Sleep like an Angel – Sleep Secrets by Scott Sterling

No More Sleep Deprivation, Fatigue and Insomnia

The Basics. This book will describe many characteristics of sleep and why it is important to you. It will also show how you can adjust your lifestyle to achieve better sleep. There are too many distractions in modern life and it is common to suffer from sleep problems. Your quality of life has a huge impact on your mood, energy, ability etc. Humans cannot do without sleep. A lack of sleep will cause you to feel drowsy. Sleep should feel natural to all of us. Our brain can be active when asleep, especially when we are experiencing dreams. Our physical muscles get affected due to lack of recovery time. Our body temperature falls when we sleep and thus it is important to keep warm.

Type of Sleep and Sleep Cycles. Our body clock follows a certain circadian rhythm. We are subjected to bright and dark environments during the day/night. It is good to ensure that there are not too many unnatural influences on your body clock. The first phase of sleep is non-REM sleep. The next major stage is a REM phase. This is usually on the stage of wakefulness. Each cycle of non-REM + REM should last about 5 to 6 cycles. A key factor of how much sleep you need is dependent on your age. Newborns need the most sleep. Adults will need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep. For those above 65, they will likely require 7 hours or slightly less. This is the outline of sleep requirements.

Knowing Your Own Sleep Partners. How many of us are aware of our sleep patterns? Most of us do not get enough sleep. You need to be strong willed if you vow to go to bed earlier than usual. Do not sleep normally at night? Or are you affected by shift work and all. It is usually difficult to fall asleep in public transport facilities. Even if you can sleep, it is likely that the sleep is not of good quality. If you bring work home or like to check emails at night, work can follow you home. Try to keep a sleep diary in order to track the sleep that you require. You can use devices to be able to track your sleep patterns. Knowing what is going on will aid your sleep patterns. The movements in your house might affect your sleep patterns/habits. Project in time for exercise so that you can sleep better during the night. Nowadays, hospitals have the modern technology to measure your sleep patterns and habits.

Sleep Disorders and Related Conditions. Insomnia can be caused by stress or anxiety. Physical and mental health conditions also play a part. In addition, drinking excessively also affects sleep quality. Some people have body clock disorders. This means that some people will fall asleep in the day rather than in the night. Snoring excessively can cause sleep apnea. Snoring usually gets worse with ageing. Surgery is an option for serious cases of snoring. Some people suffer from breathing or movement disorders. Alzheimer’s disease does affect sleep. Asthma must be controlled as it can affect sleep. Lung conditions also must be managed too. Depression must be addressed as well. Epilepsy can result in seizures. Other conditions include sleepwalking, sleep talking and bedwetting. Hormonal changes can affect sleep patterns too.

Getting in the Sleep Mindset. Ensure that you should be in the best mentality before you go to bed. We tend not to want to go to bed early as we could spend a bit more time watching tv etc. Blue light or light from your cell-phone will affect your quality of sleep. Try not to use these devices before bedtime. Walking in the park or going for a jog in the evening might enable you to clear your mind. Mental wellbeing is very important. Try and think of other things that can calm you down. For instance, classical music and a warm bath.

Setting Up Your Sleep Environment. Sleep is very personal. Temperature of your bedroom is fundamental in nature. A bedroom that is too warm will affect your sleep quality. Use a fan or air-conditioning. The mattress material and comfort level is of paramount importance. In addition, so is the use of pillows and clothing. Your clothing should be one where it can breathe freely. A pillow must have a strong support function. Artificial lighting is a no-no. Use thick curtains if necessary. Noise can keep you awake too. A level of constant noise from the air-con might not be necessarily a bad thing. Consuming high protein food late in the evening is not advisable.

Exercise and Sleeping Aids. As for your mental state, it is neither good to under or over-stimulate the mind throughout the day. Over-stimulating might lead you feeling stressed. Under-stimulating might leave you bored and frustrated. A certain level of physical activity leads to better sleep. This has been proven by research. The overall benefits of exercise are clear and should not be under-estimated. Sleeping pills should only be used in the short-term. Consult your doctor before trying any radical solutions. Natural remedies like lavender, valerian may work too.



