Luminate by Jun Mi Tan

Entrepreneurship is a journey with many ups and downs. It is possible to an entrepreneur in an MNCs if you start new initiatives. Learn to find yourself. This book is largely about success, entrepreneurship and how to live life to the fullest.

Jun Mi is an ordinary person with big dreams. Jun Mi cultivated the habit of reading and had the dream of writing a book. In addition to attending many courses and networking, she owns her own company that provides corporate secretariat services etc. Her motivation for writing this book is so that she can inspire others on their journey.

Curiosity is the key to learning. Devote 100% to everything you do and the rewards will come. Later on in her career, she pursued professional qualifications in the areas of tax, trust, estate planning and compliance. This was after close to 11 years working in other companies in the corporate secretariat field. Learn to step outside your comfort zone. Greet opportunities with a smile and embrace them. Enjoy the process and always find ways to value add.

She wanted to venture on her own after a while. After much thinking, she chose a business that she was familiar with. This allowed her to achieve better work-life balance. What you do on a daily basis is a good indicator of what your future venture is. Learn to think win-win and add value to others. It is never an easy route but there are workshops that one can go for to aid you on your journey to starting a business. There are 3 phases of entrepreneurship. The basic phase is filled with negative emotions but there is a need to stay positive. The Advanced phase is when you need to network to promote your business. Always look out for such opportunities. The Mastery phase is when your business is able to operate without your constant supervision.

Dreams die if they are not worked on. Start writing a list down and tell someone about it so that you will remain accountable to them. Treat yourself when you achieve. Keep practicing. Take considerable time to design measurable goals. Learn to keep a journal as well. Construct your own dream board if you are lost.

You do not need to be successful only when you have attained your goal. It isn’t difficult to be successful. It is just how positive your mindset is. Being alive can be rewarding as well. Choose a positive affirmation and tell others. It takes 22 days for a habit. Stay positive. Listen to both negative and positive feedback. The author’s definition of success are (1) Doing what I love, and loving what I do; (2) Achieving the goals I wrote down at the beginning of the year; (3) Helping others; (4) Being happy; (5) Learning new things; (6) Accepting mistakes; (7) Pressing on.

Use the words ‘wish’; ‘desire’; ‘intend’; ‘passionate’. The ability to speak in public confidently is a life-long skill. Conquer your fear. Understand where your audience is coming from and what they would like to hear. Give eye contact. It requires a lot of practice and don’t expect results overnight. Be the best person you can be. You can share better with others if you can speak well. Use your chances at presentation wisely.

Networking could be more important than money. Learn to sell yourself. Know what your intentions are. Try to serve and help others first and listen well. Be authentic and true to yourself. Learn to remember something about the other person. Organize future meet-ups to strengthen the relationship. Support the person by buying their products or services.

She took up the challenge of organizing a huge seminar. There are plenty of logistics to take care of. However, the book breaks it down into meaningful steps. The more responsibility you take, the more opportunities will be presented to you. It is great when you see those you have helped eventually succeed. Learn and stay humble.

Learn the art of collaboration or ‘win-win’. Everyone still gets a slice of the pie. Synergy is formed if the group is larger and more ideas come together. Integrity is also very important for successful collaboration. Learn to pull resources together. Look out for people to partner with. Align your values with those you are working with. Give each other feedback and track progress. Try not to compete with others unnecessarily.

Know thyself. It is always better to have a direction in life and to know what you want. She learnt about metaphysics, which is non-religious in nature. There are many similar courses available. Learn to maximize on your strengths instead of putting all your energies on improving your weaknesses. Who are you? You are responsible for your own happiness. Try to only work on things you have control over. Once you surround yourself with the right people, success will come. Treat yourself well.

Learning is great because you can apply some of what you learn. Time management is crucial. Find time to do the things you like. Try to volunteer at the event or look for sponsors. If you do not have the money to attend courses, keep reading. Aim to complete a book every month. Share the knowledge to others. Always believe in lifelong learning. Teaching is also a deeper form of learning. Try to apply what you have learnt immediately. Invest in education to spark that urge in learning.

Learn to serve others. Help those who are less fortunate. Give from your heart and you don’t need permission for doing that. Donate to a worthy cause. You can give money, food and clothes, time, skill etc. Voluntary work helps people develop compassion. Share your good deeds with others so as to inspire others. It is alright to be a quiet giver too. Be reciprocal in giving.

Be clear about your purpose in life. Plan ahead but be flexible as well. Start doing more of the things you like. Have faith and belief in whatever you do. Stay positive.

3 Recommended Reads: 1) The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle; 2) Start with Why by Simon Sinek; 3) The Secret by Rhonde Byrne



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