Dating Tips 101

How to Get a Girlfriend (Attract Women and Relationships) by Jordan Grey

This book teaches you concrete steps on how to get a girlfriend. Are you tired of getting rejected by women?

The Dilemma of all Men. Do you feel nervous when approaching a girl? Approaching someone is simple and is not rocket science. Learn to make your dreams come true.

The Science of Attraction. Love at first sight makes sense. People with symmetrical facial features are very attractive. We are also attracted to another person by their smell. Our body produces pheromones when we are attracted to someone.

How to Attract Women. It is good to look fit and toned. It is also important to dress well and look good and presentable. It is very important to form a great first impression. Always be yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be helpful towards her and everyone else as well. Make more connections with other people and widen your social circle to increase your chances of finding the right one. You can also practise on your dating skills and confidence level. Try your best to be brave and be a gentleman. Keep networking. Girls like to receive compliments. Make her laugh. Humor is an important part of the relationship. Flirt in order to stay out of the friend zone.

If your crush cracks a joke that isn’t funny, don’t laugh at it like a maniac just to make her feel good. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t adapt to certain things that might help you advance a relationship. Just don’t change who you are on a fundamental level. – Jordan Grey

You must maintain your own space and time. Whatever you’re conversing with your crush, let her know that you have a schedule as well, that you have classes to attend and hobbies to pursue. She will learn to respect your time and you as a person as well. – Jordan Grey

Approach her in a way that doesn’t radiate obsession. In other words, don’t tighten up. Instead, your presence must make her feel comfortable. Having said that, being slightly assertive does help. You are not there to make a friend who just happens to be female but a girlfriend. It’s a tight rope to walk on but you must strike a balance between being nonchalant about your feelings towards her and hinting that you want to be more than friends. – Jordan Grey

Landing a girlfriend isn’t a chore…Of course, rejection can be a total downer but just a video game, you get to try again and again. So, don’t forget to have fun when you’re out socializing with women with whom you feel a connection with. – Jordan Grey

Once you’ve established to your crush that you are definitely interested in her, flirt with her. Let her know that you’re romantically interested in her. Touch her back when guiding her through a crowd. Give her special attention. Let her friends know that you are deeply in love with her. All of these things are very much assertive and that’s the point. – Jordan Grey

Not every girl will be attracted to you just as you are not attracted to every girl. Therefore, it is normal for a girl to reject your advances if she is just not into you. It may be for various reasons: your looks, social status, way of thinking etc. But that does not mean you should stop trying. There will always be someone who thinks in the same wavelength as you and you have to believe that. – Jordan Grey

Keeping her hooked to you. Be the one who ends the conversation. Let her know you have a life outside. The guy must decide what to do and where. Do not text her and ask for a date. Do not keep talking about yourself when on the date. Talk about her passions and what are her visions for the future. Understand her likes, desires, wants and future. Make your second date even more special. Go with the flow. There are different ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. However, do not ask over Facebook or SMS.

Call her and set the date. Be assertive. A man with a plan is an attractive man. If she would rather go to another restaurant, have plan B at the ready. This proves to her that you have genuine interest in her and that you plan two steps ahead just in case things don’t work out. – Jordan Grey

Your heart will yearn to talk to her right away after the date ended but you must refrain from doing so. Don’t call or text her right away. Wait a day or two if you can. The main objective of doing this is not to look desperate. Playing a little hard to get will ultimately be beneficial for you. – Jordan Grey

Go on more with dates with her if she’s willing. They will serve as opportunities for you to get to know her better. There is much about a person that stays hidden under the surface. Coaxing them out is a matter of time and patience. And that is the crux of any relationship. – Jordan Grey

Understanding Women’s Body Language. Look out for a smile. If she tilts her head downwards and smiles, she is attracted to you. If she fixes her hair in front of you, she is keen. If she twirls her hair and looks at pretty boys, she is interested in you. If she holds your hand or makes accidental physical contact with you, she is interested. If she sits close to you, it’s a good sign. Usually, a tilt of the head downwards is not a good indication. A girl who mirrors your body postures and gestures probably likes you. If she speaks a little louder and sounds animated, it probably means that she likes the topic of conversation.

Crossed arms are a bad sign, so are hand rubbing or clenched fists\Just noticed a pretty girl checking you out while walking down the street. Look back once you’ve passed her. If she turns around to get a better look at you, she has definite interest in you. – Jordan Grey

How to get a girlfriend – a culmination of all that you’ve learned so far. Do research on her prior to the date if possible. What are her hobbies or interests? Her friends might be able to help you. Approach her with a smile. It is important to be confident and determined. Do not exhibit shyness. Learn to groom yourself and look good. Is she twirling her hair or are her pupils dilating? Be the one who ends the conversation. Keep talking to her even after the date. Keep the date light and happy. There are no rules for the second date. Move in for the kiss if you observe correct body language. Be patient and let the relationship grow. Do note that all relationships are not perfect.

How to get your ex back. Accept that you have done wrong in the past. Recall what she liked about you in the past and try to be that same guy again. Give your ex 2 weeks to breathe. Try to detect the tone used. If she picks up, observe her tone. Hesitation could indicate that things could stick work out. Patience is the key.

Try to remember what it was about yourself that she fell in love with. If you can rekindle the old you inside yourself, she might just reciprocate. – Jordan Grey



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