Screw Work, Let’s Play by John Williams

How to do what you love and get paid for it

The book will show you how to get paid to do what you like. Create an ideal life in the present now. Happiness leads to better success. There are 10 secrets to obey closely by. Secret 1: How to work out what you really want. Secret 2: How to choose what to do next. Secret 3: How to get started right now. Secret 4: How to guarantee your success. Secret 5: How to play for profit. Secret 6: How to play the fame game and win. Secret 7: How to create an irresistible offer. Secret 8: How to win your first paycheque. Secret 9: How to play full time. Secret 10: How to play your way to the rich life. There are 21 myths you need to understand. The author has interviewed many people for this book. Join the play revolution. It is possible to make money from the things you do. Nowadays, people value freedom and want to stretch themselves. The image of an entrepreneur is more fun now. The internet has allowed many to create online businesses. The play ethic encourages to be more spontaneous and fun. Play isn’t a selfish thought. Nowadays, people with a developed right brain wins. Work will are easy to do will be outsourced nowadays. Times are unpredictable. Start what you want to do right now. It really plays to have fun. Happiness leads to successful outcomes, more than the other way around. Good jobs have the following characteristics: autonomy, meaning and variety. Choose the right things to play. You must get into the flow of things. The problem is that many people are doing the wrong work. We have done work that is based on previous generations say are good. You should find a job that suits your personality and strengths. Try and each your first playcheque before you quit. Be a creator, and not someone passive anymore. Sometimes, you can work anywhere you want. You can even change countries to run your business from. Players must put creativity and fun first. Players are multi-faceted. Learn to respond to the world around you. Be actively engaged in the world. Never stop exploring and never stop learning. However, it is also necessary to know what the market needs and wants. You must solve real world problems in order to make money. Work is never effortless. Seek full expression of yourself. Scrap your career plan as things change too fast. Learn to live in the present. You can’t compete with someone who loves what they do. I wanted to get paid to play. Set your own hours. Now, I am a different portfolio of many different acts. The book will give you an idea of how to make every minute count.

But I’ve found out that the more I focus on what I enjoy doing even when it’s not immediately obvious how I’ll make money, the more successful I am. – John Williams

If you limit your choices to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise. – Robert Fritz

One of the most valuable things you can ever do is to get to know what you do and don’t enjoy doing. And it can also be one of the most difficult things to do. – John Williams

A scanner is someone who loves to learn and explore new things but gets bored easily. Scanners are more about breadth than depth. – John Williams

When you are truly in play, when you are following the unfolding path of what provides you engagement, expression, excitement and curiosity in the world, then your work is simply a natural expression of who you are and who you are becoming. – John Williams

How to work out what you really really want? You must know what play feels like. People usually see work as something they must do. What would work that feels like play look like? Ask ‘what do you want’ first. Your progress will be tremendous if you like what you do. Write down ideas in a notebook that excite you wherever you go. The first of 21 myths are (1) If it’s important, you’ll remember it. This is not true in reality. Always carry a notebook around with you. Pay attention to every detail. See exactly what draws your attention. Follow every lead, act on your hunches. Myth 2: The answer to my work search is in some magical new thing I have never tried before. Most times, you will actually realize that you are doing what you like, just that it cannot be considered work. Take a year off to discover. What would you do for a year? Write down all you would do if you had a year off for yourself. Pretend money is not an issue. Look back at your career, recall your happy moments. Who is your career hero? Brian Eno had a very varied career. Who do you envy? Envy is good. It shows you something which you need but don’t currently have. What do you find difficult stopping? For a player, you can bring all the skills you have onboard and don’t need to focus on one label. Are you a Scanner? A scanner is someone who has many varied interests. Entrepreneurs turn out to be often scanners. By owning your own business, you can do whatever you like. Craft a life that suits you. Write down a few different 1 years off you can take and imagine the different possibilities. You can have what you really want but you need to be flexible about it. You must visualize the exact experience you want to have. Don’t worry about what others think of you. You don’t need long expensive training as well. Work at its deepest level is play. Make minor adjustments in your life first, but start with doing what you like.

Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation. – Aristotle

If you’ve been stuck for a long time on what to do next in your work, and you can afford some time for experimentation, it’s worth choosing almost anything you’re really keen to do and having a play with it for a few weeks. – John Williams

How to choose what to do next? Paul McCartney contemplated between being a coil winder or a musician. His dad kept persuading him to get a proper job. It requires courage. Myth 5: Doing what you love is selfish. Do not hold back as you are short-changing the human race. Don’t hold back. Even if your work isn’t good, it might inspire others. Your play must meet a need that people have.Learn to help others. ‘Pleasure + Engagement + Meaning = Happiness’. Pleasure means enjoying positive emotions from tasks and relationships. Engagement is getting lost in a task which is play. Meaning is using your strengths to serve a greater good. You need all three to be happy. Look back at your work, when did you stand out? Write it down. Increase your frequency. How to enter a flow state? You can go for personality profiling. Wealth Dynamics is one such system. There are 8 different profiles: 1) Creator; 2) Star; 3) Supporter; 4) Deal maker; 5) Trader; 6) Accumulator; 7) Lord; 8) Mechanic. Which profile are you? Do not try to be an all-rounder. Instead, work on your strengths. Hire people with complementary skills and to fill in where you are lacking at. You must be aware of your talents. Some people are good at flirting. It’s a skill. The sweet spot is when talent, skill and passion mean. Skills are important because it is not easy to compete with the veterans. You must try to apply skills from your previous work. There is always the love vs money balancing act. There are far too many people stuck in lousy jobs. How to avoid starving? The problem with arts is that there is too much supply and not enough demand. Get creative about how to distribute your product. Get someone to promote your work. Do not be afraid that your work will be rejected. ‘The facts are always friendly.’ Carl Rogers. What do you value more? Try and network to get to know more people. Experiment to figure out what you truly want. Get others to describe your strengths.

Successful people apparently have fewer thoughts; they don’t engage in endless deliberation. Perhaps this is because the research shows that over-thinking makes you miserable and unmotivated. – John Williams

People who strive for something significant, whether it’s learning a new craft or raising moral children, are far happier than those who don’t have strong dreams or aspirations. Find a happy person and you will find a project. – John Williams

Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do. – Liz Smith

How to get started right now? It’s trial and error. Try and see if it works. Sam Bompas and Henry Parr have embraced play. They have experimented with food. Pitch for something and try to make it work later. Myth 6: I can’t start anything until I know exactly where I’m heading. Things move too fast and are unpredictable. Pick an interesting project and go for it. Pursue projects that are important to you. There are problems with goals. Myth 7: Once my life is the way I want it to be, then I’ll be happy. How you choose to live life everyday matters. Your happiness will create your success. Start on a project straightaway. Thinking is overrated. If you can’t solve a problem, overthinking might not help if you don’t have new inputs. How to pick a play project? It should last for from a few weeks to a few months. The point is to get into motion. Listen to your gut feeling and do it now. The skills you learn will come in handy again next time. Make sure that it is enjoyable to do. If you’re stuck in career paralysis, any project will help you. Don’t worry about making money. If you’re self-employed, pursue a project that is close to your heart and in line with your strategy. Read about leaders in the new field of work. Go to networking sessions and get your hand on any experience you can get. Myth 8: I should go and research this all day on the internet. There is no need to research excessively. Try to speak to someone knowledgeable instead. Track down the smart people. Think big start small. Break it down into smaller parts. Start with a short novel or a blog. Explore about business opportunities on the blog. Turn your home into a gallery. Launch a regular event. Talk to random people and use Write down a larger objective of your project. Get your idea and evolve it. Commit to your play project. Create something and share it with the world. Give yourself some deadlines too. Record the feedback that you have received. Have some direction. Having a mission is attractive. When you’re playing, even if you can’t make money, it will feel good.

