A Review of ‘Success With Landscape Photography by Tom Till’

Why you should read the book?

The author, Tom Till, is a professional landscaper photographer and has over 30 years of photography experience, travelling extensively to capture the most stunning landscapes on the planet. With his wealth of experience, readers will be able to appreciate the nuances of great photography on both film and digital. The book seeks to improve one’s landscape photography skills. Throughout the book, various photography tips are included by Tom to keep the reader intrigued and motivated to learn more. Unsurprisingly, various brilliant landscape photos fill the book and this can certainly attract the attention of even non-professionals.

Who is this book meant for?

As the book is fairly technical in nature, it is more suited to intermediate/advanced users in landscape photography and those planning to make a living from it. For those without a DSLR or an advanced film camera, the majority of the book will not be very relevant. Beginners might find some areas of the book like taking care of equipment, basic camera settings, photo composition, light effects useful. People who own point-and-shoot compacts may be interested in aperture, ISO, shuttle speed settings etc. Even in everyday photography, lighting matters a great deal. Cloud formations, time of day, direction of photography etc can all have a profound effect on the brightness/contrast of the photos. The book is very general and not prescriptive in nature.

What is the book like?

The book is structured in an orderly fashion, with the first few chapters dealing with equipment (types of lens, cameras, and settings), techniques (exposures, depth of focus etc), lighting and composition. The next half of the book delves into the practical aspect of photography. For instance, it covers life in the field and where are some of the amazing places on Earth. Finally, the later chapters cover issues like photo processing and development. The concluding chapters describe what a full-time landscape photographer’s life will be like.

What can I learn from the book?

Certainly, readers can pick up many valuable insights. Some of the tips include how to maintain the camera equipment, editing your work, settings to use when out in the field and for the different environments. However, to get the most of the book, readers are encouraged to experiment them with the various settings on their professional camera. A major take-away from the book is the importance of being patient on the field in order for the natural lighting and conditions to be in your favor. In addition, the author emphasizes on the value of practice and being self-critical in order to improve. Conditions might be harsh during landscape photography shoots, and wannabes ought to be both physically fit and well-clothed for different weather elements and hike extensively to find an ideal spot.



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