Happy Hour is 9 to 5 by Alexander Kjerulf

How to Love Your Job, Love Your Life, and Kick Butt at Work

You can jump out of bed on a Monday and look forward to your upcoming week. You look forward towards making a difference and are proud of what you do. Is it possible to be happy at work? Can you really be energized on Mondays? There are a lot of advantages of being happy that can translate to your own happiness. Later, after leaving my previous job, I started Woohoo Inc. Woohoo Inc was a company that gave employees happiness solutions. There is no greater joy than making others happy. Happiness leads to better productivity in both your personal and work life. Happy employees are also more creative and service-oriented. The book will encourage you to be happy and the benefits of happiness at work. The book will feature some examples of companies which have made it.

What is Happiness at Work? Learn the word ‘Arbejdsglaede’. These are ingrained in the culture of Scandinavians. It literally means ‘Work Happiness’ in English. Some of the things that make you happy are: you enjoy your work; you are proud of your work; work with amazing people; work is important to you; are appreciated; you are learning and making a difference. Learn to feel good. Try to make others feel good along the way as well. Bad jobs can kill people. Happiness is subjective and also depends on people’s preferences. It is unique to the individual. Happiness is contagious because of mirror neurons. Unhappiness is very more contagious than happiness and needs to be watched closely. You can’t force people to be happy. It has to be an invitation. You can’t dictate whether people should be happy or not. Job satisfaction does not equate to happiness. Job satisfaction is a rational process, whereby you rationally think about your job. Happiness is more of what you feel about your job. It is normal to feel unhappy once in a while, but the unhappy days should not outnumber the happy days. The perfect job doesn’t exist for sure. It is possible to be happy at work in most jobs. Decide to be happy, and make choices to be happy. It is up to you.

The more you express your happiness, the stronger it becomes inside you. If you hold your happiness in and never express it, it gradually dissipates. Express it clearly and visibly and it gets stronger and lasts longer. – Alexander Kjerulf

Happiness at work is not limited to those people lucky enough to have found their calling. It’s not only for those whose job is their first career choice. Even if the job itself is fairly generic, it’s possible to love it. – Alexander Kjerulf

Even if the work itself is perfect, that is absolutely no guarantee you’ll be happy at work. If your manager is a terrible person, if the mood at the company is bad, if you’re being bullied or treated unfairly, you will be unhappy at work, no matter how great the job. – Alexander Kjerulf

Even if you have a lot of perks at work, if the atmosphere sucks, you will still be unhappy. It’s what you do with what you have that matters. You must take charge and take control of your life. With these 2 things, you will be happy: Results and Relationships. We want to 1) make a difference; 2) contribute value; 3) know that our work matters; 4) get appreciated; 5) feel needed; 6) do work which we are proud of. Control is very important. Be positive and be yourself. Nice co-workers, a great boss, good communication all matters. Relationships make us happy. Be positive and be yourself. Instead of results, organizations should focus more on relationships. Praise is one of the most effective ways to make someone happy. It has to relevant, timely and personal in order to be effective. Give them a token or a small reward. Learn some professional skills. Have fun at work. Be curious and expand your horizons. Take a course in anything. Create a culture of learning in your organization. Learn something new about your co-worker today. Teach more. Learn about other people’s job scopes. Try new stuff out. Try new approaches to doing things and be prepared to fail sometimes. People always make mistakes and that can’t be avoided. Give employees the autonomy they want.

If we can control our environment, we will be happy. Let employees participate in the decision making process. Better in control of your work patterns will make you happy. Have an open to-do list. Allow employees to sit in during board meetings, make the financial statements transparent etc. There are 3 levels of meaning you can find at work: 1) No meaning, you find no meaning in what you do; 2) Your work has meaning because it pays the bills and supports your family; 3) You are contributing to something great and it is meaningful. Almost every job has meaning. Ask yourself how you are contributing etc. Make your results visible. Keep a to-do list so that you can track your progress and achievements. Do something other than yourself. Care for the environment and go green. Being positive at work is crucial for your success. There are many benefits associated with being happy. It is possible to teach yourself how to be happy. It is wrong to force yourself to be positive all the time. Some of the things you can do are: 1) Keep a happiness log book; 2) Have fun; 3) Be yourself; 4) Say what you think; 5) Show what you feel. Express love. Practise random acts of kindness. Say good morning and goodbye. Conduct the ‘smile’ experiment. Take an interest in other people. Help people out at the workplace. Learn to socialize. Make love the foundation of your work.

