BE in the Moment by Iris Tan

A Little Book of Poems for Loved Ones

Iris Tan, the author, wanted to help others gain clarity in life and be able to find meaning in whatever they do. She also organizes counselling sessions and workshops. Every poem came from the bottom of her heart. There are poems on the following topics: Travel; Spirituality; Hope; Encouragement; Nature; Love; Moment. Find your inner voice. Connect with your true self.

Travel: Life is a journey and there are no clear directions to follow. Learn to touch others’ lives and that is what you call a meaningful journey. Admire the scenery and let your mind wander. Enjoy the Tuscany Sky. She was impressed with the bridges, churches, basilicas, gondolas, piazzas in Venice. Singaporeans should use their hearts more often, not just the brain. Imagine yourself travelling in the galaxy and visiting the different planets and stars.

Spirituality: The lotus flower encourages you to fill your heart with love, compassion and faith. The angels will always be by your side and will comfort you, dance with you etc. Learn to thank the angels. Spread your wings of love and achieve new heights. Join the angels on their flight. Bring your soul to God and promise to serve others and lessen their suffering.

There are many angels by my side. Whenever my troubles are in sight, they will send me beautiful light….If only you can join their flight, your life journey will be a glittering jolly ride. – Iris Tan

Hope: Hope can allow you to bounce back and give strength in whatever you do. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Appreciate children for who they are and believe in their dreams. Someday I will be that someone I want to be. Aim to be your best-self, be kind. Follow your heart. Write from the bottom of your heart and share your stories. With unity comes strength. Soar and fly away.

Hope, Hope and Hope, dance around with Hope. When you are down with despair, only hope can bounce you back. Whether you are sick or poor, only Hope can give you the strength to live…. – Iris Tan

Encouragement: You are much stronger than you can imagine. All you need is faith. Everyone faces trials and tribulations in life. Life is not easy all the time. If only we could try to do better…Be more respectful. Sometimes, just follow the wind and see where it blows you to. Always learn to rest when you’re feeling tired. Comparing yourself with others will lead to despair. Be true to yourself and compare only with yourself. Look within yourself and find the light. Trust your divine self and fight the dark forces. Never let your light extinguish.

…Someday I will BE… believing in myself, knowing what is best for me, following my heart, no matter what others might see in me… – Iris Tan

Nature: I am at peace when I see the moon. You are always there to bless my dreams at night. Water is flowing though me. I love your abundance and your softness. Listen to the whisper of the wind and to your heart. Walk under the Wisdom Tree and your mind will be purified. Catch a fish and feel him well. He will, in turn, give you blessed joy.

Love: Respect the giving man. Take care of your family, be good tempered and competent in duty, give love to others. The author wanted to give more to her sick mother. She wanted to remove her illness and misery. Treasure the time you spend with your family. Iris is 36 years old and vows to constantly create wisdom and live a purposeful life. Your higher self is always looking at you, trying to guide and teach you in order to become the person you want to be. Treasure the value of friendship and togetherness.

Moment: BE in the moment. Feel your surroundings and enjoy the peace around you. Empty your mind and live in the present. Can’t Singaporeans slow down and appreciate the wonders of life? Learn to walk gracefully. Put on a smile on your face. Be at ease with yourself. Listen to nice jazzy music in the comfort of your home. Sleep under the moonlight and feel the breeze on your skin. It is the end of time; it is time to give way to a new age of life. Continue to pursue your dreams and change others’ lives.

…Stop and freeze your time, for there is no past and no tomorrow. Empty your mind and slow down your pace, as there is nothing to think, nothing to do and nowhere to go… – Iris Tan

be in the moment


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