Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

A bear was taken care by Christopher Robin. His name was Winnie the Pooh. Long ago, he lived in a forest all alone. He came a large oak tree with buzzing noise. Pooh thought that there were bees. As he liked honey, he started climbing the tree. As he was complaining, he suddenly fell down the tree. He landed up into a thorny bush and was pricked. After that, Pooh went to look for his friend, Christopher. He wanted a balloon. Pooh wanted to hold the balloon and disguise as a cloud to trick the bees. He was contemplating between the green and blue balloon. To make himself black, Winnie rolled in the mud. Next, Pooh called for an umbrella in preparation that it would rain. The bees were suspicious of Pooh’s actions. Pooh sang a cloud song. Suddenly, he came to the conclusion that they are the wrong sort of bees. Now, he wanted to come down. Christopher shot at the balloon and Pooh came down.

Edward bear was his real name. He came upon a hole in the ground and thought Rabbit was present. He called out into the home. A voice responded. It was Rabbit disguising to be someone else. Rabbit invited him in. After Rabbit made him breakfast, Pooh wanted to go somewhere else. However, he realized that he couldn’t get out of the hole. Pooh was stuck. Rabbit went to fetch Christopher Robin. He commented ‘Silly old bear.’ Christopher suggested that after a week, Pooh would be thinner and then he could leave the hole on his own. Rabbit promised to read to him. Pooh appeared dejected. For the next week, Christopher read to him. Rabbit and Christopher grabbed hold of Pooh and pulled. Finally Pooh was released.

Piglet lived in a grand house. Piglet saw Pooh tracking something and asked him about it. Pooh pointed to some paw-marks and thought a woozle made those marks. He wanted Piglet to follow him on his trail. The paw-marks split into two directions. They came upon another intersection of tracks, indicating that three animals could be lurking around. Then it was 4 paw marks. Piglet wanted to leave as he realized he forgot to do something. Pooh bumped into Christopher Robin and Piglet left. Winnie the Pooh fitted his paw marks on the ground and realized that they were of the same shape.

I have been Foolish and Deluded and I am a Bear of No brain at all. – Winnie the Pooh

Eeyore was in the forest. He liked to think ‘Why?’,’Wherefore’, ‘Inasmuch as which?’ Eeyore was not feeling well, he admitted. His tail was not present. Pooh decided to help Eeyore look for a tail. Pooh went to Owl for advice. Owl and Christopher Robin could spell. Owl advised him to issue a reward to the person who located Eeyore’s tail. Gradually, Pooh didn’t focus on what Owl was saying. Owl kept a bell rope which looked like a tail. Eeyore got his makeshift tail back and was very happy now.

Christopher saw a Heffalump and told Piglet and Pooh about it. Pooh wanted to catch one. Piglet happily agreed to help Pooh. Their initial plan was to dig a very deep pit. Now, they contemplated on the location of the pit. Piglet suggested using their favorite food as a bait. It was decided that honey would be used. Now, Pooh found honey in his house. Later after the trap was built, Pooh headed to the shelf and wanted honey. But it realized it wasn’t there. He couldn’t sleep because he was hungry. Pooh couldn’t take it and headed straight for the Six Pine Trees. Piglet came to him and asked how a Heffalump looked like. Piglet woke up in the middle of night to check on the trap. The jar was stuck to Pooh’s head now. Piglet spotted him now. Piglet screamed ‘Horrible Heffalump’ as he headed to Christopher’s house. Christopher broke out into laughter when he saw Pooh. Pooh smashed his head on the wall and broke free. Once again, Pooh was foolish.

Eeyore lamented that he was pathetic. He doubted that it was a good morning. Eeyore couldn’t sing and dance well. He seemed sad even when it was his birthday. As a joke, he tricked Pooh into believing that he had presents. Eeyore didn’t want others to be miserable. Pooh immediately thought of getting him a present. Pooh searched his house and wanted to give Eeyore the remaining honey. They settled with a balloon and some honey. While walking, Pooh ate Eeyore’s present. He thought of giving him the pot instead. He wanted Owl to write the words Happy birthday on it. Piglet accidentally fell on the balloon, causing it to burst. Eeyore didn’t believe that he would have a real birthday. Piglet gave Eeyore the remains of the balloon. Eeyore thanked him and admitted that red was his favorite colour. Pooh gave Eeyore the empty pot. It said ‘A Very Happy Birthday with love from Pooh’. Eeyore placed the balloon into the pot.

Out of nowhere, Kanga and Roo appeared. The kangaroo had pockets. The question was what they wanted to do with Kanga. Rabbit wanted to steal Baby Roo from him and hide it. Pooh was against this idea. The Kanga was a little fierce. Piglet was small but Rabbit thought that he would useful in their adventures. The animals devised a plan whereas piglet would jump into Kanga’s pouch with him noticing. Pooh started to distract Kanga with literature. Piglet jumped into Kanga’s pouch without his noticing. Kanga soon realized what happened but wasn’t upset because he knew no one would bother Roo. Actually Kanga thought that Piglet was Roo, except that she spoke differently. Kanga fed Piglet some medication too. Christopher Robin came in and explained the situation. Because Piglet took a bath, Christopher Robin couldn’t recognize him as well.

A Kanga was generally regarded as one of the fiercer animals. I am not frightened of fierce animals in the ordinary way, but it is well known that, if one of the fiercer animals is deprived of its young, it becomes as fierce as two of the fiercer animals. – Piglet

Pooh started singing. Christopher needed Pooh’s help to wear a boot. He wanted to visit the North Pole. Pooh told Rabbit about the expedition. Everyone was ready. They encountered a dangerous place. Christopher stopped and decided that everyone should eat their provisions. They were looking for the flag in the North Pole. Suddenly, Roo fell into the river. Roo knew how to swim. Roo managed to climb out by himself and was attention seeking. Pooh happened to be wandering around and picked up a pole. He found the North Pole. NORTH POLE. DISCOVERED BY POOH. POOH FOUND IT. Eeyore was happy as Christopher dried his tail.

It don’t do the thistles any good, you know, by sitting on them. Takes all the life out of them. Remember that another time, all of you. A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference. – Christopher Robin

It kept raining on days on end. Piglet thought the rain was awful. He was concerned that the water would enter his house. He wrote the words “Help” on paper and placed it in an empty bottle. Piglet threw the bottle in the water. Pooh dreamt of discovering the East Pole on his own. Suddenly, as his honey was running out, he fell into the water and saw the bottle. Pooh thought he could float if he sat on an empty jar. It worked and he could float. Christopher’s island was surrounded by water. Pooh couldn’t read and brought the message in the bottle to Christopher. Piglet needed rescuing. Pooh suddenly suggesting that they all might travel in an umbrella. It was brilliant. Piglet was overjoyed when he saw the umbrella heading towards him.

Pooh hasn’t much brain, but he never comes to any harm. He does silly things and they turn out right. There’s Owl. Owl hasn’t exactly got brain, but he knows things. He would know the right thing to do when surrounded by water. There’s rabbit. He hasn’t learnt in books, but he can always think of a clever plan. There’s Kanga. She isn’t clever, but she would be so anxious about Roo that she would do a good thing to do without thinking about it. And then there’s Eeyore. And Eeyore is so miserable anyhow that he wouldn’t mind about this… – Piglet

It was sunny and the weather was great. Christopher was going to throw a party. Owl’s job was to inform the rest. Everyone was involved. The party was for Pooh and Christopher bought him a present. It was a special pencil case. Everyone thanked Christopher for it.

Please read the sequel ‘The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne’


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