. 
  7. Take it slow. Unemployment affords you more time and the ability to lead a slower pace of life, at least temporarily. In this rat race, people often get caught up with career progression and striving for material goods etc that they forget what is truly important. I have an apt quote for this: ‘The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.’ Lily Tomlin 
  8. It is time to reflect on your goals. You have the luxury of time to perform much needed self-reflection and check whether you are still on track. If you are not, evaluate your method of achieving your goals and change to something else if it isn’t working. Through this process of the feedback cycle, you will be one step closer to reaching your goals. 
  9. As the saying goes: ‘Time and tide wait for no man.’ You only have 1 life. Live it. YOLO. It is time to think about what you really out of this life. Life is not a rehearsal. Figure out for yourself what contributions you can give to others based on your own skills. Find your own source of happiness and meaning in life. This will fuel you as you anticipate a brighter future. 
  10. A key source of happiness is on whether one can develop strong relationships with others and be around with those who love and respect you. Vice versa. It is a lot easier to catch up with long-lost friends during unemployment. You will be able to travel further in order to visit them and show them how much you value their friendship. 
  11. You are now able to plan your own time. Planning is the key to success and making productive use of your time. If you plan, you will be able to prioritize and not become a slave to tomorrow and let life circumstance’s kick you around. Do not allow your mind to roam freely. If you are productive during unemployment, chances are that you will feel happier. 
  12. Partake in voluntary work to benefit the community/work for a non-profit organization temporarily. This is a great way to make yourself feel good and also at the same time, benefit others. Life is not just all about taking. It is about giving as well. Contribute towards a greater cause. 
  13. Seek refuge and escape from the crowds. Hanging out at the movies or cafes etc on weekdays is great. Avoid the hustle and bustle of metropolitan city life. It will be easy to find a seat and you may read that novel of yours in peace. It is good to have some ‘me-time’ once in a while. 
  14. If you wish to develop yourself spiritually, grab some books and engage in activities like yoga, meditation etc. These activities will calm you down and leave you feeling restful and at ease. Clearing your mind in such a manner will enable you to engage in brain-sapping work later on. Your thinking will also be clearer and sharper. 
  15. Learn to invest in yourself. This is the best time to sign up for courses to hone your skills. These skills will definitely be useful in your later years. As Scott Adams pointed out: ‘Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success’. You do not have to a master at all of them, but rather you should aim to be proficient at certain skills. Learn to piece information from various fields together and soon it will turn into a powerful weapon. 
  16. Explore your country. Travel off the beaten path. In my case, the country in question is Singapore. During the past 2 months, I have visited bars, cafes, restaurants, parks etc. It is very liberating to visit new places and explore. For me, every new café I visit is like venturing into a new world.



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