21 Reasons Why Drinking Might Be Good for You


  1. You feel more attractive. Research has proven this. Refer to the quote below. It is unrealistic to change your looks (unless you want to look like Girls Generation via cosmetic surgery). Thinking that you seem more attractive provides you with a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem, if only temporarily. “People have long observed that drunk people think others are more attractive but ours is the first study to find that drinking makes people think they are more attractive themselves. If you become drunk and think you are really attractive it might influence your thoughts and behaviour towards others. It illustrates that in human memory, the link between alcohol and attractiveness is pretty strong.” Professor Brad Bushman
  2. Drinking offers escape. Albeit for a fleeting moment. You can take yourself to another land and imagine a pain-free and problem-free world. Live in dreamland. Of course, when you wake up the next morning, reality hits you in the arse. Well, let’s not go there for now.
  3. You feel relaxed after drinking. Alcohol is a known depressant and will calm you down. You might feel more centered and calm when facing life’s challenges. Your muscles are less tense and you feel a sense of calm emanating within.
  4. Drinking offers companionship. This sounds so wrong. But it does help, especially during moments when you are in deep solitude. Although you can’t talk to your drink, you can always approach the nearest stranger, take photos of your booze or engage in monologue. Please don’t fall in love with alcohol though 
  5. Alcohol blunts the anxieties. You suddenly forget about your problems. Live the carefree life for that moment. Pause. Anyway, why should you worry about them? If they can be solved with your input, why worry? If you can’t do anything about it and it is out of your control, why worry as well? Hmm…
  6. It offers emotional release. You can start to vent your troubles and frustrations to your friends. Let it out of your system. Take a deep breath. If you are lucky, your friends might be able to relate to them and offer you solutions as well.
  7. It reveals your true self. Alcohol is basically a truth serum. Chances are that you are more likely to speak the truth when you are slightly tipsy as compared to when you are not. Being completely honest and truthful to your friends might be good as well. Learn to share your problems. Don’t keep them to yourself. ‘When part of you wants to do something and part of you does not, alcohol will make you do that something’ Roy F. Baumeister & John Tierney 
  8. It opens you up. An introvert can become an extrovert just by having some alcohol. Of course, it is also possible to act like an extrovert without alcohol. However, not everyone can do this without the proper training etc. Most of the time, when you open up, people respect that. ‘When you go to a football game and someone offers you a beer, they’re really saying hi, have a glass of extroversion.’ Brian Little
  9. You meet interesting people at drinking places. From my personal observation, I have seen many cool people with pleasant personalities. I don’t think I can meet such people anywhere else. That is a fact. A lot of them are very contrarian, rebellious and risk-taking in nature. They often step outside their comfort zone. I find that very inspiring. 
  10. It kills boredom. Time flies when you are tipsy. At least I know that it is true for me. There are times in your life when time is crawling by and you want things to speed up. You want the good moments to linger on and the bad moments to whizz by. Life is full of ups and downs. It an emotional rollercoaster. 
  11. Drinking in moderation might improve your health as well. Well, I have read articles which prove that having a glass of wine every other day can reduce your risk of contracting heart disease. Don’t ask me about the science behind it though. Please google instead.  
  12. Drinking might get you inspired. I always feel like I can change the world in a positive way after I drink. I don’t know why and I don’t know how to go about it.  But it is a powerful feeling which makes me happy. 
  13. You can get information out from others. If you have very conservative friends who like to keep things to themselves, perhaps getting them drunk is a good way to get information from them (apart from blackmailing). These pieces of information gathered might also help you to understand your friends better. That is a good thing. If they are willing to share their problems, it probably means that they can trust you. 
  14. You feel high and the adrenaline rushing. This is the reason why most people drink I think. Inhibitions are lowered and you feel more energized. However, please obey the local laws and not do anything stupid to get yourself in trouble. 
  15. You become more daring. You can do the things you were less likely to do when you were sober (within the constraints of the law and obey the no-harm principle). Well, isn’t this great? As the saying goes, fortune favors the brave. I hope you get lucky. 
  16. You suddenly feel more sociable. You feel like you are the star of the show and the one who everyone is waiting to shake hands with. This might seem a little overboard but there is a semblance of truth in this. It is always possible to widen your social circle when you are a little tipsy. 
  17. It helps you to sleep better. I can’t really attest to this. However, I know for most of my friends that one standard drink might help them to succumb to the ZZZ monster more easily. 
  18. It provides warmth during winter. I don’t live in a temperate climate though. I can’t tell you if this works. Please wrap up in a few layers of clothing as well. Beggars dressed in tattered clothing and sip on a bottle of whisky during winter won’t last long. I am sure of that. 
  19. If you drink alone, it helps you think about your life. I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but it certainly does for me. During such moments, I will question why I am still stuck in my current job; what is my purpose here; how to find meaning in life; what makes me happy etc.
  20. I have an excellent quote for you: ‘Your preparation for the real world is not in the answers you’ve learned, but in the questions you’ve learned how to ask yourself.’ Bill Watterson 
  21. It tastes good. Most alcohol is a little bitter, be it wine, beer or spirits. If you like bitter stuff, alcohol is the thing for you. 





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