Dating Tips 107

The Secret to Having Confidence, Being a Man, and Getting Women

Medium Size Dicks Get Chicks by Patrick Withrow

You will learn the blueprint to have success in your life and relationships. Relationships are important as they will help us drive our lives and give it direction. . We want to be more attractive to others. Develop successful habits which are allow you to land girls. Learn to feel confident etc. Dive in the book and change your outlook on life forever. Learn to kick ass.

Find Your Purpose. What do you want to be remembered for? Live your life like a movie. There is no need to aim for an end goal. However, it is important to keep working towards a goal and challenge yourself. This will make you appear attractive to the ladies. You must communicate your journey that you are embarking on. Try to make it seem that you have noble goals and are making the world a better place. It will show that you don’t need a woman to find happiness. The trick is not to seem needy. ‘Are you showing girls that you need their attention or are you on a purpose when you are around the females that you aren’t attracted to?’ The trick is to work hard on your purpose. Even if you are fat, but if you show that you go to the gym, people will start to respect you. If you love life, you will be able to attract the right people in your life. Write down your goals and push all the way. The difficult games and challenges are the ones you should strive for. Your purpose should be specific in nature and it should be documented. It must be measurable. It is okay to listen to others. These people must be congruent to your purpose.

The easiest things you can do are being nice to people, being confident in yourself, staying motivated and disciplined towards your goals, smiling, and being so happy and grateful that you are even fucking alive! – Patrick Withrow

Find Your Environment. Jot down the names of the people you surround yourself with. Learn to defeat your fears. The author loves stand-up comedy and it is something that he feels everyone should try. I realized that I wasn’t spending enough time with others and building on relationships. There needs to be a balance. Be completely present and listen to the girl. Girls want a warrior in their lives. Eventually, I realized creating online businesses saved the most time. I took a degree and wanted to pursue my dream. There is always a sense of ‘incompletion’ in your life. Give 5 things to work on this year. Only focus on 5 aspects of your life. Write your goals and dreams down. Money is always not enough. Learn to think about your mortality. Think about the dreams you had when you were young. Life is short and you need to be present every day and pay attention to every details.

The Hero in You. This chapter is about conquering your fears. It is okay to have fears. Facing your fears is one way to allow us to grow. The more you experience, the better you will be. How many hours are you dedicating to your dream? Exercising early in the morning (5am) will set off your day on the right footing. Tackle difficult tasks from 6 to 8am every day. Accomplishing a difficult task early in the day gives you a boost of confidence. You definitely do not want to be trapped in a cycle of tiredness and lethargy. Many people fail to appreciate how short like is and how precious life can be. You can be anything you want. If you start believing in yourself, you will realize that things are different.

Get Your Sensei’s. Surround yourself with people like coaches and mentors. They will be able to help you. The stronger your identity will be if you are able to get help from others. Always read more and have the thirst for more information. Enjoy the process so that you can be a better person. Never be afraid of rejection. Sometimes, the girl could be going through an emotional phase. You need to be consistent in what you are good at. Learn to create the right mindset. Look deep down to learn about yourself. Make your personality so appealing that others will like you instantly. Be positive in every aspect of your life. There will always be haters, but you should not bother about them. You should not bother trying to control and change people. The only one you can change is yourself. Go to the places where you can maximize the chance of meeting girls you like. If you are drunk, girls will avoid you. Therefore, it is smarter to go sober. Do what your heart wants you to do. Make strong habits and enjoy life. Focus and be great now. Wake up early and be focused and do the difficult things. Exercising in the morning increases serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. Just wake up early. It takes a full 66 days to make it a habit.

Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Pave your own path and rule your life because when you do that chicks will want to know more about you. They will want to be by your side because they will feel secure in your presence. – Patrick Withrow

Quit the Bad Habits. Do not be rude when eating. Do not pick up smoking, drinking and all that. The 7 habits to avoid are 1) cigarettes; 2) chewing tobacco; 3) poor hygiene; 4) poor listening skills; 5) biting your nails; 6) eating sugary, unhealthy and fatty foods; 7) unmotivated.