If you’re changing somebody else’s baby’s diapers that feels like work. But if it’s your own kid, that doesn’t feel like work. – Derek Sivers

The fact is that motivation often comes after you start something, not before. – John Williams

How to guarantee your success? Simply do not stop. It is always risky in business. Setbacks are painful. Setbacks are there to see whether you will give up. Our thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies. A positive outlook on life is the key. Tackle your negative thoughts and doubts. Your head might be filled with negative voices. This is your ‘top dog’. Your top dog is not your voice of reason. Think of the supportive alternative to the top dog. The key is habit. Learn to hang out with supportive people. Build your support team. Your support team should consist of 4 to 5 people. Myth 9: People who are successful don’t need support. Learn to manage your fear. It is important to deal with your fear. Whatever scares you, go do it. Do not always play it safe. Don’t stop. Keep fine tuning your play project so that you can make money. Don’t simply throw away your play project unnecessarily. Take total responsibility of your life and don’t blame others. Ask people for what you need. Learn to have uncomfortable conversations with yourself. There is no need to ask for permission. Don’t ask ‘how’, ask ‘who’ instead. Look back at how you overcame challenges. Steal the strategies of others, not the content. Myth 10: Famous people are just different from me. Use the Millionaire Test. ‘If I were already a millionaire, would I do this thing I am considering right now?’ It is important to do things even when you don’t feel like doing them. If you don’t have big blocks of time to spare, do little and do often. Learn to manage time in micro-blocks. Do not feel overwhelmed. Do things to reduce your overwhelm. How to manage your brilliant ideas? Store your new ideas so that you can refer to them again. Ideas have a half-life and it pays off to work on them immediately. Ideally, work on your project a little each morning. Do give yourself some creative idling time as well. Try to take a nap as well.

How to play for profit… and purpose? This chapter will show you how to actually get paid. Never give up too quickly. How do you get paid to enjoy what you’re doing? You must solve a problem. People pay to get rid of their pain. It should alleviate some form of discomfort. Offer something that is on people’s to-do lists. You have to solve an existing problem. Link your current field with life. Sometimes, people are interested in what they want. Write down the problems you think people have. Look for the pain that people are experiencing currently. Write down your clients’ desire and the obstacle that they are currently facing. What challenges have you struggled with in your life?

How to play the fame game – and win. You must be known for something at least. Play out your ideas on a global stage. Start with a blog or a meetup group. Share your ideas with people and garner feedback. Test and see what happens. Myth 11: I must keep my good idea secret otherwise someone will steal it. There are very few ideas out there. Execution is what matters. Try not to keep it secret for too long. Step 1: Pimp your project. Learn to brand yourself. Don’t blend in, do something big instead. Humor is a great tool to use throughout your work. You need to market yourself and show how you are different from the rest. Use what you have learned. Marketing won’t help you if you’re mediocre. Never underestimate the power of a good story. Start a movement. People are generally attracted to those who are passionate. Step 2: Choose your channel of communication. Authenticity and integrity are very important. Which channel do you want to use?. Email is one form, where people can subscribe to your posts. Blogging is a great way to build ideas. Simply chronicle your journey and blog about it. Writing in your own authentic voice makes you unique. Tumblr is better for images. You can even blog about your life. Make use of free services on the net. Print on demand sites like Lulu and Blurb work as well. You can run your own radio or tv show too. It just takes one afternoon and is very simple indeed. Step 3: Who are your kind of people? Who would you love to sell your services to? Find a niche and a group of small people who find you irresistible. People prefer specialists. Step 4: Start the conversation. Step 5: The art of seduction, or how to turn your fans into customers. Think from your customer’s perspective. ‘Enter the conversation already going on in your customer’s head’.

