How Will You Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen

If you are stuck in a corporate job and you feel unhappy, please try and understand why. Good theories help because you can predict better etc. Your theories will help you lead a more fulfilling life. Find happiness in your career too. Do not settle for poor jobs. Balance plans with opportunities. There are both hygiene and motivation factors in a job. Compensation is a hygiene factor and not intrinsic motivation. If you give someone who hates his job more money, he won’t hate it anymore but he won’t like it. Motivators include challenging work, recognition, responsibility, personal growth etc. Find a job you love. Know what makes you tick. Learn to try new stuff. Test the validity of your assumptions. Continue to experiment and keep your options open. Spend time on your strategy. What you say doesn’t matter, it’s what you do. Allocate resources to those that you value the most. Never neglect children and parents and friends. Find happiness in your relationships. Be patient and do not expand too quickly. Think long term. Sacrifice is very rewarding sometimes. Do not outsource your core capabilities. Expose your kids to both challenges and activities. Encourage them to stretch and not to be afraid of failure. Culture is very important. Choose something that matters to you. Stick to your principles 100% of the time, and not 98% of the time. You must have a purpose in life. Set goals in your life etc.





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