Dating Tips 103

Why am I single? How to find the love of your life by Bill McDowell

This book contains proven strategies. Learn to look deep at the problem. There are 11 chapters to this book. There are just so many reasons why people are still single. Singles are becoming increasingly common in this modern age.

You have high standards. You can set criteria but the thing about love is that you may just fall in love with someone completely opposite from your set criteria. If you are waiting for Brad Pitt to come, chances are that he will not. The issue is when you have an actual list of standards. Sometimes, you might break up with someone over a little squabble. This is very unfortunate indeed. You might feel too superior to go out with the person. Real people are not actors and actresses. Your friends are telling you that you are too picky. It is one thing to have good self-esteem but another to have high standards in women. In this case, it is necessary to adjust your requirements. Talk to people and actually make a genuine effort to know them.

Being single is a defense mechanism. Some of them might have poor past relationships and do not want to try for a new one anymore. Your past might hold you back from wanting to be in a relationship. However, there is a need to let go of your past. Go for a long holiday and let go of the past so that it will not haunt you anymore.

Low self-esteem. Some people stay away because they do not want to be hurt. Always try again. This often indicates a lack of confidence in relationships. You always blame the other party for the relationship’s failings. You crave for attention and do things to test whether he likes you. Some people are guarded and do not want to share things about themselves. There is a chance you might become overly obsessed with the person. You look for someone who is financially wealthy. You might look for necessary insecurities which might not be even present at all. Intimacy scares you. You should learn to stop pretending to be someone you’re not. Understand that it is okay to make mistakes. Learn to help others who are in need. Trust that you have made the right choice. Learn to be responsible for your actions.

If you choose to be with a person, do not be half-hearted about it. If you decide to do something, immerse your whole self into it. Do not stop until you achieve something. If you decide to love someone, give him or her your all. Do not worry about what could happen or if you are meant to be. – Bill McDowell

Arrogance. Extremely high confidence leads to arrogance. You may start to contact your partner without giving her eye contact. Arrogant people feel that it is okay to be late. You feel like you know it all. You blame your partner for everything. You start being condescending towards others and put them down. Be sincere and compliment and exercise empathy towards your partner for the relationship to work. Ask them whether they are okay and tell them it is okay to share their problems with you. Admit your wrongs and understand that fighting might not be necessary all the time.

It is all about financial security. Some men like to spend on themselves. As a result, they like to remain single. Ambition is good. Do not worship money. Do not feel like your partner is a threat if she earns more than you. You don’t have to choose between money and a lover. Chances are that you do not know how to spend wisely.

You are a gold digger magnet. Some guys are gold diggers. Learn to stay away from them. Gold diggers tend to hang out amongst other gold diggers. They like to ask a lot of questions on your financial background. If the girl refuses to pay for dates, chances are that she is a gold digger. She often receives favours due to her skimpy dress sense. They use other people as stepping stones. Do not use your status to attract women. The ideal case is to find someone who will love you despite your economic status.

You are obsessed with the wrong person. Learn to move on if this is the case. Do not simply obsess over one person. Humans are never easily contented creatures. We are hardwired to love what we cannot have. When you wake up, tell yourself that you can overcome these obsessive behaviours. Learn to divert your energies into other hobbies and make yourself become a better person. It is okay to ask for help. Pamper yourself by going to the movies and giving yourself a treat.

Past Abusive Relationship. There are different types of abuse. One of it is physical abuse. The other is emotional abuse. There are also verbal, economic and mental abuse cases. People who have suffered before then to close up and be reclusive in nature. This can be very dangerous indeed. The solution is to seek comfort in your friends and loved ones. Learn to care for yourself and pamper yourself. Do things that make you happy in order to recover. Look out for warning signs of abuse and be careful who you choose in future.

Wrong Location. Are you in the wrong city? Online dating is convenient and it is bringing people together. Be honest in your online dating profile. Don’t reveal everything online. Learn to be patient and do not send aggressive messages. Know when to stop and do not harass the other person. Learn to take the relationship offline. Embark on an adventure and sweep them off your feet.

You are not trying hard enough. Try to lure the potential partners in. Always say yes to chances where you can meet new people. Hang out at trendy places. Do not flirt unnecessarily. It is better to be friendly rather than flirty. Be mysterious and let the girl invest in you.

Take care of yourself and put some effort into looking good. Even if it is a regular day at the office or the gym, make sure that you look your best and you always smile because you never know when you are going to run into your soul mate. – Bill McDowell



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