Online dating and the art of body language. If you want to play the online game, spend some money as it guarantees that the girl will be more serious. However, the author feels that there are many girls on it who have just undergone break-ups. The best way is to present and understand life as it is now. Stop being addicted to your phone. It helps to detach yourself from technology and be more involved in the environment instead. Read more books which can help you to grow. Females love intellectual guys. Take note of the following bad body languages: 1) arms crossed; 2) feet pointed away from you; 3) rubbing her arm; 4) pinching the bottom of her ear; 5) poor eye contact. Some great cues to look out for are: 1) bambi eyes; 2) playing with hair; 3) they touch you; 4) if she smiles. Mirror her body language to have a better chance of connecting with her. Even if you are not confident, act that you are. You need to be cautious of online dating as there might be weird people on the site. Please be wary.

There are billions of females in the world, you are going to get rejected, but it’s a numbers game. The more opportunities a person gives himself the more potential success a man will have. – Patrick Withrow

Fear is a Portal into Your Best Life. Practise meeting women on a daily basis. Never rush into a relationship or you will regret it. Try to go after the good looking girls first. Continue to progress and meet new girls. Remember your purpose in life. If you do not feel sufficiently attracted to her, then you need to move on.

If you are confident in every aspect of your life, you are going to win so much. If you are confident in your career path, your health, using your time effectively, living your life to the fullest, she will be so attracted to you. – Patrick Withrow


Panel Discussion: Why Study Literature?

Why Study Literature? (15 March 2016)

This panel members comprised of Philip Holden, Loh Guan Liang, Tan Tarn How and Tan Chee Lay. The topic of discussion was ‘Why Study Literature?’ The hard truths are that there are less Singaporeans reading literature nowadays despite them believing that there are benefits associated it. Refer to this article on the StraitsTimes. The essential question to ask is ourselves is ‘Can literature even be taught and studied’? Does the Singapore education system support creative ways in teaching literature when there is heavy emphasis on grades? Can the two co-exist?

The current form of assessment in literature requires students to sit for exams and regurgitate facts. This might not be the way to get students interested in the subject. This is because studying for exams often requires memorizing and rote learning. Hence, students might be passive in their learning and not appreciate a sensitive reading of the text. The aim of a literature education is for students to be able to apply what they have learnt. This could be done via the introduction of creative writing in schools. Currently, the required readings in schools, like Shakespeare, might seem too advanced for certain segments of students. As a result, for those who do not have a strong English language proficiency, they might lose interest in literature altogether. This is certainly not ideal. Elements of English literature could be incorporated in the English language syllabus. In lower Secondary, literature should be taught in a fun way so as to pique student’s interest in literature. At this level, a portfolio-based assessment could be introduced. In upper Secondary, some form of examination is inevitable and students should be prepared for some level of rigour in assessment.

Literature is great because it teaches you that accuracy does not equate to the truth all the time. Reading is proven to improve grades in students. In addition, it is the great equalizer and a child from a not well-to-do family who reads widely might be able to break free from poverty via the knowledge attained from reading. In general, literature helps formulate better citizens and make them more tolerant and aware of conflicts that arise in the world. Literature opens your mind to different values, ideas and concepts out there. The beauty of reading fiction is that it enables one to live other people’s lives and see things from other people’s point of view. Asking why people like literature is akin to asking why do people sing, write, dance etc? Such a question is essentially asking something more fundamental: why is there is need for arts? Why are the art important? Singaporeans are known to lead materially comfortable lives but have not attained the level of human flourishing in order first-world cities. Most of us lead mundane drone-like lives, living from day-to-day. Do visit Tarn How’s blog on human flourishing here. Basically, people who like literature are covet rebels. They value self-expression and protest against the certain conflicts that exist in the world. They believe in the value of individuality and do not like to be told what to do. Chinese literature used to be huge in the 1920s, 1930s. However, it has taken a back seat in recent years and you can hardly find a Singaporean Chinese writing in the Chinese language. Despite this, the Writers’ association/Singapore Writers’ association are doing good work. Some of the community centres have also worked hard to compile Chinese short stories/poems written by Singapore Chinese into books.

