A Review of ‘Luminate by Jun Mi Tan’

Why you should read the book?
Unlike many of the famous Western writers who built a name for themselves through their endeavours first and then capitalized on this fame to produce a book, Jun Mi is a humble person who worked hard and achieved her dream of publishing her book when she was just like an ordinary man in the street. The problem with society is that people always listen to those who have already made it in life and have achieved a great deal. Their words seemingly carry a lot more weight.

I was at my best at giving financial advice when I was 21 years old and people weren’t listening to me. I could have gotten up there and said the most brilliant things and not very much attention would have been paid to me. And now I can say the dumbest things in the world and a fair number of people will think there’s some great hidden meaning to it or something. – Warren Buffett

Ordinary as she might seem, Jun Mi attends many self-improvement talks and professional development workshops. Aside from that, she partakes in many external seminars as guest speaker and also performs voluntary work for the less fortunate. A highly motivated self-starter that everyone can learn from.

What is more inspiring is that the success was not bestowed upon her like from being born in a wealthy family with connections to the upper echelons of society. Having no illustrious head-start in life also makes her more relatable to the masses. It is prove that ordinary people can achieve big dreams. She had to struggle, fight and work her way up. Later on, things just fell her way and all the paths seemed to align. This path was achieved through hard intense labor and not through sheer luck. This is what makes her story even more credible to readers. After meeting her over coffee, I can sense that authentic desire of hers to help others on their entrepreneurial journey. This is truly inspirational for all.

Who is this book meant for?
This book is useful for everyone who has dreams in life but have them shelved and have no concrete action plan on how to make them work.

What is the book like?
‘Luminate’ is a short book which spans just over 150 pages and can be read in less than an hour. However, it contains insights that you can take along with you for a long while. At the end of nearly every chapter are how the reader can take immediate action and apply the lessons learned in the book. Various anecdotes and her life happenings are used to illustrate some of the key concepts. The language used is fairly persuasive and the reader will develop a feel-good factor after reading.

What can I learn from the book?
The first 4 chapters cover the themes of curiosity, entrepreneurship, dreams and success. Some of the important lessons learnt are the need to put 100% effort in whatever you do, why you need a strong purpose to pursue an entrepreneurial path, why it is important to dream and work on them, why it is crucial to have a positive mindset.

The next 4 chapters cover the themes of public speaking, networking, organizing events and the art of collaboration. In these chapters, the importance of all of the above is highlighted when intending to start a business. She stresses on the need to be authentic in your dealings with people and always see things from their angle. Strive to serve others whenever possible.

The last 4 chapters delves into the areas of understanding yourself, learning, serving others and having a clear direction in life. All these are necessary for living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

How does this book compare with other self-improvement books?
Most of the key concepts listed above have been frequently repeated in many famous self-improvement books. The concept of win-win (collaboration) is one of the principles in the ‘7 habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.’ Although they are not new, Jun Mi’s work is original and is applied to the local Singapore context. She is prove that anyone can get a book published and share inspirational lessons with others.

How do I purchase the book or get in touch with the author?
Visit her website here: http://www.junmitan.com/
Purchase the book here: http://www.junmitan.com/order/


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