Dating Tips 104

Fifteen Easy Ways to Approach Women, Be Confident and Find Love by Michael Mayweather

Dating Advice. Approaching women can be tough. Men sabotage themselves when they have a fear of rejection. Sometimes, you may forget what to say etc. Some men have limiting beliefs, such as believing the girl is too attractive for you. You have to let go of these beliefs. Women like confident and charming men. Certain tactics work better for certain situations.

Coffee Shops. This is not the ideal place to pick up women. There may be people studying. Sit down beside a cute girl when you see one. You could ask her anything, like what is she working on etc. Start off the conversation in a light hearted manner. Later, you can find out more about her likes/hobbies etc. Flirt and then get her number at the end of it all.

Bars. Your guy friends group can approach a group of girls. Try to listen in and laugh when they cracked a funny joke. Try to get close to their group first. Ask the girl you like for an opinion on something. Use your friends to distract the other girls who you are not interested in. Try to isolate her from the group after you first made contact with her.

Clubs. The noise is too loud. Therefore, you need to rely on body language and physical presence. To get her attention, offer to buy her a drink. Tell a joke or tease her at the bar area. Later, offer to dance with her. At the dance floor, you must be a great dancer if you want to pick up women. Emanate confidence and pull the women to dance with you. Try a dance-off if you are good. When the opportunity arises, pull her away from the group.

House Parties. You can play games with girls and guys. These will make the girls more attracted to you. If there is a quiet area, start talking to her and ask her who she knows.

Events. Talk to the girl about the event in general and why you are attending such an event. Don’t let the opportunity pass you. The good thing about events is that you already have something in common with her. Therefore, one should not let the opportunity slip.

Concerts. Try to approach her in between songs. Dance with her when the music starts again. Tell her how much you like the band. Get hyped up when you approach her in between band sets. Later, suggest to her that you want to appreciate the music together with her.

The Dog Park. Women can’t resist if you are walking a cute dog. The dog is your greatest wingman. Draw the girl in and get her to play with your dog too. Alternatively, you can play with her dog too.

The Beach. This is challenging as there might be hot guys as competition. Approach 1 on 1. Look at her face and not her body as much as possible. Do not make your intentions clear. Invite them to play ball with you in the water.

At Work. Rely on your charm. Complement her and make a joke about someone else. Tell her that she is cool and then ask for her number.

The Street. This is one of the toughest ways to approach someone. Think fast and be witty. Comment about what she is wearing or carrying. Compliment her dress/attire. Probe deeper to find out more about her. The other tactic is to tell her that you only asked her because you wanted to talk to her and wanted to get to know her more.

Public Transport. It is difficult as the train might be crowded. You must not worry about what others might think. Just talk to her about anything. Tell her how cramped the train is. Ask her about her work. Make her feel comfortable and you must be friendly. Do not start with flirting as things might get awkward.

The Grocery Store. Ask the girl for a recommendation for a product. Be creative and simple. You can also recommend a recipe for her. Keep the conversation flowing at the check-out. The key is to ask for her number after the checkout.

The Gym. Girls don’t like to be hit on when they are exercising. Flash the girl a genuine smile. If she smiles back, it is a sign that you can chat with her. Ask her how her routine is going .You can leave her alone next time, but this gives you the window to continue talking to her in future. Talking after is preferred.

Fitness classes (like yoga, pilates) are actually a great workout alternative which I’d recommend to anyone anyway, but as a bonus they’re typically dominated by women. If you spot a cute girl in a class you’re taking, you can chat to her either before or after class – never during. – Michael Mayweather

Girls in Groups. The trick is never to express interest in the girl you want right at the start. You must disarm the dominant alphas. Tease the group and talk to the men first. Disengage them so that they won’t think you are ‘creepy’. Ask about her friends. Finally, close by moving her to a quieter spot.

Using a Wingman. Flirt openly with her. Use a wingman to help you to distract the other girls.



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