Blinking Seconds by Jimmy Liao (1.2.3.木头人 by 几米)

  • Sometimes, I feel that time flies. Minute by minute, second by second, time flows by. I am powerless to stop it.
  • Even if I’m brought up by robots, I will always love you, Mommy.
  • You can tell that I would not be able to find the person I was looking for. I brought the wrong dog out, I wore the wrong glasses and the wrong cap. Strangely, there was the smell of barbeque meat emanating from the stove in my house. I forgot to switch off the stove flame. It was obvious that I didn’t want to find the person I was looking for.
  • Those who wear glasses often wear a fixated and strange expression on their faces. They hate the fact that they have to look through a transparent lens to view this difficult and troublesome world.
  • Finally, there was someone who sat at the grave and wrote beautiful poetry and gave the beautiful spirits comfort in death.
  • We are all used to tilting our head and glazing at the endless sky.
  • When I think about you, would there be any chance that you would be thinking about me as well?
  • We all need to try to keep close to the warm glow of the light and stay warm.
  • In a lifetime, would the number of right and wrong things you have done be similar in number?
  • When I’m under tribulations, should I work hard to preserve my dignity?
  • During times of sadness, why did all my friends coincidentally vanish and neglect me?
  • Finding someone who loves me and whom I love in return is like a romantic episode in a dream.
  • Am I brave than you? Or are you just weaker and shy? We all realize that we are not suited to be brave men.
  • Float away and travel yonder! Surely, one day you will be able to find someone who’s willing to understand you.
  • During happy moments, I momentarily experience moments of anxiety as well. Isn’t this the human experience?
  • Will the weather be better tomorrow? Can I go out to sea and play? The weather will still be very chilly. I must wear my mum’s knitted gloves and scarf.
  • Hang on tight! We are about to jump through the hole in the mountain and cross the mountain. We must be clear in our direction to land up in an invisible city.
  • Aliens do not have any need to occupy Earth. They own innumerable beautiful stars, of which causes them a headache.
  • I gaze into the distance. But do not ask me, what do I see?
  • Many small children have seen matches, but an even greater number of matches haven’t seen fire.
  • Will the Sun suddenly die, or will it slowly stop emitting light?
  • Humans are beautiful because they have the ability to dream.



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