Choosing Delight by Leyla Day

True Life Stories of Quitting a Soul-Sucking Job and Doing What You Love For a Living

This book will guide your personal compass. This book will bring you on a path of self-exploration. There are 8 stories. Learn to break out of your box. It is possible to live with passion. There are also exercises which you can do.

You have an abundance of choices if you live in a developed city. There are so many food choices and you are spoilt for choice. Sometimes, the choices overwhelm us. In this book, the people have expressed themselves in a unique way. You can finally break out of your fears. If you want security and work 9 to 5pm, this book is not for you. You want meaning in your life and to do meaningful work, but you don’t know how. You can work on several projects at once. There are activities that make you happy, but you don’t think you can earn from them. Show up to the world. Life is different from the past as some of us are more fortunate now. Your talents are unique. There are steps where you can take to move yourself forward. Everybody wants challenge in their lives. What would you do if you had 10 million dollars? What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Ryan McDonough, the Party Catalyst. He got paid to organize parties. He used to do stupid dares at bars in order to get free drinks. The job required him to perform dangerous actions. He had the gift of entertaining people since young. His core job was to be an entertainer, which was what he achieved. Later, he got into alcohol problems but managed to get himself out of it again. Service means bringing joy to people. Life is good once more for Ryan. Move towards what you love and what makes you happy. Write down what you love to do and how it made you feel. Write down which job made you happy and which one didn’t and the reason why.

Bonnie Rusk, Speaker of the Doves. She protects the dove species in Grenada. They are gentle birds which need protection. Why did she choose such a career? She kept travelling when younger. Later, she studied biology and conservation. She was looking for her life’s work and not just a plain degree. Do work that is aligned with what you want. Find your ability to engage with others. Learn to build bridges and help others. Listen to your heart. Once you have tasted it, freedom will taste incredibly sweet.

Daniel Galhardo, Tenkara Fly Fishing. Learn to leave things behind. Don’t hold back. Do not make your life more complicated that it already is. He fishes without a reel in the US. At first, it seemed like a niche market as many already owned rods with reels. Learn to crave simplicity. Leave your complicated things behind. Always learn to embrace simplicity. People then used it as a social activity and got to know other people as well. What will the future hold for you? Learn to empty out your material needs. Live simply all over again. Do not let the business run you.

Jungle Jim, The Balloon Whisperer. Work might not be easy. Jim had ADHD. He knew he loved working with kids and finding out what their dreams are. Tutoring brought out the best in him. Finally, he found out that he liked balloon sculpturing. Time would fly by when he was having fun. It was when he visited the outback when he realized that he liked interacting with kids. Writing a plan is important. Yes, you can make a living from making balloons. Do you remember when the last time you lost track of time was?

Adam Brink, the unfair advantage of conscious poverty. He didn’t value any material possessions at all. Some people choose the freedom of time over amassing more money. Develop a sense of gratitude over life’s abundance. Now, he teaches kids problem solving in a school. He also loved rock climbing. There was a sense of community and people really cared. Work hard and plan ahead. Work is not soul draining. What is success and how do you define it? Listen to your gut to know whether you are right. Go beyond your comfort zone to know what you are capable of. Don’t always tell yourself that you can’t do it. Write down all the thoughts that come to your mind. What idea will make you feel more alive and kicking?

Angela Lauria, creating a safe launching pad for new authors. She was fired from her corporate job. When you get fired, it can get pretty devastating if you do not have a backup plan. What does success really mean? Sometimes, the Universe calls out to you. Later, she decided to be her own boss. You found her passion in books. She started to teach how people can market their books online etc and earned from giving talks. She helped people to publish their books. As a life coach, she coached people through writer’s block. As an entrepreneur, the key is to start before you are ready. What is success to you?

Kirk Rademaker, sand artist for hire. Someone has to build sandcastles. Take stock of your life when all is seemingly lost. Find a way through the depression. He founded sand-castle building as a way to express his creativity. Building sandcastles kept the demons away. You want genuine things in your life to stick. Get sand to stick together. Share your gifts with the world. We all need our gifts in life. Find your state of ‘flow’. Be engaged when you are working.

Bev Barnes, uncovering your original medicine. She mentored people who were empathic. You won’t know whether you are on the right path. She was a born coach. Our gifts are in our blind spots. There has to be alternatives to finding a normal and secure job. Don’t let money be your driver. Eventually, coaching became her life’s calling. Follow what you love. She was passionate about seeing other people and taking care of them. Life coaching is important. Later, her passions grew and developed.

Moving Toward Soul-Satisfying Work. Turn towards delight and joy. It is that easy. We are guided by intuition. We often create resistance within ourselves. Move towards freedom by taking baby steps. Life and crises can definitely shake us up. We all have our own personal blind spots. You just need to see where the next step lies. Feelings are road signs to your soul.



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