How do you improve the situation? It would certainly be beneficial for people who like English literature to attend Chinese literature-related events and expose themselves to different cultures. Literature should transcend languages and should be viewed as one. To address the lack of readers/writers, the government could do more in the areas of funding translations works from other languages to English and vice versa. Books in the libraries could be arranged by themes instead of by different languages (current practice). This novel approach might encourage more people to read books in other languages. Views towards works that contain smatterings of Singlish could be viewed more favourably in future. It might even be feasible to introduce such works as literature text for students. The bifurcation of the study of the English language with English literature is a trans-national issue and other countries also battle this problem.


Review of the Tudor Pelagos 25600TB (Blue dial)

Do visit NUS Horology Club’s site here for excellent information on horology in general and also new watch releases.

I purchased this watch on Friday, 11 March 2016. I surprised myself actually, given how I just purchased the JeanRichard Aeroscope Arsenal F.C. limited edition (only 250 pieces worldwide) 2 months ago. Think I really need to cut back on my watch spending. Sigh, it’s so difficult to resist the watch bug. The new Tudor Pelagos (42mm case and is 14.1mm high), released in BaselWorld 2015, really caught my eye and I have been following reviews/ video reviews on Ablogtowatch (link) and Hodinkee (link).

The Tudor Black Bay and Pelagos all draw inspiration from the vintage Tudor Submariners from the 1970s. They are modern interpretations of vintage models. I simply love the snowflake hands and diamond hour markers that is reminiscent of the past. It’s just like how Rolex submariners are known for their Mercedes hour hand. Tudor certainly has a rich heritage and is Rolex’s sister brand. In terms of quality and finish, Tudor has access to Rolex’s watch-making innovations and their technical mastery is second to none. Tudor is also a younger brand and appeals to the younger crowd. Most importantly for people with budget constraints, their price range is more accessible than Rolex.

The main reason why I found it so attractive was the technical components that came with the watch. My reasons are listed below:

The Tudor Pelagos comes in a full titanium case and bracelet and is much lighter than the Seiko Sumo SBDC001 I own (it had a stainless steel case and bracelet). It is 60% of the weight of a Sumo. Weight is an important factor as I didn’t want the watch to weigh my arm now and feel uncomfortable. The titanium is also well-brushed and has a beautiful matt finishing.


The watch doesn’t draw attraction from others, which I like. Unlike the Rolex submariner which has a polished bezel, the Pelagos has a matt ceramic bezel. Ceramic bezels are scratch-resistant and do not develop patina over time. Hence, the Pelagos can certainly last a long time. I like how discreet the Pelagos is.


The Tudor Pelagos is an unabashed tool watch which you can wear daily without having to worry about it one bit. Back in the day, people wore dive watches and not dive computers and the Tudor certainly serves that function. It does what it does best, which is to be reliable and a tool which you can bang around.


Tudor used its first in-house movement in the Pelagos, the MT5612. The same movement can also be found in the Tudor North Flag, also released in BaselWorld 2015. It is great to see Tudor moving in-house and developing their own movements. That will certainly enhance their brand value in the near future. In addition, the MT5612 movement has an outstanding 70 hour power reserve, even more than the calibre 3135 on the current Rolex submariners. An ETA movement is good (found in the 2013 Pelagos model) but an in-house movement brings the watch a notch up.

The blue dial on the Pelagos 25600TB is highly attractive. The watch is also available on the black dial, but I prefer blue as it is more playful. It is generally difficult to get the hue of blue right but Tudor has aced it. Although it is not a sunburst dial and doesn’t have varied contrast under sunlight, the blue shade still looks different under natural/artificial lighting. This certainly provides texture and makes the watch feel ‘alive’.


