The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (Professor, Carnegie Mellon with Jeffrey Zaslow)

Randy Pausch was a computer science professor at the University of Carnegie Mellon. He was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer and only had a few months left to live. As a parting gift to his students and especially to his 3 young children, he delivered an emotive last lecture before his passing. He wanted his children to remember him in the right way. Randy was brought up in a good environment and had very caring and supportive parents. Throughout the book, he espoused certain life values which I will briefly summary below.

Lessons from the book: 1) Do not give up on your childhood dreams; 2) Make the most of what you have; 3) Think before making decisions; 4) Self-esteem is very important; 5) Work hard; 6) Be tenacious in nature; 7) Don’t give up too easily; 8) Stay positive even in dire situations; 9) Change your attitude; 10) Accept that people are different sometimes; 11) Not everything needs to be fixed; 12) Be humble; 13) Live for the moment; 14) Time management is the key; 15) Learn to plan; 16) Listen to feedback; 17) Praise others when warranted; 18) Help others whenever you can; 19) Dream big; 20) Earnest is better than hip; 21) Be accommodating; 22) Avoid complaining; 23) Don’t obsess over what others think; 24) Discuss problems with friends; 25) Look on the bright side; 26) Failure is acceptable; 27) Get People’s Attention; 28) Use thank you notes; 29) Loyalty is a two-way street; 30) Tell the truth; 31) No job is beneath you; 32) All You Have to Do is Ask; 33) Have Fun! 34) Be a good parent.

The Dreams Will Come to You



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