A Short Guide on Purchasing Luxury Watches by Leonard Lowe

A luxury watch is more than $5000. This book will educate you on watches so that you will not make the wrong purchase. This book will guide you on watches which value can last. Which models keep their value over a few years? Can a luxury watch be an investment piece as well?

A luxury watch is defined by the watchmaker’s reputation. Reputation depends on the heritage and image of the brand. It also depends on scarcity of production. It should be Swiss-made too. Quartz watches should not be classified as luxury watches. Luxury watches need not have the best technology. An Apple watch or a smart watch isn’t a luxury watch too. Only timeless watches are luxury watches. Mechanical watches comprise of both manual and automatic watches. Rolex was the first that produced an automatic watch. Watch dealers order many from the manufacturer, but they keep it for many years so as to increase the perceived value. In the grey market, there are more interesting watch models available. Try to only buy from an official dealer. Rolex watches costs more because of R&D it performs on its watches. A lot of the watch-making process is performed in-house. Be wary of replica or fake watches. It is illegal to sell replica watches. Please do not buy one in the first place. Rolex tracks their serial numbers in a database, so you will know whether your watch is real or not.

A mechanical watch is a piece of art and engineering. It is a living thing, it ticks like your heart beats, only 28,000 times every hour. It never stands still, like your heart. It’s a piece of art, technology, a living thing – not a boring, battery driven computer chip. – Leonard Lowe

The top brands are Patek Phillippe, Audemars Piquet, Vacheron Constantin. These usually command at least 20k per piece. AP shocked the world with their stainless steel RoyalOak line. Some of the other brands are A. Lange, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breguet, Rolex, Omega, Breitling, IWC, Hublot, Panerai. Rolex makes very durable watches that will last. Breitling focuses on pilot’s chronographs. IWC has a range of military watches. Panerai represents Italian design. Tag Heuer, Longines, Ball, Chopard use ETA movements. However, they do not fully manufacture the movements in-house. You should invest in a model that should not lose money over time. The only 2 brands are 1) Rolex; 2) Patek. Rolex watches are robust and can last for generations. Their movements are highly reliable. PP is known for their refined quality. It is really beautiful and looks perfect. To be safe, you should only invest in the 2 watches.

There are only very few cool watches. Watches are meant to be perfect. The watch must feel comfortable on your wrist. The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic watches around. However, it loses that interesting appeal due to the masses who own them. The Rolex Deep-Sea Dweller should be even more appealing than the Submariner. It has a black dial, black bezel, steel case etc. It is very rugged indeed. The movement is one of the best ever made. The watch works best at body temperature. The second place goes to the Panerai Luminor PAM00112. It is the most elegant and has sharp features and a clean design. The Omega Seamaster professional is also an iconic watch. It costs at least 2K on the market now. The PP Nautilus costs at least 30k but it has a perfect design. The PP Calatrava is also one of the best dress watches out there. The Rolex Daytona in steel is highly sought after. Try to get one with the white dial and the steel bezel. The AP Royal Oak is also impressive. The Hublot Big Bang is an iconic watch. It is a fun watch and looks great in rose gold. Hublot might be the Rolex of the 21st century. Hublot experiments with a lot of exotic materials. Get the GMT Master 2 with the Pepsi bezel. The AP’s RoyalOak is also an iconic watch in stainless steel. Consider getting the Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38. The JLC Master Compressor Deep Sea Chronograph is a watch that even the Navy Seals use. It is a very serious dive watch. The A. Lange’s Zeitwork costs $75k and marries the merits between analog and digital times. Consider getting the IWC Ingenieur Vintage. It is a hybrid between a sports and a dress watch. Do not rely on the pictures and you must wear them to see how they feel on the wrist. There are 4 elements to consider when buying an expensive watch: 1) not too expensive; 2) a model that will not lose its value; 3) a versatile model; 4) a real beauty. Omega is quite pricey at the moment, as they are planning to compete with Rolex. Some chronographs are thicker than normal mechanical watches without complications. If a ball keeps releasing new models, chances are that the value will not hold for long.

Luxury is, when you own something that you don’t really need, but fancy. Luxury is not to have to, but could. Luxury is connecting yourself to perfection. And these watches represent perfection in their field. – Leonard Lowe

You might consider watches like Eterna 1948 or the Rolex Datejust II. Instead of the Rolex Daytona, you can get the Omega Speedmaster. Eterna is the one that produces the ETA movements. The Eterna watches are well-made and their 1948 model costs only $2,000. The Rolex Explorer for males is 39mm. The Datejust and Daydate are similar to the Oyster Perpetual models and might have a date or weekday display. Consider buying a Datejust II. The Omega Speedmaster Professional is famous because it is known as a moon-watch. It is beautiful and you can get one for about $4,000. Do also consider getting the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. Also, another option is the Breitling Superocean 44.

A replica is not a luxury watch. It isn’t nice to wear a fake watch. Are there perfect imitations around? No, there will always be shortcomings in the manufacturing process. Buying a fake watch is not legal.

However the thing you need to understand most of all is: a fake watch is a watch without value. You cannot resell it, because it is an illegal product. Once you give your money away for it, this money is gone forever. – Leonard Lowe



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