Watches International by Jon Stewart

The Complete Guide to Wrist Watches, Watches International, Casio Watches and More

Why Shop for a Brand Name Watch? Watches help to reflect our personality. They also add class on a formal occasion. There are a huge selection of watches available. From a brand name watch, you will receive a quality timepiece which is durable. A branded watch also offers a unique style. The watch is your most important accessory you wear every day. Brands which are renowned have provided constant quality over time. There are different target segments for brands.

Dependability can be found in a Breitling Watch. Breitling watches are Swiss-made. John Travolta and Jerry Seinfeld have been known to wear their watches. Chronometers are used in Breitling watches. In 1915, the first wristwatch was made by the company. They are known for their dials which resemble aviation instruments. The Navitimer can measure short periods of time and plane climbing times.

Cartier Watches are Expensive Classy and Fashionable. They are often flashy watches with diamonds and gold. The Cartier Tank Francaise Women’s Two Toned Steel/18K watch is a case in point. The quartz movement watches go from $4,000 onwards. The mechanical watches can even reach $13,000 onwards. Their men’s watches are also impressive.

Looking for a Unique Watch? Purchase a Casio Watch. Casio watches tend to be technologically advanced and stylish. The company was founded in 1946 and also produces other things like musical instruments, calculators, cameras etc. The Baby G range is for women and often are in pastel-colours. The G-shock is designed for those who like extreme sports. There are also dress watches like analogue ones. They all use quartz movements. There are also databank watches. Their watches are also cheap.

The Technology-Ecology Friendly Citizen Watch. Citizen was first founded in 1918. The brand is associated with quality and modern technology. Their Eco-Drive Citizen Watches are an example of excellence. These watches do not have a battery. They also offer a life-time warranty. Once the watch is fully charged, it can operate in darkness for over 6 months. Some of the watches are powered by kinetic energy.

A Diamond Watch Does More than Just Tell Time. Watches are seen as pieces of jewellery. Some of them can be handed down to the next generation. Try to buy from a brand that sells watches only and not a brand that sells jewellery primarily but expanded into watches. Look at the grade of the diamonds. Insist on good graded diamonds. Chopard is a good brand. Men’s diamond watches are more subtle. Major watch brands all contain a diamond collection.

The Many Reasons to Invest in a Diesel Watch. Diesel is an Italian company founded in 1978. They are also known to produce jeans, sportswear, casual clothing etc. Diesel watches have character. There are also diving watches and watches for children.

Expect a DKNY Watch to Deliver on Style. It stands for Donna Karan New York. Their watches are modern. There are both sophisticated and casual watches. As they are cheap, you can afford a variety of watches from DKNY. Change your watch as often as you can.

Looking for a Watch? Consider a Fossil Watch. Fossil is a US company based in Texas. They also manufacture clothing, wallets, jewellery. A metal watch is the Oversized Black IP Glitz. It has Glitz framing the sides. The women’s watches are diverse and one of them feature a mother of pearl dial. Some of them have Swarovski crystals as well. Many of them can be found in department stores.

What to Look for in a Freestyle Watch. Watches are made of different materials and have different types of straps. A freestyle watch is one where it will fit most of your needs. Ask yourself what are your typical activities. Look for one that can match your style. There are no limits to the varieties of freestyle watches. Learn to research online.

The Many Uses of a Gold Watch. A gold watch will hold its value. It can be a family heirloom. It can be purchased for anniversaries etc. There are different types of coating: gold plating, gold electroplating or solid gold. Solid gold never wears off. Most watches are in 14K or 18K gold, where 18K is more expensive. The certificates should reflect the quality of the gold.

Guess Watch: From Denims to Wristwatches. These are classy watches. It is usually paired well with jeans. The watch comes with a 10 year warranty. They have male chronographs. The ladies watches with diamond hand marks can go for less than $100. There are also models with leather straps.

Jewellery and Watch Repair is a Good Profession. This profession requires steady hands and eyesight. A slight mistake can lead to poor products. There are many schools which teach such a craft. There are ‘while-you-wait’ repairs, meaning that the craftsman will have to repair your watch on the spot. You can also attend remote courses.

How popular is the Jewellery Watch Today? It usually commands a high price. Some of them have several precious stones. There are also silver and platinum watches. Budget jewellery watches can cost within $500 to $2000. The watch will make you feel good about yourself. It helps to complement your sophisticated image.

Choose a Luminox Watch for Precision and Quality. Luminox means ‘light night’. They have produced watches for the US Navy Seals. That dive watch was launched in 1994. They have also partnered with Lockheed to create a watch for the stealth pilots. They are very reliable watches and keep time accurately.

Caring for your Luxury Watch. Luxury watches are designed to last for a long time. Some watches even allow for engraving and personalisation. Salt water can corrode the watch’s exterior. Remember to take your watch off before entering salt water. Do not expose your watch to extreme hot/cold. If you are an athlete, do not wear your watch to exercise. Alternatively, you can buy a shock proof watch. Chemicals can discolour your watch. Do be careful.

The Best Men’s Watches are priced under $100. In olden days, people wore pocket watches and hung them on chains. Look out for sales. Check out watch websites for discounts. It is easier to shop on the web.

A Military Watch Can Survive Rough Treatment. Military watches are known to be durable. The watches need to be camouflaged and have good lume. A good depth and water resistance is important. Some of them use tritium tubes or carbon fibre. Some watches have altimeters, barometers. Aluminium and carbon fibre is light.

Nike – Sports Watch with Personality. Some of the sports watches have colours which are too loud. Some of Nike’s watches are elegant and have high functionality. They are rugged and can take abuse. Some of them have alarms and hourly chimes. Nike is a good brand for a highly versatile watch.

The Nixon Watch is the Sports Watch with the ‘Wow’ factor. Nixon watches are great for athletes as they are multi-purpose. They are also elegant and can appeal to the young. Some watches look fashionable as well. They possess the ‘wow’ factor when wore on the wrist.



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