The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

There was a bull named Ferdinand. He didn’t like to butt his head around and play with others. His hobby was to smell the flowers. The pasture under the cork tree was his favorite spot to smell flowers. This led to his mum (a cow) worrying about him. Despite persuasion, Ferdinand preferred the flowers to butting his head amongst his peers. His mother let him be and allowed him to happy. Most bulls wanted to be selected to be involved in bull fights in Spain and tried to prove themselves. Even though Ferdinand was much bigger now, his habits didn’t change.

One day, men came in to select the bull that would contest the bull fights. Ferdinand didn’t feel the need to impress them and just sat under the tree. Unfortunately, he sat on a bee and got stung. As it hurt, he ran around puffing and snorting and started butting the ground. The men saw that and selected Ferdinand as their winner. It was the day of the bull fight. It was a big ceremony with many festivities. Ferdinand entered the ring and stood in the centre. Many were expecting him to start charging around. There weren’t any flowers in the ring and Ferdinand just sat there quietly. The performers in the ring were all so disappointed and sad. They took Ferdinand home. Now, he could continue to smell the flowers and be happy.

The End


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