Alcohol: Things you must know if you are consuming alcohol

Can Alcohol help building muscle and losing weight? There are views that moderate consumption might be helpful. Research has shown that 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks per day can decrease risk of getting diabetes by 36%. With an increased heart rate, your body will burn fat faster. However, do not drink more than 2 at once. It will not be very helpful if you only drink on weekends. However, research only reveals that alcohol induces bad judgement and causes you to feel hungry and to binge eat. It is important to consume it slowly and moderately.

Women are more alcohol-tolerant. The fact is that women are more tolerant of alcohol. Too much alcohol can poison your nerve cells in your brain. Cognitive abilities might be affected if you are not careful. Learn to draw the line and do not drink excessively.

Seven warning signs that you have drunk enough. 1) You really repent your drunkenness. This is very serious. For instance, you regret your actions the next morning and have to send an apology message to others. It is possible to drink 1 glass in the evening but for the whole day, you are thinking about drinking that 1 drink. This might be a sign of alcoholism too. 2) Bad things happen to you and it’s never your fault. Chances are the bad things happened because you drank too much. 3) You had your first drink at the age of 12. If you start drinking too young, it might become part of your genetic component. 4) You drink alone. This might be a sign of alcoholism. 5) You have black holes in your memory. This means you have no recollection over what happened the night before. If you experience any of the above, learn to seek help immediately.

Alcohol causes memory loss. If you drink 2 or 3 on a daily basis, chances are that you will suffer from memory issues in the future. If you are middle-aged, it is important to pay even more attention to your drinking habits. People tend to find people of the opposite sex more attractive when they are drunk as compared to when they are sober. Alcohol allows you to do a lot of things which you won’t normally do. It makes you bolder. However, to attract a girl, it is necessary to use your charm as well.

Alcohol + sex = Bad Combination. Alcohol can make you feel more confident of yourself and that doesn’t lead to much good. However, drinking too much might cause erectile dysfunction. The bloodstream towards your penis decreases and that decreases its arousal. It is not favourable for your nervous system in general.

Alcohol and working out? Alcohol affects digestion and your ability to absorb certain substances decreases. Many alcoholic drinks contain sugar. Hence, do not mix it with energy drinks or consume alcohol when you are on a diet. Drinking excessively can affect your strenuous exercising routine.

Alcohol is a mood killer. When you sober up, you will be ready to go again. Exaggerated drinking might leave you feeling helpless and it can be embarrassing indeed.

Alcohol and casual sex. Alcohol is often seen as a sex stimulator. Caffeine and energy drinks play a whole role. Caffeine helps to mask the effects of intoxication. Remember to use a condom if necessary. Stay safe.

What does alcohol do to your organism? Excessive drinking can cause release of intestinal bacteria and harmful toxins. Alcohol content in the blood takes longer to dissipate for women as compared to men. Sometimes, one might experience pain in your arms if you drink excessively. Long term drinking can cause inflammation in your liver.




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