Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going by Lee Kuan Yew

There is a need for strong leadership; Good leaders; We should never be complacent about Singapore’s status; Defence is a key component of our GDP spending; Singapore is vulnerable; Singapore has to continue to attract the top talents from overseas; We need to fend for ourselves; Democracy is not all good; One needs to have convictions in order to be a politician; Men should be given equal chances in life, but we should not expect equal outcomes; Meritocracy, multiracialism, equality of opportunity should be upheld; It is noble to be in public service; It is important for the press to be seen as a credible source; It is important not be to corrupt; EQ, leadership, stamina, determination, resourcefulness are all hallmarks of a good leader; Singapore needs to re-invent itself; We need to preserve the well-being of people; Singapore is known for its rule of law and its infrastructure; Japan is experiencing a huge ageing population; It is difficult to find good leaders; Hereditary factors play a huge role in one’s development later on in life; Singapore is connected globally; China is going to be the next superpower; Homosexuality will eventually be accepted in Singapore; Foreigners in SG are very hardworking; Make the most of what you are given; Singaporeans have been victims of their own successes, things have been too comfortable here; Being attracted to looks can be a big mistake; You need to learn politics the hard way; Keep your mind active and not de-generate.



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