Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Augustus Gloop was a greedy boy. Veruca Salt was a girl who was spoiled by her parents. Violet Beauregarde chewed gum. Mike Teavee does nothing but watch television. Charlie Bucket was the hero.

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine, and Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina. Mr and Mrs Bucket have a son named Charlie. The 6 grownups and Charlie stay in a wooden house. It was a very small house. They were very poor and had to sleep on mattresses. Mr Bucket worked at a toothpaste factory. Their family often ate bread and margarine, boiled potatoes and cabbage etc. Charlie needed more food. He yearned for chocolate. He could only eat one bar during his birthday each year. He could make the precious bar last more than a month. In his town, there was an enormous chocolate factory. It was called Wonka’s factory and was owned by Mr Willy Wonka. He loved the smell of chocolate whenever he walked past. He longed to enter the factory.

His grandparents’ loved the sight of him. They often told him stories at night. It was the biggest chocolate factory in the world. Mr Willy Wonka was an amazing man. He invented over 200 different kind of candy bars amongst other things.

Prince Pondicherry wanted Mr Wonka to head to India to build a palace out of chocolate. Mr Wonka did go over to build it. Everything was made of chocolate. During a sunny day, it melted and sank to the ground. No one has been seen entering or leaving the chocolate factory.

Mr Wonka ordered all the workers in the past to leave because of spies. There were people trying to steal his recipes. The factory was shut down for a while after that incident. Suddenly, like magic, the factory began operating on its own. Shadows could be spotted inside the building. Those people were tiny. Charlie wanted to find out who they were. There was a headline in the newspapers ‘Wonka Factory to be opened at last to lucky few’.

Mr Wonka only allowed 5 children to visit the factory. They would know all the secrets plus be given a lifetime supply of chocolate. The tickets were the wrappers of 5 ordinary candy bars. Everyone wanted those golden tickets. Charlie had slim chances because he only had 1 bar per year.

Augustus Gloop had the first ticket and he was extremely fat and lazy. He ate a huge amount of chocolate. Everyone was frantically buying chocolate bars. People even went to stealing money to buy bars. The second winner was a girl named Veruca Salt. Her parents were very rich. His dad bought thousands of them. He got his factory of workers to stop working and to remove wrappers from the chocolate bars. Veruca started throwing tantrums. Luckily, she managed to find a ticket.

He spoils her. And no good can ever come from spoiling a child like that, Charlie, you mark my words. – Grandpa Joe

Charlie held the chocolate bar in his hands. They were preparing him for disappointment. ‘That however small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance was there.’ Everyone was tense and excited. He opened it and there was no sign of the golden ticket. It was time for Charlie to go to school and he wanted to share the bar with the adults too.

The winner of the third ticket was Miss Violet. She loved to chew on gum. She couldn’t do without gum. The adults condemned her as being despicable. The recipient of the fourth ticket was Mike Teavee. He loved TV and was constantly glued to it. Mike was also into guns. All 4 tickets had gone to brats so far.

Grandpa Joe was awake and he opened his purse. He wanted Charlie to use the money to buy one more bar. His grandpa opened the wrapper together with him. It was just an ordinary chocolate bar.

The weather turned for the worst and the family started to starve. The snow blocked roads and covered the path to their house. It was bitterly cold. Everyone concentrated on keeping warm and trying to survive. Charlie only had cabbage to eat every day. He started becoming thinner. The toothpaste factory had to close down as it went bust. Now, his dad wasn’t even working. The cruel weather persisted. Charlie began saving strength. He did not play in the snow, like the other kids. When walking home, he found a dollar bill in the snow. He wondered whether it was right for him to take it. Instantly, the dollar meant food to him.

He went to a shop and bought himself a chocolate bar. Every mouthful was a delight to Charlie. Charlie decided to buy one more bar. Inside contained the golden ticket. Soon, a crowd started to form. Charlie started feeling dizzy and he felt like his feet were not touching the ground. People started to offer money to buy it from him. Someone offered $500 for it.

He yelled to his mum about the ticket. His grandpa thought that he was joking. The ticket was made out of gold. He was to report on the first day of February at 10am sharp. It was tomorrow. It was going to be the biggest day of his life. Swarms of photographers were now outside their house.

Grandpa Joe accompanied Charlie into the factory. Charlie didn’t have a coat despite the chilly weather.

Mr Willy Wonka was a little man. He wore a black hat with a tail coat which was velvet in color. He welcomed them with open arms. In total, there were 9 grownups and 5 children. The place was gigantic. They were heading underground. The factory had to be located underground because it was far too large. They came to a door with the words ‘The Chocolate Room’.

This was an important room and it was also known as the nerve center. It was a lovely valley and also contained a waterfall. There was a river where every drop was melted chocolate. The children were flabbergasted and awestruck. The chocolate was mixed in the waterfall. They spotted little men in the factory. They were no larger than medium sized dolls. They were known as Oompa-Loompas. These were the workers in the factory.

