Alcohol and the Human Brain by Rev. Joseph Cook

People can get hardened by the need for alcohol if they consume too much of it. It has an effect on the blood, nerves and the brain. It hardens things, just like an egg white. Mind is separate from matter. Even when you grow up, a certain part of you will not change. There is a strange connection between scars and the immaterial portion of us. Something in us won’t change and will connect with our past. One can change the way the brain operates by habit. Habits can grow to become big and involuntary. Alcohol has a strong affinity for water. It is a disease as it paralyses the heart and affects your health. It affects your brain performance as well. Alcohol is a disorganizer of the mind. Alcohol has a huge affinity for water, blood and the brain.

When the drunkard who has had an inflamed stomach, is the father of a child that brings into the world with it an inflamed stomach, you have a case of the transmission of alcoholic scars. – Joseph Cook

A permanent blush in the face of a drunkard indicates a permanent injury to the blood vessels by alcohol. The varicose vein is often produced in this way by the paralysis of some of the nerves that are connected with the fine parts of the circulatory organs. When the face blushes permanently in the drunkard the injury revealed is not a local one, but is inflicted on every organ throughout the whole system. – Joseph Cook

After moderate drinking you feel the heart beating faster, to be sure, but it beats more rapidly because of the paralysis of the delicate nerves connected with the arteries, and because of the consequent arterial relaxation. The blood meets with less resistance in passing through the relaxed circulatory organs, and so, with no additional force in the heart, that organ beats more rapidly. It beats faster simply because it has less force to overcome. The quickened pulse is a proof of disease and not of health. – Joseph Cook

This alcohol, with its affinity for water, changes the composition of every substance in the body into which water enters, and there are seven hundred and ninety parts of water in every thousand of blood. – Joseph Cook

Whatever is a disorganizer of the brain is a disorganizer of mind, and whatever is a disorganizer of mind is a disorganizer of society. – Joseph Cook

The moral and intellectual faculties are first jarred out of order in the progress of intoxication. The tippler laughs and sings, is talkative and jocose, coarse or eloquent to almost any degree according to his temperament. The cerebrum is first affected. His judgment becomes weak; he is incapable of making a good bargain, or of defending his own rights intelligently, but he does not yet stagger; he is as yet only a moderate drinker. The effect of moderate drinking, however, is to weaken the judgment and to destroy the best powers of the will and intellect. But he takes another glass, and the cerebellum which governs several of the motions of the body is affected, and now he begins to stagger. He loses all control of his muscles, and plunges headlong against post and pavement. One more glass and the medulla oblongata is poisoned. This organ controls the nerves which order the movements of the lungs, and now occurs that hard breathing and snoring which is seen in dead drunkenness. This stoppage is caused by impure blood so poisoning the medulla oblongata that it can no longer perform its duties. The cerebrum and cerebellum now seem to have their action entirely suspended, and sometimes the respiratory movements stop forever, and the man dies by asphyxia in the same manner as by drowning, strangling, or narcotic poisoning by any other substance. – Joseph Cook

People drink alcohol to produce an effect. They take enough to “fire up,” as they say, and unless that effect is produced they are not satisfied. They will have enough to raise their spirits, or dissipate gloom. And this is enough to impair judgment, and in the course of years perhaps to ruin fortune, body, and soul. The compass is out of line in life’s dangerous sea, and a few storms may bring the ship upon breakers. – Joseph Cook

It can be fatal indeed. Alcohol is bad when people turn violent. It can degenerate and lead to matters which are much worse. Conscience and Reason must always triumph over Rage and Revenge etc.



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