Lord of the Flies by William Golding

A fair boy met another fat boy on an island. They had been marooned on an island. They didn’t expect any grown ups around. The two of them were elated. A plan crashed in the sea near the vicinity of the island. The fair boy was Ralph. The fat boy suffered from asthma. The island was very scenic, with palm trees, dazzling beach and water etc. The fat boy had a nickname, Piggy, in school. Ralph started swimming naked. The water was very warm. Piggy couldn’t swim. Piggy’s dad died and he used to live with his aunty. It seemed like there were no survivors. The boys were now a little concerned about how they were going to be rescued. They realized they had to do something about it. The boys caught a shell from the sea. To make sound, Ralph blew into the shell. He finally mastered it and the note boomed. The animals were alerted by the noise. Now, a child appeared among the palms. Ralph and Piggy helped Johnny back. More boys came when they heard the shell. There was a pair of twins named Sam and Eric. There was a boy with a black cloak. A group of cloaked boys were present too. Jack Merridew was authoritative. Other boys were named Maurice, Harold, Henry, Bill, Robert, Roger, Simon etc. Now, the boys had to vote for a chief. The obvious leader was Jack. In the end, Ralph was voted leader and Jack was pissed. Jack wanted his choir to be hunters. 3 of them would go on an expedition together. The first 3 would be Ralph, Jack and Simon. Piggy wanted to go and was upset when he couldn’t. The 3 boys walked to the end of the island. There was a track up the mountain. Ralph was hurt and cut by the creepers. They were planning to continue ascending the mountain. There was also a coral reef on the island. The conclusion was that they were trapped on an island. The boys wanted to kill a pig but it managed to get away.

The boys had a meeting now. The choir discarded their cloaks. They would need food. Only 1 could speak at a time. Nobody knew that there were on this island. A boy started crying and Ralph gave him the conch so that he could talk. The boy saw a snake in the woods. The others didn’t believe him. Ralph insisted there was a beast. They all wanted to be rescued. . This positive attitude stirred the crowd. Now people respected him. When he mentioned fire, all the other kids followed Jack to the mountain. They wanted to create a fire at the top of the mountain to draw attention from ships. All the kids followed Jack except Ralph and Piggy. Jack and friends started to gather wood. The pile of wood was getting larger. Jack snatched the glasses off Piggy’s face. He wanted to use it to start the fire. Now, a tiny flame appeared. The boys started piling more wood. Jack started ignoring the power of the conch. Ralph added that the conch had power on the mountain as well. Now, the boys were given duties to keep the fire growing. Now, smoke was rising fast. Piggy took the conch again and wanted to speak. It was obvious that Piggy was attention seeking. Nobody listened to Piggy even those he was talking. He was angry that the kids followed Jack up the mountain. He was unhappy that they rushed off without Ralph’s permission. There were snakes on the island now. Piggy tripped and fell.

Jack studied the patterns on the ground. He was trying to do some hunting. The other boys were busy building the shelter while Jack’s friends were hunting and lazing around. Jack lamented about the need for meetings. Ralph thought shelters were more important than meat at the moment. Jack was in fervent disagreement and wanted to hunt. Both boys were angry at one another. Jack was mad with anger. Jack was more interested in hunting than anything else. Jack headed for a bathe and still wanted to do hunting. Simon was not in the bathing pool. Simon gave the boys some fruit. Simon wondered around in the forest on his own.

The small boys were known as littluns. These boys picked fruit and had diarrhea. In the day, they engaged in play etc. They obeyed the conch. Other than that, they didn’t hang out much with the biguns. The littluns built castles in the sand. Henry was one of them. The other two were Percival and Johnny. The big boys accidentally kicked their sand castles. Percival started crying. Roger started to throw stones. Jack ordered Roger towards him. Jack explained to him the need for face paint in order to hunt. Jack now rubbed the charcoal stick on his face. The mask seemed to give him power. Jack now was more powerful and the others listened to him. Ralph wanted to build a sundial. Piggy did not click well with the Biguns due to his personality. The boys seemed to spot some smoke in the far distance. Simon and Maurice started running with Ralph. The boys quickly scaled the mountain. However, they realized their fire was also dead. The ship passed. Some of the boys started chanting at the corner and wore black caps. Jack was leading the procession. The twins carried a carcass of a pig. ‘Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.’ Ralph accused Jack of letting the fire out. Most of the boys chattered and danced. Ralph mentioned that had the boys kept the fire going, the ship might have seen the smoke. Jack was angry and he hacked at the pig. Piggy kept echoing whatever Ralph wanted to say. Jack was pissed and stuck his fist into Piggy’s stomach. Jack smacked his glasses off his head. One of the lens cracked. Jack was proud of himself and now he apologized about the fire. Many of the boys thought that Jack was right. Now, Jack started giving loud orders etc. The fire was re-built now. Ralph allowed himself to eat some meat as well. Jack was not too pleased about having to share the meat. Jack kept boasting that he slit the pig’s throat. Ralph called for a meeting where everyone had to show up.

