The Power of Negative Thinking by Bob Knight

Most people suffer from optimism bias. This book is about the need for negative thinking, to be cautious and to predict the worst case scenario. It also emphasized on the need for deliberate thinking rather than make decisions on intuition. Bob Knight was a famous basketball coach who had great success in coaching through the use of negative thinking. Basketball games are often not won due to moments of brilliance but rather due to the opponent making mistakes. Negative thinking helps prevent complacency from setting in. Do your best whenever you can. Losing makes you humble and you can learn from your mistakes. Eliminate bad habits before they begin to form. Know your limits and know when to say no. Don’t eliminate ideas just because it didn’t come from you. Change your plans when they aren’t working. Criticize poor performance and reward good performance. Be self-critical and also listen to feedback. Avoid gambling and the fundamental attribution error. Do your job well. Do not accept the status quo and learn to question. Don’t try to please everybody. Always look to improve yourself. Attack from the sides and not always from the front. If you can stop the opponent from scoring, you can win. Learn how to identify talent in people. Learn to be observant. Think before making important decisions.






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