Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

The 3 farmers were all rich, greedy and nasty men. Mr and Mrs Fox lived in a tree. They had 3 children. The farmer were plotting to kill Mr Fox by waiting outside his tree hole and then shooting him to death. Mr Fox often had to steal from the 3 farms to feed his children. Although Mr Fox was cautious, he lost his tail in a gunshot wound inflicted by the farmers. Now, the farmers started digging into their hideout. Mr Fox’s plan was to dig faster than them. The farmers remained undeterred and used tractors now. The sound was deafening but Mr Fox encouraged his family to continue digging. Confident that the foxes would have to come out of their hideout after they ran out of food, the farmers camped at the entrance with their guns. The foxes were starving now after toiling for so long. Their plan of continuing to dig was draining their energy. Mr Fox thought of another plan.

Finally, the plan to dig under the chicken house worked and they had a good feast before exiting quietly. The foxes didn’t leave a trace and no one knew they raided the farm. Mrs Fox was ill and she was excused from digging. Instead, the other foxes started to feed her. In exchange for food, the other animals started to help the foxes dig. Next, the animals reached the geese farm. They repeated the same act as during their time in the chicken farm. In the cider farm, the rat drank too much and appeared drunk. Mabel, a lady, appeared and thankfully did not manage the animals. The rat was furious with the other animals for stealing the cider but could do nothing about it. All the animals had a huge feast and knew that they were finally safe with a good supply of food. The foxes and the other animals never appeared from the hole!



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