24 Reasons Why You Should Reduce Alcohol Intake

Too much of a good thing can be bad. Drink in moderation.

  1. Higher chance of accidents on the road. This is logical since it is difficult to control a car when you are intoxicated. Drink driving is very serious and may even cause harm to other pedestrians. Do not violate the do-no-harm principle. There are also severe penalties associated with drink driving. Take a cab instead.
  2. Drinking increases the risk of liver cirrhosis. This is where the liver is scarred and ceases to function. Alcohol is toxic and the liver needs to work over-time to breakdown this substance. The liver, like most humans, doesn’t like to work over-time. Take care of that body of ours, you only have 1 liver. Make it last.
  3. Excessive drinking might cause anemia. This is a reduced number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells to the brain. Often, this could lead to fainting spells. It is extremely dangerous especially when you are alone as your belongings are vulnerable to theft. You do not want to suffer head trauma or fractures from an awkward fall.
  4. Prolonged excessive drinking leads to an increased risk of cancer at the mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, liver, breast and colorectal region. Cancer is one of the top 3 killers in Singapore. Late stage cancer is usually fatal. Please drink in moderation.
  5. Binge drinking causes platelets to lump together more frequently. Blood-clots are then formed more easily. Heart attacks are often caused by such blood-clot formations. Alcohol now seems like a very complicated substance. It is possible to develop a love-hate relationship with it.
  6. The brain also shrinks fast and dementia may result in old age. Heavy drinking in the adolescent years is linked to an impairment of brain development. For adults, drinking can also result in memory loss. Poor memory and the inability to remember facts will affect work performance.
  7. It may also cause depression. Heavy reliance on alcohol is associated with depression, anxiety disorders, suicidal tendencies etc. If you already suffer from depression, the issue won’t disappear with alcohol. Rather, go and seek help with support groups and take medication etc.
  8. Drinking might also lead to high blood pressure and diabetes. These two are also the top causes of deaths in Singapore. Try to maintain a good diet and exercise regularly to prevent these problems from surfacing. In addition, reduce your alcohol intake.
  9. The chances of contracting infectious disease increases. Drunkards like to embark on more risky activities, such as unsafe sex etc. Naturally, the chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases increases. Do so at your own peril.
  10. Alcohol might also cause chronic pancreatitis. This leads to abdominal pain and diarrhea.
  11. Drinking during pregnancy causes high chance of birth defects for the child. To be safe, pregnant ladies should avoid alcohol completely. You don’t want to affect your future child’s life just for that few nights of fun. Your child needs the best start to life that he can get. Causing harm to others is a no-no.
  12. Excessive consumption affects sleep. For me, sleep comes intermittently when I drink too much. Often, I end up waking up in the wee hours of the morning for no reason. An increased heart rate makes sleep more difficult. If you have difficulty sleeping, perhaps you might have drank that wee bit too much.
  13. Weight gain. I think this only applies to the consumption of beer. Beer contains wheat and malt and thus, many calories. Calories are the ones which cause weight gain. If you want to keep that slim figure of yours, try to avoid beer. Be sure to get adequate exercise as well.
  14. What happened last night? You find it difficult to remember. Your head is throbbing and you feel your brain pressing outwards against your skull. Your brain wants to escape. You feel groggy and lethargic. Welcome to the hangover phase. It is difficult to function well in this phase.
  15. It is very costly to drink in Singapore. Alcohol is taxed heavily by the government in a bid to discourage people from drinking. If you have financial worries or need money for other reasons, perhaps you could head to the nearest Cheers or 7/11 and get your fix. Or better still, quit drinking.
  16. Alcohol will cause you to crash and fall asleep very quickly. This is why you often see drunks nodding off. Alcohol is a known depressant anyway. This is expected. To outlast these drunks, do not drink.
  17. You can be a burden to your friends. Others hate taking care of you when you are drunk. What kind of drunk are you? It is good to know how you will behave when intoxicated. I have seen people turning violent and aggressive when they are drunk. If you are that sort, it is best to stay away from your friends or do not drink excessively.
  18. Your problems didn’t go away. Yawn. You try your best to recall what happened last night and the fun you had. Then, it dawned on you that the tasks you were supposed to do are still untouched. The problems you faced are still shouting at you, screaming for your undivided attention. Alcohol doesn’t solve your problems. Never think that they will. Period.
  19. It causes nausea and embarrassment. I think it is always wise to know what your limits are. For instance, you realize from experience that after X drinks, you start feeling a little nauseous. This will be your cut-off point and indicate that you need to head home. Do not go overboard and continue to play drinking games etc. Don’t be a hero. You don’t have any superpowers anyway.
  20. Time flies by. This could work both ways. It depends on how fast you want time to pass. But if you have urgent matters to attend to and you choose to procrastinate and drink, then it becomes bad. Use your time wisely. Time cannot be replenished. Money can.
  21. Brainstorming and finding solutions to your problems might be a more productive use of your time. This might also make you feel better about yourself. Doing so brings you one step closer to that dream of yours.
  22. It is viewed as a sin in many religions. A state of drunken stupor is banned in Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism. If drinking violates your principles or faith, then you should quit.
  23. It is possible to feel high without alcohol. This is precisely why people can dance like maniacs in clubs even without a drop of alcohol. It is also possible to train your mind and body to feel that way. Once you achieve it, you can reduce your alcohol intake.
  24. It is possible to act silly and act like an extrovert. Just listen to Warren Buffett here. ‘…I felt I was getting screwed. But I just didn’t like the taste. I don’t like beer. And I can behave silly enough without it. I mean, I was right there with the rest – the drinkers didn’t have anything on me when it came to being silly.’ Warren Buffett, on drinking. Taking a public speaking or communication class can hone your speaking ability and groom you to handle social situations. Conclusion: Drinking is a lifestyle choice. No right or wrong here. No need to judge others. Drink responsibly.

The End




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