Dating Tips 105

The 10 Laws of Alpha Male (How to Become Alpha Male and Attract Women) by Jason Travis

This book will teach you what it takes to be an alpha male. This book will highlight the concept of alpha male. If you aren’t in control of your life and you tend to follow others, chances are you are beta. Beta and omega men aren’t attractive to girls. An alpha man is assured and leads and will take control of the situation. He does not ask people for permission to do things. He calls the shots. He doesn’t hesitate and takes action immediately. He is the guy who everyone else looks up to. You must become the alpha male.

Purpose of Life. They know what they want and lead fulfilled lives. All that matters is that you have a purpose and are driven towards it. Take steps towards it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an example of a guy who took up bodybuilding when he was very young. There are 3 steps you can take to move in this direction. Step 1: Work Out What You Want to Do. Look at your life and see what motivates you. You must dream big. Step 2: Write Down your Purpose. That thing will become real once it’s written down. Step 3: Move Forward Every Single Day. You will reach your goal if you keep moving forward towards it one step at a time. Keep working at your goal. People will be able to tell that you have a goal and it will have a huge impact of how others perceive you.

Confidence. Don’t let insecurities get in your way. They harness nervous energy and use it to their advantage. The alpha male doesn’t care what others think and he simply walks over to talk to a girl he likes. He doesn’t care about what others think of him. You must think that she is beautiful and that you must get to know her. Alpha males do not let emotions control them. Harness the negative energy to your advantage.

Masculine Energy and Presence. Women find it attractive. This is defined by being assertive and using of logic/analytical thinking. They like men who take control of the situation. Alpha males feel good from the inside and do not need any external validation from others. Masculinity should come natural to men. If you let situations control you, women will not find that to be attractive.

Alpha Communication Skills. The key is to use a deep and manly voice. Also, slow down your rate of speaking. Steer the conversation in the right direction if you have to. Inject humour into the conversation. Also, you can laugh at yourself so as to make others feel better and more comfortable. Give genuine compliments. Give eye contact and adopt a strong posture. Most of the US presidents are alpha males who are supremely confident. Allow time for others to speak and chip in with their contributions. Alpha men compliments others and have no ulterior motive.

Alpha Social Skills. Don’t compare yourself to others. Also, don’t have that feeling that you need to feel superior to others than you are speaking to. You already have the permission to talk to anybody you want. Stop competing with others and try to match their achievements. If you want to talk to someone, just go do it. Let nothing hold you back.

Alpha Male Style. Dress well and carry yourself as the alpha male. Your clothing must fit properly. Get T-shirts to fit snugly around your arms and to make you look bulky. Get a few pairs of jeans. However, do not get skinny jeans. Buy a couple of suits. Also, buy a great timepiece. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin.

The only accessory you need is a watch, a good quality masculine timepiece can make you look more alpha than ever! – Jason Travis

Body Language. Displaying the right body language is the key. Stand with an open chest, straight back and neck and with legs apart. Walk with slow balanced steps. Take medium length steps. Give with your body open and do not fold your arms.

How to live life on your own terms. The alpha male makes his own decisions. Grant yourself permission to do something and never wait for anyone. Sometimes, you need to say ‘no’ so that you have time and energy to pursuit your own hobbies etc. Keep working at your hobby until you realize that you are too old. The key is to be alpha and do not let anyone take control of your life.

Developing an Attraction Mind-set. You must have the mind-set of attracting the perfect woman. Do not settle for less. Keep telling yourself and project the image that ‘I am attractive to women’. Always be ready to attract women. Develop the abundance mentality. This means not to act desperate in front of women as you know that there are many out there. Be calmed and relaxed about things. The alpha man lives for the moment. Go out and embrace life. Always keep yourself in an open state to attract women.

The beta male always live for what might happen tomorrow: he puts off asking a girl out in case she says no, he puts off trying new things and having new experiences in case he doesn’t enjoy it, and he spends his life wondering ‘what if’ rather than looking back at the things he’d done. – Jason Travis

Living the Alpha Male Healthy Lifestyle. An alpha male has a fit and toned body. He desires to look good and feel good about himself. This sends out a good signal. Learn to eat well and exercise well. The harder you work, the better your results will be. It definitely helps to look good as this makes you more attractive to the women out there.



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