Matilda by Roald Dahl

Trunchbull (bitchy and mean) ordered Matilda to stand up. She wanted her placed behind bars. She was in a rage. Matilda did not deserve this.

Stand up, you disgusting little cockroach! You filthy little maggot! You are a vile, repellent, malicious little brute! – Trunchbull to Matilda

It’s a funny thing about mothers and fathers. Even when their own child is the most disgusting little blister you could ever imagine, they still think that he or she is wonderful. Some parents go further. They become so blinded by adoration they manage to convince themselves their child has qualities of genius. – Roald Dahl

Matilda was an ugly girl. The parents who don’t care are much worse. Mr and Mrs Wormwood had a son named Michael and a daughter named Matilda. They thought she was scab. They wanted to flick her away if possible. However, she was a brilliant kid with a nimble mind. She had a broken leg. She could speak by age 1.5, read at 3, and memorize facts at 4. Her parents dismissed her as being a chatterbox. Her parents wanted her to watch television instead of read. Mrs Wormwood was hooked on bingo. Matilda visited the library herself as her parents won’t get her books. Every day, she headed to the library to read. Her favorite book from the library was Secret Garden. Matilda finished all the children’s books. Over the next 6 months, she read many books. Nickolas Nickleby, Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Gone to Earth, Kim, The Invisible Man, The old man and the sea, the sound and fury, the grapes of wrath, the good companions, brighton rock, animal farm. Mrs Phelps, the librarian, told her that she could borrow books too. Now, she visited the library only once a week. The books brought her to amazing places.

Her dad dealt with second-hand cars. His dad liked to condemn her. They treated the son more favorably. Her dad used sawdust to make the engine run smoothly for a while. He also tempered with the speedometer so that it would appear that the car was not used much. Her brother was learning from his dad. Matilda hated this sort of cheating. Her dad liked to eat and watch telly at the same time. Matilda was boiling. Now, she wanted to think of plans to get back at them.

She knew it was wrong to hate her parents like this, but she was finding it very hard not to do so. All the reading she had done had given her a view of life that they had never seen. – Roald Dahl

She got hold of her dad’s hat which he wore to work. She applied superglue around its rim. Mr Wormwood didn’t want to get his skin off and he left the hat on. Matilda looked at him with innocent eyes. The hat would not budge and Mr Wormwood left it on. It was extremely difficult to lie on the pillow. Mrs Wormwood cut it off from his head. However, some brown patches couldn’t be removed and it looked like lice.

Now, Mr Wormwood lost his taste for bullying. However, he soon started again. He blared the tv set in front of her. However, Matilda continued reading her book. He started ripping the book into shreds. He seemed jealous and all. Matilda was planning to get back at them. Fred was her friend. He was 6. Fred lent his parrot to Matilda for a day. It appeared to the family that a burglar was present after the parrot said ‘Hullo!’ Matilda pretended to search the house but there was no one. She proclaimed that it was a ghost and everyone fled the house.

She seemed to know that neither crying nor sulking every got anyone anywhere. The only sensible thing to do when you are attacked is, as Napoleon once said, to counter-attack. – Roald Dahl

Now, Matilda’s life was slightly better. Her parent’s behavior was slowly improving. His dad tested Michael to calculate how much he made for the week. When her brother was calculating, Matilda shouted the answer. When she got the answer right, her dad accused her of stealing glances at his calculation.

Her dad used the oil of violets hair tonic. Matilda opened the bottle and filled it up with platinum blond hair eye extra strong. When her mum was serving breakfast, she was shocked at the sight of Mr Wormwood’s hair. The hair looked awful to say the least. Peroxide might remove all his hair in the near future and Mr Wormwood was upset. He desperately called for a hairdresser to dye his hair black.

She started school late because her parents were not concerned about her education. She went to Crunchem Hall Primary School. The head of the school was Miss Trunchbull. Her teacher was Miss Honey. The students seemed to like her due to her warm personality. Trunchbull was a terror, akin to a monster. Matilda impressed the teacher when she could recite the 2*multiplication table. Miss Honey was extremely impressed by Matilda. Matilda even knew the 12* multiplication table. The other students were worried. She could not explain how she managed this feat. Now, Miss Honey wanted to see if students could read entire sentences. Matilda could and she had an extraordinary command of the language. Matilda wrote a limerick of Ms Jenny Honey. Miss Honey was impressed with her limerick. Matilda taught herself to read.

