Tribute to the Owner of a Tour Agency in Phuket

Dear Azura Freefast,

Sorry, I’ve been always wanting to write this note but only got around penning it down now. Well, I must admit I am very grateful to have met someone like you during my trip to Phuket. It was certainly a pleasant surprise! Initially, my friend and I were looking around for a tour agency as we didn’t want to stay in the resort for the entire day. Then, we chanced upon your tour agency and decided to drop by.

Upon entering, we were overwhelmed by the numerous pamphlets that surrounded us. Thankfully, you managed to narrow down our search after understanding our preferences. Right from the start, I was very impressed by your honesty and your professional service standards. You also gave us a slight discount on all the tours I booked. Really appreciate it. I think it’s an Asian thing to bargain and not pay the price quoted in the pamphlet. Couldn’t help it haha. I notice you always serve with a polite tone and a smile and that helped to reflect your sincerity in treating your customers.

My friend had to leave the next day and I decided to head back as I was looking for adventurous stuff. I’m glad you recommend the ATV, elephant trekking, white water rafting tour to me. It was truly eye opening as it was my virgin experience. But what impressed me after I purchased the third tour from you was how you extended your warm hospitality! Time flew and before I knew it, we chatted for an hour. PS: I think the alcohol we drank also helped to stimulate conversation. Thanks for the treat once again.

The following night, you took me out for a seafood dinner. Crabs! Lobsters! Clams! Tiger prawns! Yummy 😛 You were even kind enough to peel the crab for me. It was savory and the cooking was superb. The seafood was cooked to perfection. In SG, seafood is way too costly and I rarely have it for dinner. I also got to experience the local culture after purchasing seafood in the Thai night market. In addition, I learnt a little about the Buddhist holidays and the vegetarian festival that is practiced by Buddhists from you.

Throughout our conversations, I got to understand the struggles you faced when establishing your tour agency and your endeavor to learn the English language on your own. This was something that I could empathize with and I tried my best to relate to your experiences. Similarly, I also shared how bustling SG life and how most of us are caught in a rat race. Housing prices are also a killer in SG. We all have different struggles in life. The key is to find meaning in why we have to struggle and train the mind to think long-term. 😛

Once again, many thanks for your wonderful hospitality. You may copy this post and use it to show your future customers if you wish. I hope your business picks up during the peak season and I wish you every success in your future endeavors!

Cheers from SG,



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