Don’t blame me, It’s not my fault by Jimmy Liao (我的錯都是大人的錯)

  • If I become a desolate, disappointed and hurt kid, would you still be willing to love me?
  • I know that I haven’t been the perfect child, but you haven’t been perfect parents either. If we all forgive each other and strive hard, we will thrive.
  • Whether we are awake or asleep, we are sent from God. It’s just that the adults can’t see that.
  • Adults forget that they were once children as well. In their pockets, there used to be all kinds of weird creatures. In their brains, there used to be thoughts of colorful rainbows.
  • Adults always try to figure out a child’s inner world but without much success. A child doesn’t bother with matters of the heart and just lives life like it is.
  • Sometimes, adults are strange people. One moment, they wish that their children will be intelligent. The next moment, they wish that they would be authentic and childish in nature.
  • Children don’t understand why adults emphasize that they must learn to endure stress in their lives.
  • Adults always wish that their children can live their dreams, to be a delightful role model kid. However, such dreams often lead children feeling helpless.
  • They is a famous Chinese saying that those who can take hardship will emerge stronger and resolute. However, many adults don’t seem to have changed for the better after enduring hardship.
  • Children would rather get hurt by the deities than hear the sarcasm and scorn directed by adults at them.
  • Adults remark that their children’s future is full of endless possibilities, just like the open sky. Can it be that they both live under different skies?
  • Some parents wish that their children will win the race, but are oblivious at the struggles of them when they finally cross the finishing line.
  • A person’s fate is never decided by others.
  • The true measure of success isn’t in how much you possess, but in how much you are willing to let go.
  • Why must you decide to leave home if you’re eating and sleeping well?
  • Why can the wind gently rustle the leaves in the trees, but you can’t appreciate what I say?
  • It is difficult to imagine that every great being out there used to be a childish brat.
  • Why is the sky blue? Why is the water in the lake green? Why do the flowers bloom in spring? Why do the leaves fall in autumn? Why haven’t I discovered the answer to life as I age?
  • Adults always say to their young children: ‘Never give up on your dreams.’ But why are the adults the ones who usually give up on their dreams?
  • The best thing about this world is that every day is brand new and you leave the past behind.
  • Why are the elephant’s tusks worth so much in value even though they don’t have to brush it clean? Don’t remind me to brush my teeth in future.
  • Where are the adults? Why aren’t they coming to save us? They are currently having a meeting to analyze how to bring up the next generation of children to reach greater heights than before.
  • Adults think kids are like a tortoise who threads slowly. But don’t forget, the slow and steady tortoise is the one that wins the race.
  • Adults are not really observant folks and they tend to miss out the minor details.
  • Adults say that their children is like a mirror’s reflection of themselves. Whatever they say or do is a reflection of their upbringing. For children to be role models in future, parents have to set a good example. However, as a kid, I do not desire to be a role model. All I want is to be myself and not to be the reflection in the mirror of anyone else.
  • After a child shuts his eyes, he dreams and remains hopeful. When adults shut their eyes, they fall asleep and start drooling.
  • Adults have no right to throw away a child’s possessions. Anything he/she owns contains warm sentimental value.
  • Adults often do not understand the power of imagination exhibited by children.
  • When you find out that your child possesses special abilities, do not be alarmed. Do not be frightened. Learn to keep it a secret as you might have it as well.
  • Dear Papa and Mam, do understand that I truly love you. I don’t know why, but there are some things which I can’t share with you.
  • If you had two sweets in your pocket, would you share and give me one? If you had two precious stones in your pocket, would you share and give me one? If you had two stars in your pocket, would you share and give me one?
  • Is it possible for imagination to get exhausted? Will eternal happiness end? Will my dreams never surface again? I’m worried.
  • If humans only think about saving money, no one should have a child! It’s such a waste of resources. You need to spend money on food, use your time and wealth etc.
  • If adults never believe what kids say, then why do they have the right to tell us stories which they do not believe in the first place?
  • When I’m lonely, tell me where you are and at the same time, admit to me that you’re lonely because I’m lonely too.
  • When I love you, return the favour and love me as well. When I do not love you, please continue loving me and do not tease me.
  • No matter the difficulties, no matter how fraught with challenges the growing-up phase is, do promise me that I must grow up well. Thank you. That’s all I wanted to say.



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