My random musings 51 to 75

  1. The Amazon Kindle, to me, is one of the best inventions. It is light, reliable, feels like a paperback, has outstanding battery life and is able to store hundreds of books on one device. It has allowed me to kill time, pursue my hobby, improve my concentration/knowledge and not feel pissed off when having to wait for friends/public transport etc. Thanks Amazon, Jeff Bezos and team.’
  2. My view of Nelson Mandela: he is one generous, selfless, helpful, virtuous, courageous, impartial, determined, dignified, self-confident, merciful, honest man who believed in equality, rights and justice for all. Since young, he was extremely committed to fight for the rights of the black people and was even willing to give up his life for it. He sacrificed time from his family, his friends, his marriage and a potential career as a lawyer. Even after being jailed for 27 years, he remained undeterred and refused to give up on his goal. A man with balls of steel and extreme moral courage (just like Gandhi and Martin Luther King).
  3. Lessons from Audrey Tan (founder of Play Moolah, a financial education game for kids): look to your past to see what you liked; meet the right people and recruit a strong team with skills that complement each other; have a strong mentor; one can only prepare so much; it would be better to try first and make corrections along the way; do something you are passionate about; network with those who share similar interests as you.
  4. Objective of clearing leave but not travelling overseas: to act like a tourist in my own country; to visit as many interesting tourist attractions as possible; to avoid weekend crowds; to lead a snail’s pace of life; to lead a carefree life and explore the wonders of SG!
  5. I never liked the feeling of getting slightly tipsy and having to walk to find a particular location. But it does help in deep breathing! Should be good for Yoga, meditation or deep sea diving.
  6. I decided that (due to my lack of accounting knowledge), I have made a promise to myself that over the course of the next 2 months, I will do a brief summary of all the financial reporting standards (FRSs) and post them on fb only, not WhatsApp. Hope you guys will enjoy and learn something from them.
  7. Lee Kuan Yew once said about Singapore: ‘No, it’s not a nation. It’s a society in transition. You need a few hundred years to build a nation.’ Very true. Hope SG can get on a fast track to become a nation and have a rich and illustrious history. Happy 48th bday!
  8. Omg. Listened to Yo-Yo Ma’s 6 bach cello suites on YouTube and became high. Suddenly want to pick up the cello. Gg. Such a haunting, deep, sad, yet beautiful sound.
  9. Read ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and it suggested one of the ways to make yourself jog on weekday evenings is to put on your running gear IMMEDIATELY after you get home from work. Sounds like a good idea!
  10. Lessons from an alumni talk on happiness: 3 fundamental needs of humans are 1) need to be known, 2) to be affirmed, 3) to be intimate. The more you give/serve, you more you receive in return. Use money to buy experiences and spend them on your loved ones. Tell your boss to keep it simple, keep it clear and take action in the workplace to make employees happy.
  11. Part 2: exhibit positive emotions by scheduling pleasurable activities or by writing a gratitude letter to someone you want to thank. Keep a gratitude journal. Note the +ve/-ve interactions in your relationships. A ratio of 5:1 is needed for one to thrive. To maintain hope, write down in 20min about your best possible self and 3 good things that happened to you each day.
  12. Just met a bartender who now dared to venture out on his own. It’s a cocktail bar at 60A Boat Quay. Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall (don’t be deceived by the name). It’s great to see people like him drive the economy and pursue his passion at the same time. Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in sg!
  13. Meaningful insight from a close friend: One can spend a 5k Euro trip for 3 weeks and enjoy for that short period of time. Or one could use that 5k to invest in shares which produce dividends etc. Or one could use that sum to buy a PC, books, magazines etc; spend on loved ones to improve quality of time for a longer period. Short vs long term. Experience vs material items. To each his own.
  14. Just met a friend of mine and he introduced me to 4 other guys. A commodities trader, a commodities structurer, a bonds salesman and a brokerage guy. Need to read up more before I can connect to them. Naturally, they feel auditors are restricting their progress. I fully understand. But as regulators, we have our role to play.
  15. Discovered a new key insight about myself. I like the feeling of feeling prepared as it provides confidence and I prefer depth over breadth. Prefer reading an entire book for 3 weeks to scanning the book and capturing the key points in a few days. That also explains why I’m not keen on playing soccer when I’m unfit cos’ I don’t feel I can contribute much.
  16. I think I need a real mentor in my life. Although I’ve read much about inspiring and famous people, I can’t seek them for advice. Warren Buffett had Benjamin Graham as a mentor, Steve Jobs had Mike Markkula, Richard Branson had his parents, Nelson Mandela had Albert Luthuli, Sam Walton had L.S. Robson etc. Still looking for one.
  17. Growing up made me realize that I dislike doing activities/tasks which I’m poor at or not interested in. Even if I admit to myself that I tried my best and tried to squeeze as much fun out of it, it is barely comforting. As Warren Buffett said, know your circle of competence.
  18. Am really impressed with the baby boomer generation (like my parents) and their ability to stay in a particular job for like 15+ years. Gen Y people are so different. Always trying out new stuff, thinking that they are special and trying to find their ‘calling’ in life. Is the idea of loyalty to a company a thing of the past?
  19. Criteria for receiving my quotes on WhatsApp. At least one or more of the following: 1) we are friends; 2) I see you as a potential friend; 3) I respect you as a person; 4) I think that you are someone who appreciates quotes; 5) you are good looking.
  20. Impressed by my company managers who gave presentations while maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and willingness to impart knowledge despite the fact that the bulk of the audience wasn’t paying attention to them. Guess they have a high degree of passion for their work.
  21. If you want to complete an audit, don’t piss off your associates by sending them working papers, dividing the work and giving orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the joy of learning and seeing the signed financial statements.
  22. I realized that in my free time (hope to get some soon), I should be trying to find out ways on how to escape the trap of working 40 years (64,000 hours) of your life, till retirement. Fortune favours the brave?
  23. Don’t understand why some kids like to run for no reason despite their parents discouraging them not to run. Kids marathon perhaps? Tough. But I think kids are cool! Got the rebellious streak in them.
  24. Watched a YouTube video of a cellist playing a Bach piece with his eyes closed. Wow! And the cello doesn’t have clear demarcations on the strings on what a musical note will sound like. Guess Malcolm Gladwell’s theory of spending 10000 hours to be a master at something is true. To be good at something, one needs to spend a helluva load of time on it. Tough…
  25. I wish humans can choose whether to struggle or not in life. People should be given a choice. But when housing is so expensive, I guess the majority will have no choice but to struggle.


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