Esio-trot by Roald Dahl

Mr Hoppy used to work with tortoises in Africa. Mrs Silver was her neighbour one floor below. Mr Hoppy loved Mrs Silver right from the start but was too shy to express his feelings. Mrs Silver had a tortoise named Alfie and she took care of it with tender loving care. She wanted the tortoise to grow bigger and Mr Hoppy wrote a note and requested that she recite it every day to Alfie. In the meantime, Mr Hoppy bought a hundred tortoise which were of the same species as Alfie but of varying weights. When Mrs Silver went off for work, Mr Hoppy would use a hook to grab Alfie and replace it with another one with a slightly heavier weight. This process would go on for a few days. Mrs Silver didn’t notice the difference. One day, her tortoise could not enter the playhouse. Mr Hoppy repeated the same trick in order to get the tortoise down in size. Mrs Silver was impressed by Mr Hoppy’s ability to do anything and they eventually fell in love.

This is a romantic book and about the sweet yet mischievous thing that Mr Hoppy did in order to impress Mrs Silver.



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