A Review of ‘Lost and Found by Felicia Tan’

Why you should read the book?
Felicia is a strong willed woman who refuses to give up in the face of adversity. She is also very resilient in rebounding from setbacks such as the twin miscarriages. Her day job is that of a graphic designer and Felicia is the founder of the design company, DESIGN WORKZ. This is the sequel to the first book ‘To Baby with Love’. The book is a continuation from the first miscarriage and how she embarked on plans to conceive again. Along the way, she also converted to Christianity and received plenty of support from her husband, friends, and colleagues during their journey.

Miscarriages are always a risk during pregnancy and the loss of a blessed one can be extremely hard to take. As a reader, I could empathize with her journey and understand some of the struggles she had undergone during this difficult period.

She showed the importance of having a positive mindset and having good social support and how it can play a big part in overcoming challenges. Clinging on to hope and belief allowed her to stay the course. Felicia also exemplifies the spirit of motherhood and the value of commitment. Having a strong faith in Christianity also kept her going through the difficult times. It is very clear that she has the strength and devotion to take care of her future children. Readers can take this lesson away when facing your own challenges in life.

The process of undergoing In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is also mentioned throughout the book. These could be potentially useful for women seeking for a child through the same methods. Males will also be better able to understand how it is like for females to undergo labour pain. Also, there are tips at the end of the book that give advice on wannabe mothers.

Who is this book meant for?
This book is mainly targeted at wannabe mothers or females looking to seek IVF treatment in future. As there some verses that are quoted from the Bible, Christians should also find this book in strengthening their faith and belief in God. The general public might also be able to relate and be inspired by how she has not given up trying to conceive a child despite the initial struggles.

What is the book like?
The length of the book is only slightly over a 100 pages and can be read in less than 2 hours at normal reading speed. Felicia adopts the first person pronoun ‘I’ and writes the story in a chronological order that covers the period of year 2012. The style of writing is clear, simple and is close to a storytelling format. This makes it easy to read. Many of her life events in 2012 are captured in this journal-like book.

What can I learn from the book?
A brief synopsis covers the following timeline: Undergoing the second IVF treatment to the pregnancy and the bed rest period. The book then moves into the phase where she suffers a miscarriage through to the confinement period. The last chapter is about her future plans to undergo further medical procedures to improve her chances of delivery. Readers get to understand her thought process and what are the factors that affect decisions like undergoing a medical procedure etc.

At the end of book, it contains interview of other mums who have had miscarriages before and some health tips that pregnant women should adopt. This includes exercising, engaging in resistance training etc. There is also tips on how one can comfort the grieving parents on learning of the miscarriage. It is heartening to note that Felicia is generous enough to share her story so that other mothers will learn better to deal with grief. Continue to inspire others 🙂

How do I purchase the book or get in touch with the author?
Visit her website here: http://feliciatan22.com/
Purchase the book here: http://feliciatan22.com/product-category/shop/


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