How to create an irresistible offer? What will you offer to people? The Money gym is an interesting concept. You need to find something that people really want. How do you deliver your product or service? Learn to provide a service to individuals. If you possess a skill, it is much easier. However, there is a disadvantage in selling your own time. People in the annual rich lists do not sell their time. Combine your service offering and offer people a package. It is possible to work 6 months and then travel 6 months if you are a free lance worker. Find a supporting income stream that is enjoyable. Attend conferences and networking events. How to make passive income? It is thrilling to be able to do so. The internet is one of the lowest risk passive income you can generate. Use the internet as a vehicle to sell your expertise. These are known as information products. You need a large number of people to talk about your product. Another way is to interview people for free. The power of knowing the problem. Even if you don’t know enough in the topic, you can hire people to write for you. You can sell ebooks through your website. You can organize teleclass etc. You can also promote other people’s products. Very few people can make money from their blogs. A membership programme is a good way to earn money too. This allows you to have a deeper connection with the customer. You can take your work and produce an e-book on it.

The secret of living is to find people who will pay you money to do what you would pay to do – if you had the money. – Sarah Caldwell

How to win your first playcheque? Money makes play sustainable and can keep you going. Myth 12: You can’t get paid for doing what you love. If you choose the right path, you will enjoy the journey. It is also possible to ask for a new job scope to revamp your career etc. You can also consider working part-time. Let your enthusiasm win the job. Your first playcheque will be your landmark. If possible, try to achieve this without quitting your job yet. Myth 13: All my friends have said they would buy what I’m offering, so I must be on the right track. It is not sufficient as you must really collect the money from them. When you’re new, you can do some work for free. Later on, charge a token sum. Charging a small amount also guarantees that people will show up. Myth 14: I can’t possibly charge for what I’m doing yet – I need to read more books and take more courses and workshops. Don’t use that as excuses not to start. Run a campaign. Learn to focus. Success takes a while. Gather feedback from others and fine tune your product. If you want something, show focus and enthusiasm. Myth 15: I can’t talk to anyone until I have some fancy business cards printed and my website launched. Business cards are over-rated anyway. Celebrate your first paycheque.

Don’t be too quick to jump from the work that’s currently providing your income: better to gain momentum first while still being paid elsewhere. Being stressed about money is not a state conducive to playfulness –  John Williams

How to play full time? How do you play full time? You need some word of mouth recommendations. What you do must excite people and your friends alike. Do not let your friends do favours for you. Find 10 people who will rave about it. You need to find 10 people who truly truly love it. If not, seek a rethink. Others will tell you whether they like it. In ordinary jobs, you can’t say I don’t like that task, so I’m not doing it. You should shape the product for yourself. Try to avoid recruitment agencies. You should always try and create your own role. Join networking events to get noticed. When you seek out your ideal job, your enthusiasm shines. Go freestyle. This book says that self-employment is less risky. Some businesses can perform well in downturns. You don’t need a new idea. You just need to do things better than others. An online business is easy to start. Launch one project at a time only. Learn to focus on your type of projects. Collaborate with others. Hire people to make up for your weaknesses. You don’t need a very long business plan. Do your sums properly. Please do your market research. If you switch fields, you will take a while to get used to it

How to play your way to the rich life? The richer you want, the more impact it should create on others. Most entrepreneurs don’t care about the money at all. Appreciate the rich moments in life. Is it about the freedom to travel? Travel using your laptop like Chris Guillebeau. Is your rich life about free time? Is your rich life about the power to change the world? If so, set up a social enterprise. Start your play fund to manage your money. Remove your internal blocks. Change your perception about sales being tacky. There are no prizes for being a starving entrepreneur. Your closest friends have a big impact on you. Charge exactly what you’re worth. Sometimes, lowering prices might cheapen your product. Learn about supply and demand. Sometimes, the bandwagon changes due to regulation etc. That is the time to make more money. P is for Product – Sell the right thing. R is for Right People. I is for Increasing Trust. C is for Communicating value. E is for Expect it. If people say it’s too expensive, it’s because they haven’t seen enough value in it. Choose a rich strategy.



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