No matter how much you enjoy your job today, if you do exactly the same things in exactly the same way for a long time, sooner or later you will stop enjoying it. Human beings are learning machines, learning from everything that goes around us, and loving that feeling of getting better and wiser. – Akexander Kjerulf

Knowing that you have helped others through your work is a tremendous source of meaning. It is direct evidence that you are making the world a better place and helping people out. It’s also immensely satisfying, and a great way to get happy at work. – Alexander Kjerulf

You don’t need to make friends with everybody, but having positive relationships at work is one of the most important factors that ensure happiness at work. Positive relationship can be fostered with co-workers, employees, customers, suppliers, or even competitors. – Alexander Kjerulf

Pursuing money, promotions and job security can lead to unhappiness. When you get a raise, your happiness will increase, but it is just a temporary feeling. However, if you are paid too low, you will feel unhappy. Rewarding people has the effect of reducing motivation. Inner motivation is the way to go. Pay people fairly and at a level where they feel comfortable at. Salaries have no lasting effect on happiness. Too much job security will lead to laziness and lower standards at work. Too much job security might also lead to apathy and cynicism.

Bad boss is one of them. Many people who leave their jobs leave because of their boss. There are several ways to deal with a bad boss. 1) Classify your boss; 2) Let your boss know what they could do better; 3) Assume no bad intentions; 4) Choose the right time to talk; 5) Do it sooner rather than later; 6) Explain the effects on you and the effects on your work; 7) Suggest alternatives; 8) Praise your manager regularly. Another group are difficult co-workers. Do not overwork yourself or celebrate putting in a lot of hours at work. More hours doesn’t translate to better results and higher productivity. Workplace stress is not healthy and can lead to long term health problems. Figure out what makes you stressed at work. Celebrate the work you do. 1) Realise the conflicts are inevitable; 2) Handle conflict sooner rather than later; 3) Ask; 4) Use giraffe language; 5) Get mediation. Bureaucracy sucks. Bullying sucks as well. Negative people in the office can bring you down. You can try to make boring tasks more tolerable by making it fun. Humans have a biological need to be treated fairly and this can be seen even in animals. Unfairness can make you very unhappy. Fear of losing your job can make you unhappy.

You can always find more reasons to work. There will always be one more thing to do. But when people don’t take time out, they stop being productive. They stop being happy, and that affects the morale of everyone around them. – Carisa Bianchi

There are no jobs out there in which every single task is fun and exciting. Any job contains boring moments, routine tasks, unpleasant assignments and contact with annoying people. Of course, if your job mostly consists of tasks you really hate to do, then maybe it’s time to move on to a different job. – Alexander Kjerulf

An unhealthy diet can affect your attitude at work. Learn to keep your body trim. A healthy diet will allow you to focus on work tasks more. Eat granola bars as compared to chocolates that give you a sugar rush etc. Chart your energy levels every day. Modify your routine so as to maximise your energy levels. Sitting is bad and is sedentary. Learn to conduct stand-up meetings etc. Just move! Try to have power naps to replenish energy and boost productivity. Alcohol decreases your physical energy and affects productivity at work. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Have some me-time.

Your happiness level will determine your success in life. In the past, people adopted the Protestant Work Ethic, where people only worked hard. In the past, manual labour was very common and people didn’t complain. We should aim to be happy at work. Work takes up so much time. Work provides us with a sense of identity. It affects our personal life. Work has an impact on your health and well-being. Happiness leads to success.

Some people can have a lousy day at work and then go home and be happy as if nothing has happened. However, most people can’t pull this off and a bad day at work tends to affect the rest of their day. – Alexander Kjerulf

Happiness is Good For Business. Put people first. Happy employees will work harder for you and help you make more money. There are many other benefits associated with it. Happy people vastly outperform unhappy ones. Unhappy employees will cost you. Innovation is sparked from happy people. They are more motivated. They deliver better service. They can handle change better. Therefore, as a business, you should learn to embrace happiness.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Do not expect the manager to light your fire. Make yourself happy at work. The company’s atmosphere is simply to create an environment which is conducive for happiness. Your co-workers should work together with you to create that environment for happiness as well. Things will only change when you choose to act and be proactive about it.

Don’t settle for Meh, settle for Yay! Think back to a situation at work where you felt happy. Write it down and reflect. Dig up real-life experiences. This method is known as Appreciative Inquiry. Visualise your goal. Don’t go for okay, go for happiness! Whether to stay or to go? Whatever your choice, make it a happy one and squeeze as much happiness from it as possible.

It is frighteningly easy to stay in an unhappy work situation simply for the salary and the stability. Many people do this year after year. The worst part is that the longer you put up with an unhappy job, the harder it gets to remember how much fun work can be and the harder it gets to move on and do something about it. – Alexander Kjerulf

Make time for your people. Give people a space to air their views. Thank employees for their good work. Visualize a happy organization. Ask hypothetically questions to see whether you are truly happy. Create the business case for happiness at work. Announce your priorities to your organization and make people happy.

The actions you take must be (1) fast; (2) easy; (3) fun. Learn to involve other people and remember that happiness is contagious. Make others happy in order to feel happy as well. Make time for happy activities in your life. Celebrate goals together. Happiness is one of the greatest forces around.



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