The Pelagos has an amazing 500 meters water resistance, which is really an overkill as recreational divers can’t usually dive beyond 40 meters. However, this is a hallmark of luxury, which is to have something you don’t necessarily need but is good to have. It also has a helium escape valve, which allows for helium to escape at deep depths in order to prevent the sapphire crystal from cracking. This is reminiscent of the expensive Rolex divers like the Rolex Sea Dweller.


The Pelagos has an outstanding bracelet with clasp. It has both micro-adjust and a dive suit extension. In addition, the Pelagos also comes with a rubber strap, which makes it even more value-for-money. The micro-adjust is certainly comparable to the glide-lock on the Rolex Oyster bracelet. The clasp shuts well and is extremely comfortable on the wrist. A new feature on the bracelet is that it is spring-loaded, allowing for expansion of your wrist even in warm weather. As it is light, sometimes, you won’t even realize the watch is on you.


The Tudor Pelagos has incredible lume. It’s like nothing I ever seen before. Seiko Lumi-brite is outstanding, but the whole bezel on the Pelagos lights up like a torch. It is an engineering feat to be able to insert Super-Luminova into the tiny crevices of the matt ceramic bezel. It is such a beauty to look at night especially after charging it under sunlight. Not even Rolex has made their bezel light up yet. I look at my Pelagos every night and am still amazed by the lume. Let’s hope that it will stay that way for many years to come.


Overall, the Tudor Pelagos is an outstanding value-for-money tool watch with many technical features. Do consider getting it. It retails in SG for about 6k before discount. You can buy a pre-owned for maybe around 5k at the moment. It’s certainly huge bang-for-buck and you will not regret getting it.



21 Reasons Why You Need a Good Mechanical Watch


  1. Watches are men’s form of jewellery and it is one of the few ways to flaunt your status and personality. Even if you own a flashy car or collectible paintings, you won’t be able to carry them around with you to the office. A quality timepiece can be stealthy and under-stated. However, only those in the know will be impressed with what you are wearing and the mechanics behind your watch.
  2. It can tell the time. Duh. This is after all the most important function of a wristwatch. Although one is able to tell the time via their smartphone, seeing it on your wrist is certainly more convenient and you do not have to whip out something from your pocket. The watch is the true messenger of time.
  3. You can ogle at its magnificent beauty. In a crowded setting like the train, simply whip out your watch and admire its intricacies and engineering beauty. This provides you with a feel-good factor that you can kick-start your day with.
  4. You need to wind your watch daily for it to continue running smoothly. This requires a certain level of discipline and effort, which is similar to brushing your teeth every morning or even feeding a pet. A certain level of discipline and order is necessary in this chaotic world.
  5. Just like a pet, you can take your watch out for a walk. If you have multiple watches, you can rotate and wear them on different days. Sometimes, you might even want to pair certain watches based on your mood that day. This will give your watch more wrist-time and your appreciation for it will grow further.
  6. You will be able to develop an emotional connection with the watch. For instance, the watch has been through together with you, many pivotal moments in your life. Your watch has braved your difficult moments in life and has always been there for you. It has never let you down.
  7. The mechanical watch brings back strong memories and highlights of your past achievements. Looking at it forces you to recall the pleasant moments in life.
  8. You might have purchased it to mark or commemorate something special, like your 30th birthday or the birth of your new-born. Big occasions are meant to be celebrated and you need to reward yourself once in a while. There is no better way to reward yourself than to buy a quality timepiece. Treat yourself.
  9. If you buy a vintage piece, you might be able to chat with the previous owner and understand his motivations behind owning the watch and the story behind the watch. This makes it even more personal. You will be able to understand what the watch has been through before it gets handed down to you. It is like a time capsule of memories. A watch can reconnect you with someone from the previous generation.
  10. Time is a fleeting commodity and you can never get it back once it has passed. Hence, looking at your watch will teach you the value of appreciating time for what it is and also remind yourself to make the most of it while you can. Live life to the fullest.
  11. The mechanical watch differentiates you from others. It is unlikely you will see someone with exactly the same watch you own. Even if you saw met that someone, you can chat with the guy and talk about your common love for a particular brand or model. People who buy certain brand and type of watches certainly share a common bonding.
  12. You will be able to go for watch events like watch releases and appreciate watches that fellow collectors or watch enthusiasts might own. Sharing a common passion with others certainly brings about a huge sense of life satisfaction.
  13. Buying a good mechanical watch also indicates that you believe in the craftsmanship and effort that goes behind creating a mechanical watch. A mechanical watch can rarely be completely machine-assembled and finished. Compared to quartz, a mechanical watch is usually made up of over 100 tiny components painstaking assembled together.
  14. Owing a good watch will elevate your status to an Alpha Male. This is a guy who knows what he wants and is ambitious. He is also willing to work hard to obtain what he deserves. This makes you more attractive to the ladies.
  15. Your confidence levels are immediately boosted once you own a good watch and you are able to swagger in style. This can be also a useful conversation starter with the ladies. You will be able to explain the mechanics of the watch and impress them with your knowledge.
  16. You might feel naked if you walk on the street without your mechanical timepiece. Your watch forms a part of you and if you don’t wear it, it might seem that something essential is missing from your life.
  17. Even though quartz watches are more accurate, you feel that life is not so much about accuracy and that life is not perfect in general. There are ups and downs in life and we must learn to navigate them.
  18. A mechanical watch ticks away and it feels more alive than a quartz watch. In addition, you can measure the accuracy of your mechanical watch and service it once the watch is no longer accurate. Just like humans, repair and body maintenance in the form of exercise etc is important for optimal functioning.
  19. Some mechanical watches glow in the dark (coated with Superluminova or use of tritium tubes). If yours does, it means that you will have developed a keen appreciation of elements of light.
  20. You can rub shoulders with others in the watch game. You can compete to see who the winner is. People playing the watch game will respect you for who you are. This will also motivate you to continue to work hard in your career so that you can afford your next grail watch.
  21. Owning a quality timepiece after saving up painstaking for it gives you a wonderful sense of achievement. Your hard work has all paid dividends. You made it!

