Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin


Key takeaways from the book: Learn to be happy at home and keep resolutions. About 20% of life’s happiness is dependent on life’s circumstances. Use the 4 stage cycle to improve happiness. Happiness is a process, not a destination. Simplify your home and avoid clutter. Create engaging areas in the house, like a study area etc. Be mindful of sentimental items as well. Show appreciation to your other half. Be supportive. Prove love. Enter the interests of others. Be happy yourself and naturally others will feel happy when they are around you as well. Avoid contact with grouches, jerks or slackers. Abstain from things which are bad for you. Start living now and don’t be too caught up with work etc. Do something difficult every day. Seek adventure. Be happy now and do not defer it. Do not try and pursue it too much. It might just come naturally to you. Gratitude is the key to happiness. Giving is a good source of happiness. Grow.

You get more of what you have. When you feel friendly, people want to be your friend. When you feel attractive, people are attracted to you. When you feel loving, others act lovingly towards you. The truth is cruel because so often, you want others to give you what you lack. It’s when you’re feeling friendless that you most want people to be friendly. When you’re feeling ugly, you want someone to tell you how attractive you are. Feeling unloving makes you long to be showered with affection.’



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