The Human Machine by Arnold Bennett

Your brain is a machine and please do not give up so easily. Learn to understand yourself better and do not take things for granted. Spend more time to focus on your soul and brain. Most people do not seek to understand how their mind works. Character building is crucial in development. Alter your brain so that it will obey you. Form habits and train your mind. Let your brain undergo periods of exercise in concentration so that your brain will not forget so easily. If you do all of this, you are in control of your brain. Habits are difficult to form, but constant repetition will make things easier for you. We often like to blame external factors when in most times, it is your brain which is the one at fault.

You are in control of your thoughts. Learn to think kind thoughts consistently. Be forgiving and treat others with dignity and respect. The tone of your voice matters a lot. Use a nice tone so as to avoid any friction. Temper can be cured by good self-control. Learn the powers of concentration. Don’t sweat on the small stuff. Do not care too much about what others think or what they are thinking at the current moment. Do not neglect yourself. Learn to criticize less. Humans can change over time. You always have the ability to change yourself. Direct your willpower to the things that matter most. Live for the present moment. Treat failures as learning opportunities. Always have a curiosity about life and how it works. Use common sense and respect your environment. There is no doubt that money does not bring happiness to people. Cultivate good saving habits. In general, the brain works better than the heart.


I am master of my brain. No one can get in there and rage about like a bull in a china shop. If my companions on the planet’s crust choose to rage about they cannot affect me! I will not let them. I have power to maintain my own calm, and I will. No earthly being can force me to be false to my principles, or to be blind to the beauty of the universe, or to be gloomy, or to be irritable, or to complain against my lot. For these things depend on the brain; cheerfulness, kindliness, and honest thinking are all within the department of the brain. The disciplined brain can accomplish them. And my brain is disciplined, and I will discipline it more and more as the days pass. I am, therefore, independent of hazard, and I will back myself to conduct all intercourse as becomes a rational creature. Arnold Bennett


The secret of smooth living is a calm cheerfulness which will leave me always in full possession of my reasoning faculty—in order that I may live by reason instead of by instinct and momentary passion. The secret of calm cheerfulness is kindliness; no person can be consistently cheerful and calm who does not consistently think kind thoughts. Arnold Bennett


Money is not the principal factor in happiness. It may be argued whether, as a factor in happiness, money is of twentieth-rate importance or fiftieth-rate importance. But it cannot be argued whether money, in point of fact, does or does not of itself bring happiness. There can be no doubt whatever that money does not bring happiness. Yet, in face of this incontrovertible and universal truth, the whole public behaves exactly as if money were the sole or the principal preliminary to happiness. Arnold Bennett





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