A mechanical watch is a piece of art and engineering. It is a living thing, it ticks like your heart beats, only 28,000 times every hour. It never stands still, like your heart. It’s a piece of art, technology, a living thing – not a boring, battery driven computer chip. – Leonard Lowe

Wind up your great-grandfather’s pocket watch, and you’re transported to a time when men wore waistcoats and traveled by train. The passage of time separates us from the men who came before us. A watch reconnects us. – Jason Heaton


Dating Tips 106

Dating – Romantic Relationships, and Finding them in the Modern World by Adam Chorley

We live in a free world where online dating is rampant. However, marriage rates are decreasing and some people feel that relationships are not worth the effort to invest in. Modern people do not have good role models in life to learn from. The book will provide a guide on how you can find the right one and form a romantic relationship with. You can learn from others with poor past relationships. Do not hesitate anymore and commence your dating life.

Finding your Ideal Partner. The relationships that last are those between like-minded people. Research has shown this. Think hard about those people you have loved before. You have to genuinely like the whole person and not just certain parts of the person. You must really look forward to spending time with her. You and your partner should make dating fun and exciting in nature. Spend time with a person because you enjoy doing it. Always ask whether you are attracted to the person or not. Always seek to improve yourself.

People that stay together tend to be of a similar age, have a similar level of education and intelligence, have similar religious or political beliefs, and are in synchronicity about other things. – Adam Chorley

It’s all too common to date or lust after someone just because it’s convenient or because you’re afraid of being lonely. The reality is that you don’t really want to spend time with this person. – Adam Chorley

Rather than being a hunter looking to capture people he finds attractive, you need to be someone that is trying to enjoy and improve themselves while being open to love. – Adam Chorley

Where to Meet a Partner. You need to put yourself out there. If girls could pick guys up, where would you rather be to maximize your chances of being picked up? The place should allow for good and easy conversations. An art class is certainly a possibility. The best way to meet someone is through shared experiences. The trick is to find like-minded people. Venture out of your comfort zone and try new activities.

