Repurpose Your Career by Marc Miller

A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers

After a near accident, I knew that I had to find a good path of life. It was a moment of awakening. Is it possible to change your life? I am a career design expert. Whatever change you want to make, you will need a strategy and a plan. A career pivot is taking small steps towards your goal. Ask yourself what your skillsets are, what your resource system is? Your health? Your financial situation?  Are you ready for unchartered territory? You may have to ask for help and even take up more courses.

Many people embrace retirement. Retirement, to many, are like golden hand-cuffs. My life didn’t go according to plan. Many of the baby boomers were hit badly by the financial crisis. Homes are worth a lot less nowadays. Does owning a home make sense anymore? However, retirement is a period of inactivity which some people really can’t stand. Work is supposed to provide meaning and not just a simple pay check. Your job is to find something which suits you and not think about retirement. What are the rewards you get from home apart form a pay check.

Figure out a clear destination for yourself. You need to be in charge of your own schedules and organizational systems. Seek out exactly what you need from the particular job. Most people seek rewards, in one form of the other. We want to feel appreciated. What types of rewards do you want? Most people crave freedom, such as not being micromanaged. Freedom could also mean the ability to be creative in the way we work. What type of freedom do you crave? People also like to be respected in their work. Networking will be useful to solve this. Do you like a job where you are multitask and where is a wide variety in the work? Does multitasking make you feel more stressed than necessary?

Have an assessment. Know thyself. You must understand your stresses and what makes you happy. Birkman assessment is a good tool one can use. How much alone time do you need? Some people are deep down frustrated and angry. The assessment will be able to show this. However, sometimes, it is not easy to ask for what you want. How high are your empathy levels? Your job preferences might be different from someone else’s. Some people need long stretches of uninterrupted peace in order to get their best work done. Look at how best you work. Take a career assessment to find out more about yourself.

Big and major moments in your life might give you clarity. It might reveal truths about you. You would finally have the chance to learn something about yourself. You must act once you have clarity. Through this, you will discover peace. After these moments, you might pivot to try new things. Fill up the pattern for every job you have. 1) Description of Job; 2) Reason you took it up; 3) Influenced by who?; 4) How You Found This Job?; 5) Environment; 6) Feel; 7) Team or Solo; 8) Independence; 9) Manager’s Style; 10) Work Pace/Schedule; 11) Rewards; 12) Best Thing about your job; 13) Worst Thing about your job; 14) What I learned about what I needed; 15) What I learned about what I do not need; 16) Reason You Left Your Job; 17) Who/What Influenced You to Leave; 18) Exit Status.

You need to understand the nuances of what the career entails. You may not like every aspect of the job and your previous experience may not always be applicable in your new role. Talk to those people who are already in the industry you want to be in. You MUST strategically network to find out more.

That’s the problem with just jumping from one job to another. We romanticize the pleasant parts and make assumptions about the rest. – Marc Miller

Before you drop everything and jump into a career, you need to understand the career. It’s not enough to be passionate. – Marc Miller

Happiness comes from the intersection of what you love, what you’re good at, and what the world needs. We’ve been told time and again to keep finding the first. Our schools helped develop the second. It’s time we put more thought on the third. – Unknown

What if you hate the people you are working with? You must figure out exactly why you want to leave. Is it because of the boss? A supportive team is crucial for your happiness. List what you value most in a team. If you have good colleagues, you may have a crappy boss. Identify his traits which make him so unlikeable. You more you have control over your work, the happier you will be. Are you the type who likes to walk around and talk to people? Do you fit in the corporate mould? Take the career assessment to find out more about yourself.

A lot of us can be happy doing so-so tasks for adequate pay if we really like the people we work with. – Marc Miller

You will have to talk to real people. I know it might be difficult to ask for help, especially when you have a big ego or are very successful. But the thing is that asking for help is really important. Most people will be willing to help you too. Ask people on the inside, people who are already in the industries you want to enter. Suck it up and be humble, especially when you want to make a career change.

Your Tribe are those who can help you in your career, not just acquaintances. They are the ones who will be able to help you with in your career. Don’t do a pivot without a tribe. You have to cultivate it. Send messages with TLC once in a while in order to stay in touch. Make a connection once in a while. Try to be of mutual benefit to one another. Look for opportunities to help others without expecting anything in return. Don’t forget to say thank you. Remember to continue networking with those from your tribe.

You must have a goal in mind. Build relationships with people who can help you to enter your preferred industry. Learn to network with recruiters. Conduct strategic networking with an individual. Ask for ‘advice’. Ask for introductions to others in the company as well. Remember to send thank you notes at the end.

It is never good to bitch about your boss to your other colleagues. The same applies to your ex-relationships. Create the elevator pitch. Know what type of boss you like. Why is your boss so good?

Do research before joining. Talk to recruiters to find out more. Try to find out what the hiring manager will be like. Always ask questions at the end of the interview to reveal your interest. Write down at least 10 questions which you are planning on asking. Ask about the work environment, management style, level of freedom etc.

Reframe the question ‘Why do you want to leave your current position?’ Have a pivot sort of response. Pivot back with a question instead. I am looking for more job variety. Is your job able to achieve it? Never get negative when asking this sort of questions. Never tell what you dislike about your job. Put it in a positive light. Frame the question in a way that it sounds positive.

It is unlikely that you want just more money. What sorts of benefits are important to you? Never ever talk about pay in the interview. Learn to negotiate the non-financial needs first.



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