The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch

Elizabeth was a princess who was going to marry Ronald, the prince. One day, a dragon destroyed the castle and took Ronald away. As her clothes were burnt, Elizabeth wore a paper bag instead as she chased the dragon. She came upon the dragon but was told to go home as he was too full from eating the castle. The dragon admitted he was the smartest and fiercest one in the world. He could burn up to 50 forests with his breath. In another breath, another 50 forests were burnt to the ground. However, he didn’t have energy left for another breath of fire. To showcase his ability once again, the dragon flew around the world in 10 seconds and came back exhausted. He did it another round and fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. The dragon was so tired that he could hardly move. Then, Elizabeth saw Ronald in the cave. He criticized her for the way she looked in that paper bag dress. She in turn called him a bum for the way he behaved. She didn’t marry Ronald in the end.

Ronald, your clothes are really pretty and your hair is really neat. You look like a prince, but you are a bum. – Elizabeth



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