You can try a site such as to find groups or clubs that meet regularly to talk and mingle. You could also try going to things that will have like-minded people attending such as music, sporting or art events. – Adam Chorley

Making a Connection. This chapter will teach you how to make a connection. If there are no girls at the events you attend, maybe you should stop. However, do not approach the girls immediately during classes as this might seem creepy and all. Try to be friendly at the start. Do not be shy and learn to ask for a girls’ number. You must look attractive and dress well. Sincere confidence is the best trait at your disposal. Hygiene is really important. Hair and clothes are important as well. Clothes should fit snugly so as to make you look attractive. However, do not try to be excessively vain. Be comfortable with who you are. Give your opinions when they are due. There is no need to blindly agree with the girl. Try to ask more questions if you are an introvert. Simply make observational remarks when you see her. There is nothing wrong with expressing your interest in them. Build rapport by spending more time with them. Have lunch with them etc. Be positive during conversations and talk about shared interests. Give eye contact and touch another person to flirt with her. However, test the waters first before touching her. Lean forward and try to sit closer to her if possible. Flirting should be natural once you are attracted to someone. You need to assess the vibe first.

If you can’t see anyone at your chosen event that is appropriate for you, don’t give up just yet. You might meet someone through a like-minded friend found at this event. – Adam Chorley

Be warned that summing up the courage to say hi to someone on the street or in a bar require very different approaches to meeting someone whilst doing an activity. – Adam Chorley

Flirting should not be used as a way of testing whether someone likes you or being used intentionally to try and seduce someone. – Adam Chorley

Getting a Date. There is no right date on when you should go on a date. It is all dependent on how you feel etc. Dating should be hassle free if she already likes you at the start. Dating should not be stressful especially if you have already met her in previous events. If you are confident, you can ask the girl immediately out on a date. Have a plan as to where to go works. You might ask her about her availability. One trick is to ask what are they doing later and if they are free to hang out or not. Asking over online chat works too. Walk and talk dates are good too. A park/gallery should be good. Picnics are possible too. Visit the botanic gardens or something. Your first date should give you time for chit-chat. Keep your first date organic and cheap. Do not ‘bribe’ the girl into liking you.

Don’t worry about rejection… If you do get rejected, avoid putting too much energy into mulling it over or trying to convince them they were wrong. If they aren’t interested, it wouldn’t have worked out long term. – Adam Chorley

Realistically where you go on your date won’t matter too much if you are on a date with a person that you enjoy spending time with. – Adam Chorley

Do be firm with your plans and avoid confusion or the dreaded feeling of not knowing how to kill the rest of the evening. – Adam Chorley

Having a Good Date. Don’t be too judgmental during a first date. Wear nicer clothing during the date. A gift is optional. Do not be late. Try to seek common topics where both of you will enjoy immensely. Spice them up with tough questions to keep them on their toes. Make the effort to be funny. Compliment the girl easy in the relationship. Do not touch excessively. There is no need to end the night with a kiss. Go wild with the girl. Do not treat the date that seriously. It’s just a date. Do not reveal too much about yourself or the negative bits about yourself.

People tend not to enjoy whining or repetition too much. If you talk about work, tell interesting stories or try to be positive. Don’t tell them too many negatives about yourself or why you hate your job. Do talk about your passions and ambitions. – Adam Chorley

If you wish to drink, drink enough to let conversation flow, but avoid getting drunk and doing things you will regret. – Adam Chorley

Making it Long Term. Learn from bad experiences during dates. There is no need to be too clingy after your first date and text immediately. Yet, do not text after 2 days or so. That is really not advisable. You have to judge whether she had fun during the date. The more time you spend with each other, the luckier you will get.

A good tactic is to make sure you have talked about things you are interested in doing during the date to make a follow-up message easy: if you talked about a film you are both interested in seeing then go see it. – Adam Chorley


Dating Tips 105

The 10 Laws of Alpha Male (How to Become Alpha Male and Attract Women) by Jason Travis

This book will teach you what it takes to be an alpha male. This book will highlight the concept of alpha male. If you aren’t in control of your life and you tend to follow others, chances are you are beta. Beta and omega men aren’t attractive to girls. An alpha man is assured and leads and will take control of the situation. He does not ask people for permission to do things. He calls the shots. He doesn’t hesitate and takes action immediately. He is the guy who everyone else looks up to. You must become the alpha male.

