20 possible reasons why being employed might be good for you


  1. A job cannot guarantee financial stability or independence unless the amount it pays is sufficient to cover your own living expenses. That being said, a job provides a source of income which is necessary to do many things in life. Struggling to feed yourself every day is a real pain and can consume much of your willpower you will need for other tasks. 
  2. Money is indeed essential for survival and for sustenance. This is especially so when you have others as your financial dependents. I am sure you have heard phrases like ‘Money is the root of all evil’. However, a certain level is necessary for a decent standard of living. Once you attain all the various necessities in life, one will start fulfilling their ‘wants’ and ‘desires’. However, choose those ‘wants’ which you can afford and live within your means.  
  3. A job helps to occupy your time. With more than 16 waking hours per day to kill, one of the best ways to do so is to get employed. Boredom can kill as you struggle to find activities to occupy your time and keep yourself busy. Imagine the difference you can make if you use your time wisely. It is difficult to embark on any particular project which you have set yourself unless you can have an underlying motivation etc. 
  4. One can find meaning in their job. If you find that the work you do is value adding and is able to benefit other organizations/people/systems etc, it can be extremely rewarding. It will prove that everything you do is worthwhile and that you are able to make a positive impact on others. Meaning is what fuels you and pushes you on even on days you don’t feel like working. Something, it is difficult to see how the end product benefits others due to the lack of visibility etc. However, just thinking about how your work can help others is sufficiently motivating. 
  5. Working can fuel your passion. For instance, if the work you are engaging in is something which you are also pursuing as a hobby or something which you have always dreamt of doing since young, the inner drive will be your motivating factor. You might even be able to attain the state of ‘flow’ during your course of work. This is very crucial as the nature of the work is often a key factor in whether one can last long in a job. 
  6. Subject to many possible factors, it is possible to feel happy about your work. Since work occupies a large part of your day, it matters what sort of feelings you harbor towards your job. Feeling optimistic and happy everyday will ensure that you bring greater energy into your life. The optimal feeling is to look forward to going to work each day and having a positive attitude and mindset. 
  7. Work provides a sense of accomplishment and a sense of progress. Progress is very crucial as one usually derives satisfaction from seeing work moving forward. With that goal in mind, work can generate a certain sense of fulfillment and development. Through progress, one is able to see the end goal. 
  8. Learning is one of the big plus points about working. By learning, it could mean in terms of both technical and soft skills. Learning is a great sign of growth and improvement. I believe no people wants to stagnate and vegetate. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is something which no one can take away from you. 
  9. Humans often like challenges. Although daunting at first, if you establish concrete steps towards tackling them and find out exactly how to achieve them, most challenges can be conquered. A successfully completed challenge provides a sense of triumph and relief which can be very rewarding. 
  10. Work has the ability to cultivate, hone and develop your character. Through overcoming obstacles, one can develop traits like perseverance, determination, resilience etc. Traits can be easily in-built and not before long, you will become a better person. Just like that. 
  11. Having a job usually means a certain form of socializing with others. This prevents one from feeling lonely. Social interactions are very important for man. As the saying goes, ‘No man is an island.’ Man needs to seek understanding and affection from others. I know for a fact that having great and meaningful relationships is a key ingredient for happiness. 
  12. Depending on what you do, work very often gives you the ability to practice on a certain skill. Through spending a lot of time on it, it is possible to be a master at a particular skill. Being a master can be very satisfying and you are able to specialize and be productive. Being better at something, or anything for that matter, is generally the goal for most. I mean, who would want to strive to perform worse at something? 
  13. Work is a good way to measure productivity. For me, I feel great on days where I am productive and can get a lot of work done. For instance, if I am able to complete the tasks I set out every morning by the end of the day, it feels very rewarding. Figure out your sweet spot, such as an ideal time of the time to get work done or a particular place to work in. 
  14. Striking off your daily tasks feels extremely satisfying as one can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. This is also an awesome way to track your productivity and remind yourself of any upcoming deadlines. 
  15. Providing for yourself also allows one to remain financially independent and develop your social stature. The ability to work can be seen as being of value to society. For some, work allows them to develop a sense of well-being and pride. This, in turn, leads to a better sense of confidence to face the world. 
  16. In general, work instils a great sense of discipline. Discipline is the key in achieving a lot of the finer things in life (such as maintaining a strict exercise, diet regime etc). The discipline you inculcate in work can be easily transferred to other aspects of your life. 
  17. Success fuels passion more than passion fuels success. Therefore, as mentioned in point (12), once you are good at a particular skill, everything will seem easier to you. This can further fuel your passion to develop your skills even further, resulting in a positive cycle of improvement. 
  18. Even if you are not able to be a specialist at work, you can still do well as a generalist. As a generalist, your aim is to be good at multiple skills but not be excellent at any. Being good at skills which complement each other allows you to see the big picture and implement unique solutions for your organization. ‘A jack of trades’ person is also highly valued when establishing a business. 
  19. Should opportunities arise, working on projects to improve your organization’s processes is also a form of finding a reason for work. Achieving operational efficiencies and streamlining processes not only saves cost, but it will also save you time.   
  20. Although you might have less time to pursue your other interests in life, the benefits as stated above can more than adequately compensate for a less flexible schedule. As mentioned in point (3), a flexible schedule only works if you know how to occupy your time meaningfully.



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