They were imported from Loompaland. They were all starving in Loompaland when Mr Willy Wonka found them. Chocolate originates from Cacao Beans. These people loved cacao beans. Veruca wanted an Oompa Loompa. Augustus headed down to the river and scooped melted chocolate into his mouth.

He fell into the river. He was being sucked into one of the great pipes. Due to immense pressure, Augustus was propelled in the air. Mr Gloop didn’t want to save his son. Mr Wonka assured his parents that Augustus was safe. He ordered a Oompa Loompa to help look for Augustus.

The rest were led to the next room. They took a pink boat which was pulled by Oompa-Loompas. Everyone was on the boat as it glided across the river. Mr Wonka gave Charlie and his grandma a drink. Now, they entered an area which was pitch black. They realized they were inside a gigantic pipe. They passed a door which stored different kinds of cream. Storeroom number 77 contained all jelly beans. They came upon a Red Door now.

All the new inventions were cooking inside the room. It was like a witch’s kitchen. This was Mr Wonka’s favorite room. Everlasting Gobstoppers were produced. They were hard and change colour every week. They never disappeared as well. He showed them what hair toffee was like. Now, Mr Wonka brought them to the Great Gum Machine. This machine produced fabulous and amazing gum.

He created a chewing gum meal. It was a meal replacement tool. Mr Wonka warned that the recipe wasn’t perfected yet. However, Violet took it and started chewing on it. Now, Violet was experiencing roast beef and baked potatoes. Now, it was blueberry pie and cream. Now, her nose and face was turning blue. Now, she turned into blue and purple, like blueberry juice. Now, she was swelling up. She was blowing up into the size of a balloon. Now, she was turning into a gigantic blueberry. The Oompa-Loompas took her to the juicing room in order to fix her.

There were only 3 kids left. Hot ice cubes make drinks warmer. Veruca Salt didn’t want to keep rushing along with the tour. The candies looked round according to Mr Wonka. Oompas-Loompas loved butterscotch and soda. Mrs Salt started panting from the furious speed in which they were travelling.

Squirrels were shelling walnuts in the nut room. Veruca Salt decided she wanted a squirrel. She demanded one. Mr Salt took out his money and wanted to buy one. Mr Wonka was firm that they were not for sale. However, Veruca entered the nut room. All the squirrels pinned her down once she entered the room. Veruca tried to escape but the squirrels were too strong. She was a bad nut and had to be disposed in the garbage chute. Now, Mr and Mrs Salt were very concerned about their kid. All 3 of them fell in the chute, never to be seen again.

Now, only Mike and Charlie were left. They all entered the glass elevator. There were buttons everywhere. Mike pressed a button where they would be brought to a television room. Charlie loved the exhilarating ride. Mrs Teavee experienced motion sickness and wanted to get off the elevator. Finally, the elevator reached its destination.

The room was extremely bright and everyone had to put on dark glasses. Everything was painted white in colour. Everyone was quiet in the room. This is the Testing Room. Mr Wonka wanted to break up a piece of chocolate and put them through a screen. Mike Teavee was too close to the dangerous rays and was warned to back off. It appeared in the screen and they could all sample a piece of it.

Mike Teavee ran off. He disappeared after he used the machine and wanted to appear on TV. They all watched a TV set. He turned into a midget. He shrank into a midget but he was fine. Mike kept demanding to watch television. Mr Wonka had a plan to fatten him up. The Oompa-Loopas began to sing. TV rots the senses, kills imagination.

TV rots the sense in the head! It kills imagination dead! It clogs and clutters up the mind! It makes a child so dull and blind he can no longer understand a fantasy, a fairyland! – Oompa-Loopas

Charlie was the only one left. It meant he had won. He congratulated Charlie. They pressed up and out on the elevator. The elevator was surging fast. It shot right through the roof of the factory. Now, it started to hover in midair. Charlie was intrigued that he could see the entire town from above.

Augustus was now as thin as a straw. Violet also didn’t like gum anymore. Veruca and Mr and Mrs Salt were covered with garbage. Mike was 10 feet tall but extremely skinny. Charlie continued his ride on the elevator.

Charlie proclaimed that he loved the factory. When he was old enough, Mr Wonka wanted to hand over the factory to Charlie. Mr Willy Wonka wanted to hand it over to someone as he was getting old. The winner of the golden ticket would get the factory. Charlie’s family could now live in the factory. The elevator crashed through Charlie’s house and it wanted to pick up his grandparents.

I don’t want a grown-up person to be my successor at the factory at all. A grownup won’t listen to me; he won’t learn. He will try to do things his own way and not mine. So I have to have a child. I want a good sensible loving child, one to whom I can tell all my most precious candy-making secrets – while I am still alive. – Mr Willy Wonka




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