George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl

George hated his grandma because she was mean towards him and wanted to take revenge. He thought of making a marvellous medicine. She was a grumpy and selfish woman who didn’t want George to grow taller in future. A spark came to him. George wanted to make a marvellous medicine just for her. He added materials from the toilet, laundry room, kitchen, shed and garage into a large stewing pot. Now, after some mixing and boiling, the medicine was ready. The mixture was brown in colour and looked like real medicine.

Upon consumption, the medicine produced a vigorous reaction in grandma’s body such that she grew and surged through the attic of the house. She was extremely tall and skinny. A hen tried the medication and had a similar effect. His dad, Mr Kranky, wanted George to replicate the recipe so that his farm animals could grow bigger. Grandma still had a nasty personality despite her size. George could not replicate the results of growth on the animals due to the wrong concentration of materials in the pot. The last recipe caused the animals to shrink. Being greedy, Grandma swallowed the whole mixture and after a vigorous reaction to her body, she started shrinking. On and on it went. Till she disappeared without a trace.

All of a sudden, George had a tremendous urge to do something about her (grandma). Something whopping. Something absolutely terrific. A real shocker. A sort of explosion. He wanted to blow away the witchy smell that hung about her in the next room. – Roald Dahl




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