Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

Harold took a walk in the moonlight. There wasn’t a moon and therefore he drew one. He drew a straight path to walk on. Harold walked with his big purple crayon. However, he didn’t seem to be getting anywhere after a while.

Then, he took a shortcut across a field. He entered a forest. As he didn’t want to feel scared, he drew a small apple tree which bore fruit. To protect the apples, Harold drew a dragon beneath the tree. The dragon looked so frightening that Harold was scared himself.

As his hand trembled, he actually drew the waves of an ocean. Before he knew it, he was struggling in the ocean. Thankfully, he drew a boat and a sail and soon he was away again. Harold created land and soon he found himself on it. However, he still seemed lost. As he was hungry, he created the scene of a picnic with his favorite food, pie. Harold drew too much pie and realized that he couldn’t finish his food. So he drew a porcupine and a moose to consume the pies.

Next, Harold ventured up a hill. Soon, he drew a mountain so that he could have a good view from the top. Harold wanted to see his bedroom window from the top of the mountain. Suddenly, he slipped and fell into nothingness. In the nick of time, Harold drew a balloon and clung on to it. Attached to the balloon was a basket.

Once he landed, Harold drew a house with a front yard. Although the house he drew had windows, it was clear that he wasn’t his house. Seeking help, Harold approached a policeman. The policeman directed him to a city. Yet, none of the houses belonged to him. Suddenly, Harold remembered where his house was and he drew a whole city of buildings and windows. Next, Harold made his bed and went to sleep

– The End –




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