Miss Honey realized she shouldn’t belong in that class. Mr Wormwood sold Trunchbull a car. Mr Wormwood mentioned that Matilda was a brat. Trunchbull accused Matilda of placing a stink-bomb under her desk Miss Trunchbull refused to allow her to fast track to those students who were 11. Miss Honey left the room. She vowed to help Matilda in some way possible.

Ms Honey got Matilda more difficult textbooks and she was allowed to read them in class. Matilda was absorbed in the book now. Miss Honey wanted to chat with her parents. Late one evening, Ms Honey headed over to the Wormwood’s house. Mr Wormwood didn’t want to let her in because he was watching a TV programme. Her parents were very rude. Ms Honey started to probe into her family’s background. Mr Wormwood didn’t want to send her to university. Matilda was smart enough to enter one. Miss Honey was angry and she left. It was obvious her parents didn’t heed her advice and the meeting was futile.

A girl doesn’t get a man by being brainy. – Mrs Wormwood

Matilda was humble and didn’t show off her brilliance. Her classmates liked her. Her good friend was Lavender, who was gutsy and adventurous. Hortensia began to educate them about how to survive in the school. He warned them of the cupboard where they would get punished. Hortensia was placed in the Chokey because of his misdemanors and transgressions. Matilda and Lavender were highly entertained by Hortensia. It was like a war between the students and Trunchbull. Trunchbull threw the hammer during the Olympics. She flung a student outside the room. Trunchbull couldn’t stand pigtails. Amanda had pigtails. Trunchbull ordered her to cut them off by tomorrow. She started spinning her and threw her.

Parents wouldn’t believe that Ms Trunchbull would throw students and that was her secret. Bruce Bogtrotter was ordered on the stage in front of the whole school. He was accused of stealing a chocolate cake from her. She brought a huge cake on the table and offered it to Bruce. Everyone thought that it was a trap. Ms Trunchbull kept insisting that he eat it. He was ordered to finish the entire cake now. Everyone would wait for him to finish. Bruce couldn’t take it anymore and proclaimed he would get sick. Bruce refused to give up and kept eating. Everyone cheered when he finished the cake. The Trunchbull was motionless and was in shock. Now, she crashed the china platter on top of his head. The kid won her.

No, I don’t think Ms Trunchbull’s mad. But she’s very dangerous. Being in this school is like being in a cage with a cobra. You have to be very fast on your feet. – Matilda

The headmistress would take over one period each week. Miss Honey would just be the witness. Lavender was in charge of filling up the jug with water before Trunchbull came. Lavender starting scheming. The newt was a slimy creature. She wanted to catch one from the pond. She placed it into a box. Lavender placed the newt in the jug full of water.

Trunchbull entered the class. Nigel’s hands were filthy and Ms Trunchbull commented on them. She made him stand in the corner. Ms Trunchbull commented that Ms Honey’s teaching methods sucked. Rupert answered wrongly. She grabbed Rupert by his hair. She released him only when he said 2*7=14. Eric was grabbed by his ears as he was lifted from his chair. Ms Honey was defensive and said her methods could injure them. Matilda claimed that she read Nicholas Nickleby. Ms Trunchbull knew that Mr Wormwood was a crook. She thought that Matilda was crooked.

Small people should never be seen by anybody. They should be kept out of sight in boxes like hairpins and buttons I cannot for the life of me see why children have to take so long to grow up. I think they do it on purpose. – Ms Trunchbull

I have never been able to understand why small children are so disgusting. They are the bane of my life. They are like insects. They should be got rid of as early as possible. We get rid of flies with fly-spray and by hanging up fly-paper. I have often thought of inventing a spray for getting rid of small children. – Ms Trunchbull

She wanted a school without children in them. Now, the newt entered the glass. She yelled and leapt off her chair. Trunchbull ordered Matilda to stand up. Matilda was angry because she was innocent. Matilda was ordered to shut up every time she plead her innocence. The newt jumped out of the glass and clung on to her chest. Matilda used the power of her eyes to tip the glass. Now, Trunchbull was angry and marched off. The culprit was let off, miraculously.

