My random musings 26 to 50

  1. It’s kinda sad reading books on Psychology, esp on how the mind works and makes decisions. There are so many heuristics and biases that the human mind is susceptible to.
  2. Thanks everyone for the sweet bday wishes! 🙂 Really appreciate it. Tt’s time to do some reflection on the past year, which has been great on so many levels. character and skills development; visiting new places; self-discovery; helping the less fortunate; catching up with old friends; making a fair share of new friends; drinking etc. still, something is missing from the jigsaw. What could be the missing piece? Guess humans are not easily satisfied.
  3. Throughout my audit career, the overall goal was always to be a better auditor than I was at that moment – whether next week, next month or next year (unrealistic to look so far ahead). The improvement was the goal. The promotion every year was simply a reward for achieving that goal. Easier said than done though.
  4. Happened to talk to a blogshop owner who was promoting her range of clothes in a bar. She attempted a guess on what I was doing and figured I was still studying in Uni. Was pleasantly surprised.
  5. Just met some interns joining my dept during a networking session who are still undergraduates. Spoke to some of them and realised they don’t know what kind of career they want to pursue. Then it struck me, 3 years ago, I was just as a noob as them! (don’t know whether im still a noob) I can relate to that. That’s normal. I think people develop tastes more as they mature. I mean… not everyone is like Warren Buffett who knew what he wanted as a kid.
  6. You know auditors have a tough life when the bar is full but the table I reserved for my colleagues is empty. Tough times never last, but tough men do. Respect! Tough!
  7. My convo with a designer today: Me: you have interesting female accessories. Do you sell through a blogshop or something? She: yes, I have a blogshop. (she proceeds to hand me a card. The card states: Me: who’s that? She: It’s me (giggles). What an epic fail moment.
  8. Was listening to a talk by Lee Guan Wei (the founder of the Orchestra of Music Makers) today about what inspired him to start a youth orchestra. Some of the ticket sales gets donated to charity. The key takeaway was what he said about making use of your unique skills, not letting it go to waste and trying your best to benefit others and the community with them. Well said! Hopefully someday I will be able to achieve that too.
  9. Female facilitator to me during the SG conversations today: it’s good to see that you are so curious. You ask so many questions! Are you interested in policy making as well?
  10. Attended my first ever Singapore Conversations on lifelong learning today. It was certainly an eye opening experience listening to Singaporeans from all walks of life voice their opinions on what lifelong learning means to them. A few elderly people also raised the point that they were willing to learn skills so as to stay relevant and employable. Many also shared that lifelong learning is not just about picking up skills for career advancement, but also for personal development and the desire to make a difference in society. Heartening.
  11. Finally visited Tuas for an APB tour. Haha. Fascinated by what the heavy vehicles are carrying. Cement, heavy machinery, sand, nitrogen tanks, construction material, scrap metal etc. And got to take a non air-con bus! First time in 10 years I think.
  12. Maybe I should stop reading about reading about inspirational people like Steve Jobs. He’s a guy with really huge dreams, lives in a distorted reality, and wants to put a dent in the Universe. He eventually succeeded through Apple Inc. While reading, I become inspired temporarily as well. But the moment you take a break from reading, reality hits you in the arse. I mean I won’t try to emulate him. But still, Ouch.
  13. I was never exposed to the piano when I was young. My fingers are stiff now. But I was exposed to reading, and that’s the next best thing. Am very grateful for my parents for that. Reading, to me, requires a deep level of concentration. (esp when you try to imagine the books scenes in your head) IMO, it’s much more difficult than watching a movie. But maybe that’s why I like it!
  14. I learnt in economics that haze is a negative externality. (affecting others without bearing any cost). I also see many people complaining about the haze on fb. What can SG do about it? Indo is part is ASEAN and has a population of 40 times our country. If you try imposing a fine on them, they could just impose economic sanctions on us and Sg will be screwed. Do you want to use SG taxpayers money to fund their forest logging instead of burning? Bad idea. Haha. It’s just like how Japan tries its best not to offend China. Or how Apple used its financial muscle to buy Xerox’s GUI idea and adopt it for the iOS. The big boys win. That’s life. Suck it up.
  15. Accidentally eavesdropped (not intentionally btw) on a conversation between 2 girls at Tanuki Raw. One girl mentioned to the other: ‘Are you off-cycle?’ Rofl! Left me confused on what cycle meant.
  16. Tried the n95 mask today. Every time I exhaled while wearing the mask felt like I was blowing on the surface of hot milk tea, causing steam to fill my mouth/nose area. Super warm. For the first 10min, it seemed fun.
  17. I think it is normal to wait for friends. Haha. But I think everyone should have their cutoff timing (like cutoff testing in audit). Lol. I always weigh the pros and cons between waiting or just going myself first. Tough!
  18. Lesson 5: Drinking to get much needed inspiration for drawing. Jk. I skipped drawing class.
  19. I finally understand the power of noise isolating in-ear phones with a good ear fit. One can get them for about 20 to 30 dollars only. It helped me a great deal recently, esp when I was at a club where I didn’t appreciate the music; and when an indie band (Electrico) played great live music, but just that the volume was deafening.
  20. Thanks for the bday wishes! To my colleagues: thanks for being so awesome! This is one of my happiest days in the firm. Someday, I hope to repay you guys. To my family, friends, acquaintances (and strangers), many thanks for your sweet bday wishes! Appreciate them. Strangely, I feel happier and wiser this year. Guess it’s because of all the biographies I read. Warren Buffett, LKY, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson etc. Research has shown that older people are happier because they are wiser. Lol. With time, I hope you peeps feel the same too!
  21. Lessons I learnt from Kenny Leck (owner of BooksActually): it is better to buy rather than rent. Business requires a high level of commitment, but do not risk everything you have. Do not give up too quickly. Do something you like, so that even if you fail, you won’t look back with regret. Time is precious and can’t be replenished, so do something that you passionate about. Maintain good relations with your business contacts and people you meet as you never know when they will come in handy. Be accountable for your actions. Business is like gambling, you can take calculated risks, but some times are hard to predict. The operational aspects are crucial in business.
  22. Just attended an NBS networking event. A female undergrad just asked me whether I had any regrets after joining audit for 2 years. Lol. I replied ‘No? None so far?’ haha. Right back at ya.
  23. Final art lesson: can’t sign off on financial statements but can sign off on my art piece lol.
  24. If you like my facebook posts (it doesn’t matter whether by accident or not), I will try to make it a point to visit your FB wall and similarly, like some of your posts too. Reciprocation. Tit-for-tat.
  25. Craving: knowledge and self-improvement. Cue: new book in Kindle. Routine: reading the book. Reward: improved knowledge; summarizing key principles of the book and sharing quotes with others! Repeat cycle. Reading is now a habit.



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