Danny, the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

Danny and his dad stayed in a caravan. His dad owned a pump station and repaired automobiles for a living. He was simply the best dad around. One day, he revealed a hidden truth of himself. It was that he liked to practice poaching. It was a family tradition. It also explained why he liked to disappear in the middle of the night. They were better than others because of their innovative methods used to catch the pheasants. Mr Hazell, a rich and arrogant man, owned the Hazell forest where the pheasants were. Danny managed to rescue his dad after he felt into a trap in the forest late in the night. The trap was likely to be set by the keepers in the forest. Mr Hazell was planning a huge shooting party where overseas guests would be invited as well. Danny devised a plan of inserting sleeping powder into the raisins. Later in the evening, the pheasants fell and Danny and his dad started to collect them. This would severely limit the number of pheasants left for hunting. They left the pheasants in Mrs Clipstone’s baby pram to avoid detection from the keepers. When she was delivering them the next morning, some of them flew from the pram as the drug effect wore off. Mr Hazell wanted to retrieve the birds but they all refused to fly to his forest. Danny, his dad, the policeman and the doctor would feast themselves on a few of the remaining drugged pheasants. Both the policeman and the doctor disliked Mr Hazell’s mannerisms.

The story is about the adventures Danny experienced with his dad and their relationship. His Dad was adventurous, loyal, loving and extremely caring towards Danny. It highlights the importance of nurturing close relationships with your parents.



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