Matilda wanted to share her experience with someone else. She confided in Miss Honey. Matilda admitted that she made the glass tip over. She controlled the glass with her eyes alone. Ms Honey wanted to test whether she could tip the glass over again. Matilda managed to re-perform the act in front of her. Ms Honey was dumbfounded. She invited Matilda for tea.

A precocious child is one that shows amazing intelligence early on. You are an unbelievably precocious child. – Miss Honey

Matilda was increasing excited. Matilda was a phenomenon. Ms Honey advised that she should tread carefully. Miss Honey lived alone in a farm-labourer’s cottage. She read poetry to Matilda and Matilda loved it. They entered her kitchen. Matilda went to fetch water from a well. Miss Honey was a poor woman. The room was as small a prison cell. Matilda wanted to uncover the mystery.

Miss Honey was suddenly rigid after Matilda asked some personal questions. Matilda was the first visitor to her place after she moved in 2 years ago. Miss Honey was 23 years old and her dad was a doctor in the same village. Her mum passed away when she was 2. Her aunt took care of her when she was younger. Miss Honey hated her aunt. When she was 5, her dad died, apparently through suicide. Her life was a nightmare when her aunt took care of her. Miss Honey was shy and retiring. By 10, she was her aunt’s slave. She learned to accept orders at will and without question. She had no one to complain to. Ms Honey couldn’t go to University because her aunt wanted her to do the work. Miss Honey still channeled some of her pay to her aunt, due to fear. Miss Honey finally told her aunt that she found a place. She survived on 1 pound a week. She loved teaching. Her aunt was Miss Trunchbull. It was incredible and unbelievable.

Miss Trunchbill brought her up. The both of them walked to Matilda’s house now. They promised not to reveal anything to others. Her dad was Magnus, Miss Trunchbull was Agatha, and she was Jenny.

Matilda’s house was empty. She wanted to help Ms Honey. She started practicing moving a cigar and eventually it did. Now, she attempted to lift it. She succeeded in lifting it for 10 seconds. She was exhausted for all the mind control and fell asleep. Now, after much practice, she could make the cigar go wherever it wanted.

Trunchbull entered the class and tested them on the multiplication table. Wilfred couldn’t answer her question. Now, she held him by his ankle. Nigel pointed to the chalk that was moving on its own. The chalk was writing something on the board. It spelt ‘Agatha’. ‘Agatha, this is Magnus. This is Magnus’ it said. ‘It is Magnus, and you’d better believe it.’ ‘Agatha, give my Jenny back her house.’ Ms Trunchbull was freaked out and in disbelief. ‘Give my Jenny her wages. Give my Jenny the house then get out of here. If you don’t I will come and get you. I will come and get you like you got me. I am watching you Agatha.’ Ms Trunchbull fell on the floor. She fainted. Nigel splashed cold water on her. All the teachers carried her to the sick room. Miss Honey gave Matilda a big hug before she left.

Ms Trunchbull recovered. However, she vacated Ms Honey’s home. Miss Honey would be the rightful recipient of her Red House. Magnus’ savings has also be willed to her. Now, Miss Honey moved back to the Red House. Ms Trunchbull did not return to the school anymore. Now, Matilda was advanced to a higher level but she lost her power to move objects. Matilda was happy as she didn’t want to be a miracle-worker. Matilda often visited Ms Honey nowadays and was very intriguing. They were never bored. Her parents were packing stuff into suitcases. Her family was planning to move to Spain. On learning this, Matilda ran to Miss Honey’s house. Miss Honey suspected that Mr Wormwood wanted to escape the law as he was doing illegal deeds in his day job. Matilda did not want to go with them. Matilda wanted desperately to stay with Miss Honey but she had to seek her parents’ approval. She ran with Ms Honey to her place. Both her parents agreed. Miss Honey and Matilda hugged each other and lived together happily!



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  1. When my two were ill their favourite books were Roald Dahl’s Matilda and The Twits. I confess I too enjoyed reading them and still do when there is nothing new to read in the house.

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