17 Reasons Why Others Like to Fondle with their Phones in Face-to-Face Conversations


  1. They feel that you are too boring. Boring in this case refers to your personality. In this case, there is nothing much you can do. A leopard can’t change its spots. Perhaps you can try to adopting the mirroring effect and observe the key body language that is being used or key words that they say and try your very best to relate to them. This might increase your credibility. 
  2. They feel that you are too boring. Boring in this case refers to the on-going conversation. In this case, try to find out what are their interests and steer the conversation towards a common topic or even a topic of their choice. Probe to find out what the other party’s interests are. 
  3. They do not respect you as a person. For this situation, it is very difficult to rectify and prove your worth to them. First impressions usually stick for a while. What you can do is to try to be your best self and hope things will turn out alright. Be nice to them. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. 
  4. They received an urgent message/call from their boss. Since work supersedes everything (sadly), they are forced to respond to their boss. Hard truths of life. Work can be wholly consuming sometimes, although it might be able to give you a decent standard of living. 
  5. They are condescending people who like to belittle others. Since they are usually no good with words, the best way for them to prove this trait is to ignore you, not look at you and start playing with their puny little phone. To you, it might seem like a small kid playing with the latest digimon/pokemon version. 
  6. They have this big air of superiority around them. When they walk past you, you see them tilting their head slightly while engaging in a very firm gait. These are the people who think they have achieved more in their lives as compared to the miserable one you are currently living. I wonder why do they feel that way about themselves? Haven’t they heard of the phrase: ‘Pride comes before a fall?’ 
  7. They have a short attention span and are easily distracted. These people tend to be hyperactive or have high metabolism. Always feeling the urge to move around, these people look for other activities to grab their attention. If you are lucky, this bunch of people will start paying attention to you after 10 mins on their phone. 
  8. They find the Android/Iphone games interesting. Perhaps they don’t own a console or a PC? That is why they feel the hand phone game’s graphics outstanding and the game storyline engaging. Perhaps they see a great challenge in the game and are seeking to advance to the next level etc. 
  9. They are naturally or intentionally shy. They appear to dislike face-to-face conversation and hide behind the shroud of technology to get their message across. That way, they will feel less hurt when someone insults them etc. Technology is the invisible wall in this case, or a PSI 200 sky. 
  10. They are vengeful in nature and want to get back to you for something you’ve done. Most of the time, they won’t have the courage to tell you what you have done wrong. This might leave you feeling perplexed and confused. Oh well. Although I understand why some people might be vengeful, I believe forgiveness and kindness are what makes the world go around. 
  11. They like to play hard to get. By playing with their phones, they are indirectly trying to indicate that you need to improve your conversation skills and try to seem more interesting and loving. Okay, maybe I am just over-thinking here. But it is definitely possible. 
  12. The smart phone applications are just too outstanding and amazing. These apps are able to transform your life and make it much more convenient. Wow. But can an application replace a human and have the same level of emotional expression? I doubt it. Even the most high tech robots don’t come close. 
  13. They are plain cowards and lack the courage to state their point of view towards matters. It is definitely easier to play games on your phone than to hold a meaningful conversation where you have to think and express views. 
  14. They exhibit a lack of confidence. Often, some may feel afraid that their views might be shot down or be dismissed. These people are often very self-conscious and are wary of making mistakes and letting others judge them. They generally hate criticism and are narrow-minded. 
  15. They have a weird personality. Enough said. 
  16. They are hooked on technology. Wonder at the marvels of technology. Imagine how miserable and less connected you will be without your phones, tablets, net books, laptops, smart watches, Google Glasses at your disposal? Imagine how you feel the urge to long for someone else’s attention? Imagine how many likes you wish you had on FB? Technology might take over your life. Don’t let that happen. 
  17. They think their time is more important than yours. It is a simple fact. There are no two-ways about this. I have spelt it out clearly. It will sum up this entire list. I don’t know what you will make of this. 

Conclusion: I am, on rare occasions, guilty of playing with my phone during face-to-face conversations with others as well. I hope to kick this habit in the near future.




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