Purpose of Life. They know what they want and lead fulfilled lives. All that matters is that you have a purpose and are driven towards it. Take steps towards it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of a guy who took up bodybuilding when he was very young. There are 3 steps you can take to move in this direction. Step 1: Work Out What You Want to Do. Look at your life and see what motivates you. You must dream big. Step 2: Write Down your Purpose. That thing will become real once it’s written down. Step 3: Move Forward Every Single Day. You will reach your goal if you keep moving forward towards it one step at a time. Keep working at your goal. People will be able to tell that you have a goal and it will have a huge impact of how others perceive you.

Confidence. Don’t let insecurities get in your way. They harness nervous energy and use it to their advantage. The alpha male doesn’t care what others think and he simply walks over to talk to a girl he likes. He doesn’t care about what others think of him. You must think that she is beautiful and that you must get to know her. Alpha males do not let emotions control them. Harness the negative energy to your advantage.

Masculine Energy and Presence. Women find it attractive. This is defined by being assertive and using of logic/analytical thinking. They like men who take control of the situation. Alpha males feel good from the inside and do not need any external validation from others. Masculinity should come natural to men. If you let situations control you, women will not find that to be attractive.

Alpha Communication Skills. The key is to use a deep and manly voice. Also, slow down your rate of speaking. Steer the conversation in the right direction if you have to. Inject humour into the conversation. Also, you can laugh at yourself so as to make others feel better and more comfortable. Give genuine compliments. Give eye contact and adopt a strong posture. Most of the US presidents are alpha males who are supremely confident. Allow time for others to speak and chip in with their contributions. Alpha men compliments others and have no ulterior motive.

Alpha Social Skills. Don’t compare yourself to others. Also, don’t have that feeling that you need to feel superior to others than you are speaking to. You already have the permission to talk to anybody you want. Stop competing with others and try to match their achievements. If you want to talk to someone, just go do it. Let nothing hold you back.

Alpha Male Style. Dress well and carry yourself as the alpha male. Your clothing must fit properly. Get T-shirts to fit snugly around your arms and to make you look bulky. Get a few pairs of jeans. However, do not get skinny jeans. Buy a couple of suits. Also, buy a great timepiece. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin.

The only accessory you need is a watch, a good quality masculine timepiece can make you look more alpha than ever! – Jason Travis

Body Language. Displaying the right body language is the key. Stand with an open chest, straight back and neck and with legs apart. Walk with slow balanced steps. Take medium length steps. Give with your body open and do not fold your arms.

How to live life on your own terms. The alpha male makes his own decisions. Grant yourself permission to do something and never wait for anyone. Sometimes, you need to say ‘no’ so that you have time and energy to pursuit your own hobbies etc. Keep working at your hobby until you realize that you are too old. The key is to be alpha and do not let anyone take control of your life.

Developing an Attraction Mind-set. You must have the mind-set of attracting the perfect woman. Do not settle for less. Keep telling yourself and project the image that ‘I am attractive to women’. Always be ready to attract women. Develop the abundance mentality. This means not to act desperate in front of women as you know that there are many out there. Be calmed and relaxed about things. The alpha man lives for the moment. Go out and embrace life. Always keep yourself in an open state to attract women.

The beta male always live for what might happen tomorrow: he puts off asking a girl out in case she says no, he puts off trying new things and having new experiences in case he doesn’t enjoy it, and he spends his life wondering ‘what if’ rather than looking back at the things he’d done. – Jason Travis

Living the Alpha Male Healthy Lifestyle. An alpha male has a fit and toned body. He desires to look good and feel good about himself. This sends out a good signal. Learn to eat well and exercise well. The harder you work, the better your results will be. It definitely helps to look good as this makes you more attractive to the women out there.