Ralph was thinking about his speech now. It was not to be fun and it was to be serious. It was a very late assembly. Piggy could think and he had brains. Everyone stared intently at Ralph. Ralph wanted to use simple words so that everyone would understand. Ralph stated some important stuff and what he thought was right. Jack was chipping a piece of wood with his knife. He was adamant that the fire should be preserved. Smoke was more important than pigs. Ralph only wanted fire on the mountain and nowhere else. People had to do as they say. People had to cook at the top of the mountain. Things were breaking up. Ralph didn’t want them to talk about fearful creatures like snakes. Be happy, he told them. Jack took the conch. He blamed the littluns for mentioning beasts etc. He called them cry babies. Jack told everyone not to fear because he had ventured around the island and there was no beast. Piggy took the conch now. There was nothing to fear, unless we get frightened of people. Phil dreamed that he was fighting with things. He saw something big and horrid among the trees. Simon wanted to go to a place in the jungle. It was probable that Phil saw Simon in the jungle. Percival started crying and most of the littluns cried as well. Jack wanted to know where the beast lived. Percival replied that the beast comes out of the sea. The boys thought it could be a squid etc. Jack was particular against Piggy. Now, someone speculated that the beast was a ghost. Jack was starting to break the rules. The boys suddenly left after Jack rebelled. Ralph wanted to give up his position as chief. Piggy persuaded Ralph to continue to assume position as chief because they needed to have some form of order. Ralph yearned for a grownup to give them directions.

The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued except by luck, if we don’t keep a fire going? Is a fire too much for us to make? – Ralph

Bollocks to the rules! We’re strong – we hunt! If there’s a beast, we’ll hunt it down! We’ll close in and beat and beat and beat!’ – Jack

The boys fell asleep now. There was bright explosion across the sky. The figure fell on the blue flowers at the mountain side. The figure had a parachute attached behind. The breeze was fitful now. Both the twins who were guarding the fire when to sleep. They started the fire again. The fire went out of control and spread and the boys fled. The twins claimed they saw the beast and woke Ralph up. Sam and Eric called an assembly. The boys carried the hunting spears. According to the twins, they saw a beast with wings. The boys were not afraid after the twins’ recount of the story. Jack didn’t care about the littluns. Jack wanted to hunt for the beast. Jack was pissed when Ralph told him to sit down. Ralph kept asking whether they wanted to be rescued. Ralph and the biguns sought to look for the beast. Ralph decided to explore the castle by himself first, as Chief. Simon didn’t believe in the beast. The other boys were impatient and pushed a rock into the sea. Ralph was angry as he wanted smoke instead. Some of them were tired and didn’t want to go to the top of the mountain. After some persuasion, the boys reluctantly listened.

Conch! Conch! We don’t need the conch anymore. We know who ought to say things. What good did Simon do speaking, or Bill, or Walter? It’s time some people knew they’ve got to keep quiet and leave deciding things to the rest of us. – Jack

The boys stopped to eat fruit. Ralph felt helpless when he looked at the ocean. Simon and Ralph were chatting. The hunters split up again. There was indeed a creature with tusks on the pig track. Ralph flung his spear and it hit the great snout. The boar was now floundering away from them. Ralph was proud that he wounded the beast. The boys suddenly held Robert and wanted to spear him. Now, Jack wanted to head to the mountain. Some of the routes were treacherous and they had to be careful. Ralph was a little concerned about how the littluns were doing. They didn’t want to leave Piggy alone. Simon went to inform Piggy that they would look for him tomorrow. Jack wanted to head to the mountain now. Ralph agreed, so did Roger. Soon, Ralph realized how stupid they were. 3 of them could not take down a beast. Jack kept taunting them for not being courageous and he went off on his own. Roger and Ralph were both fuming. Jack claimed he saw a thing at the top of the mountain. The 3 of them went up to explore further. It was a great ape which was asleep.

Ralph was now with Piggy now and he claimed that he saw the beast. The beast was near the fire and Ralph thought that they were screwed as they couldn’t man the fire anymore. Now, Jack blew on the conch. Jack called the assembly now. He accused Ralph of saying that his hunters are no good. Now, Jack accused him of being a mouthpiece like Piggy and having no courage to venture at the top of the mountain. Jack claimed that Ralph’s orders were useless. . Now, Jack asked everyone if they didn’t want Ralph to be Chief. Nobody raised their hands. Jack fled now. Ralph expected Jack to come back. Most of the boys sat in depressed silence. Simon said that they all should climb the mountain. Piggy liked to echo what Ralph said. However, now, Ralph was insistent that the beast was on the mountain. Piggy suggested building the fire lower down. The boys and Ralph agreed. Soon a small flame started. The boys were fanatic and were high. They started creating a list of who should take care of the fire. Some of the biguns were not present. Bill and Roger were not there. Simon sat in the shelter by himself. Jack led another group of boys and said he would Chief and he wanted to forget about the beast. His plan was to go hunt right away. The pigs fled. However, the sow burst through the forest despite being hit. The sow was bleeding and it was easy to follow her. She was weak and finally she fell. Jack stabbed the sow with his knife. He slit her throat. Right up her ass! Now, Jack dismembered the pig. Jack wanted the head for the beast. Soon, the flies were all around the pig guts. Some boys came and stole half burnt branches from their fire. One of them was Jack. Ralph kept insisting to the littluns about the importance of the fire. Ralph was planning to visit Jack. The flies came to Simon and the Lord of the Flies spoke. He encouraged Simon to play with the others. The Lord of the Flies admitted he was the Beast. Simon was shocked and he fell down.

