Dealing with Difficult People by Malcolm E Rockwood

How to Deal with A-holes at Work, at Home and at Life

This book deals with proven strategies. Although it is normal to be bad once in a while, some people are perpetually bad. They often spread negativity everywhere else. You need help when dealing with such people. Do not step down to their level or be hostile.

Understanding Difficult People. Sometimes, you will just lose your cool. There are many kinds of difficult people and they create problems in your life. Understanding them will definitely help. Put yourself in their shoes. They might be sick etc and that is causing such a behaviour. They might have low self-esteem. They might be under the influence of drugs. Their personal problems might be weighing them down. For the rare cases, they possess some form of mental disorder. One type of them is the control freaks. Their strategy is to intimidate others and not give in when you suggest something. Often, they lie to manipulate the outcome. In addition, they can be hostile and angry when things don’t go their way. Deep down, they can be passive aggressive. The second types of difficult people are the ones that are self-absorbed. They are pre-occupied with their own desires. They are greedy, needy and care about themselves. Generally, they just like talking about themselves. The third type of difficult person is ‘The Stumbling Block Creator’. Their job is to prevent you from progressing. Often, they like to micromanage too. The fourth category of people are the ultra-toxic people. They are often hurtful and emotionally draining. Often, they have chameleon personalities and try to manipulate people. Basically, they are imposters. Hanging out with such people will affect your long term self-esteem. You need to be equipped with knowledge on how to handle such people.

Keys to Effectively Handle Difficult People. It is not possible to avoid them all the time. The important thing is to focus on yourself and build resilience. Look at which makes you upset. Once you have mastery over your emotions, nothing will faze you. You have to acknowledge that the other person is being very difficult. Try to understand where they are coming from. Validate that person’s thoughts and make him feel better. Validate and listen to him carefully. Understand where they are coming from. Stay calm before reacting. This is very important. Try to bond with them. Listen to others on how to deal with the difficult person. Respond calmly and do not blow your top or do something drastic. Show self-confidence and do not take things personally.

Different Types of Difficult People and How to Deal with Them. The Howitzer is very angry and confrontational. The key is to stay strong and appear calm. You have to make yourself seem respectable. Be assertive, calm and non-emotional. The Know-It-All does not tolerate correction. You must know your facts very well when talking. One way is to turn the person into a mentor. When dealing with a complainer, find a solution to the things they are complaining about. Do not agree with them, but remain tactful. Convince a ‘Yes’ man that it is okay to say no sometimes. Learn to be honest with the ‘Yes’ man. The indecisive person will put off decision making. Say the pros and cons of making a decision.

Dealing with Difficult People at Work. Your work will be smoother if you can handle difficult people. There is at least one asshole in your workplace. One thing you need to realise is that you can’t change them. Be careful of the slackers. Productivity will be affected by the presence of slackers. The solution is to focus on your responsibilities alone. Stop picking up his slack. If you want to take on his work, make sure your boss knows. The ultracompetitive will backstab you. Just ignore him and do your best at work. The fraud likes to exaggerate their achievements. Just ignore the fraud in the office. If he is telling lies about you, step up and defend yourself. There will be those who like to gossip in the office. Confront your colleague if you are the victim of gossip. Keep employees busy during working hours to prevent them from gossiping. To deal with a difficult boss, do your best so that your boss can’t fault you unnecessarily. Share your thoughts in a respectful way. Tread carefully if you still want to keep your job. Do not aggravate the situation and make him unhappy.

Dealing with Difficult People at Home. You can’t simply ignore your loved ones. It is important to deal with them properly to avoid straining the relationship. Your parents are strict because they love you. If they are unreasonable, sit down and have a chat. Do not use strong words. Slowly earn back their trust. Do not simply march off. You should accept a lazy sibling but not tolerate such behaviour. Give teenagers some space too. As a parent, you need to demonstrate that you do things out of love. Be calm. Give them a timeout etc. Learn to deal with a difficult spouse. Let your feelings out, but in a respectful manner. Only talk when you are calm. If the problems can’t be solved, go for a divorce.

Dealing with Difficult People That you Meet in your everyday life. Tell your difficult friend that a relationship is about give and take. Keep an open communication. If the difficult person is a teacher, be sure to be respectful. One way is to approach your guidance counsellor for help. Talk to your neighbours about their bad behaviour. In order to understand the facts, have a chat with the neighbour.


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