Listen all of you. Me and my hunters, we’re living along the beach by a flat rock. We hunt and feast and have fun. If you want to join my tribe come and see us. Perhaps I’ll let you join. Perhaps not. – Jack

The flies devoured the spilt gut. ‘What else is there to do?’. Simon wanted to inform that the beast was the lord of the flies and that it was harmless. Bathing, that’s the only thing to do. Piggy suggested that they visit Jack’s party. Ralph and Piggy made their way there. Jack was treated like a King now. The boys gave Ralph and Piggy some meat. Jack and his members engaged in a sort of tribal dance which was weird. Ralph was angry with him for not helping with the fire. It was starting to pour really heavily. Simon was crying about a dead man on the hill now. All the boys thought he was a beast and they accidently killed him. His body floated out toward the open sea.

Some of you will stay here to improve the cave and defend the gate. I shall take a few hunters with me and bring back meat. The defenders of the gate will see that the others don’t sneak in. – Jack

It was murder. Ralph and Piggy were lost and shocked and didn’t know what to do. The boys did horrible things to him and it was an accident. Piggy insisted it was an accident. It was important not to reveal to the littluns what happened or they will get frightened. Jack insisted that the boys hunt tomorrow again. To Jack, Simon was the beast. The beast was now any enemy. It could be a man. Ralph and Piggy helped to relight the fire. Sam and Eric were tired and were unwilling to get more wood. Sam and Eric started fighting. Ralph was sniggering at Piggy now. He was dreaming of a bus coming to rescue them. A stick cracked in the dark. Something brushed against their shelter. Now, Piggy suffered from asthma. The shelter finally collapsed. Jack and his hunters attacked their tent. Ralph punched one of them. Jack and his two friends took Piggy’s glasses.

Now, Piggy realized that their fire was stolen. Ralph again emphasized on the need for the fire. Ralph suggested taking their spears. Piggy was being very negative and souring the mood of the assembly. Ralph wanted to approach Jack and demand for the glasses back. They were all planning to follow Piggy to Castle Rock. Deep down, Ralph was a guy with self-doubts. The 4 of them started walking. Roger was at the top of the castle and shouted at them. At the base of the castle, Ralph tried to call for an assembly by blowing the conch. Jack told Ralph to leave them alone. Ralph was furious when he refused to give it back. Jack and Ralph were chest to chest now and Ralph accused Jack of being a thief. They were taunting each other. Jack ordered to tie the twins up. Now, everyone was waiting to see what Ralph could do. Jack and Ralph started fighting again. Roger was delirious and he flung a huge rock which hit Piggy and destroyed the conch. Piggy felt 40 feet and landed on the square red rock in the sea. He ceased to exist. Jack said that the conch was gone and that he was finally chief. Now, he hurled his spear at Ralph. More spears were aimed at him now. Ralph turned and ran. The chief ordered the tribe not to chase.

I got this to say. You’re acting like a crowd of kids. Which is better – to be a pack of painted Indians like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph is? Which is better – to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill? Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up? – Piggy

Ralph examined his injuries. He could see feasting going on in the castle. Ralph was now like an outlaw. He told himself that Simon and Piggy’s deaths were an accident. Now, he started eating fruits. Now, Ralph was starting to be afraid. ‘Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!’ The tribe was dancing again. Then he heard two voices. Sam and Eric were converted to their side and were guarding the castle now. They were all ravages. There was no chance of building up an outlaw tribe again. Ralph climbed when they were not looking. Ralph said he came to see the two of them. Sam said it was best Ralph should leave as it wasn’t safe. Jack and Roger were planning to hunt for Ralph tomorrow. They would all form a line on the island and starting scouring till they find Ralph. Ralph pleaded his innocence. Sam gave him some meat before Ralph sneaked away. He found a spot for hiding the next day. Later, he could hear the twins revealing to Roger and Jack where Ralph was hiding. Now, he could hear a huge red rock tumbling down from the castle. It missed Ralph. Ralph plunged his spear into the crack. Now Ralph fled as fast as he could. Ralph knew he would be caught soon. The line of hunters were established. He was thinking of a better hiding spot in the forest. Now, they were setting the forest on fire. A savage was approaching his mat in the forest. Ralph screamed. He kept running from the fire and ravages. A naval officer looked at him. The officer greeted him. The other boys stopped in their tracks, with spears in their hands. The naval officer admitted that they saw the smoke on the island. He was disappointed when Ralph didn’t know how many boys were in the island. It all started off well…. Ralph was now wrenched with grief. There was a cruiser in the distance…



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