Addiction (How to Stop Any Addiction and Completely Break Free) by Robert Morgan

Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Smoking and Recovery

All About Addiction. The meaning of addiction. Most people are not aware or refuse to admit that they are addicted to something. This might cause problems to people around them or even their loved ones. Many addicts have physical tolerance or even cues when they enter a bar. You need to understand the root cause of addiction and why people get addicted. Addiction tends to be hereditary in nature. Your genetic makeup does have a part to play. Men are more susceptible to substance abuse. Peer pressure is a possible issue too, so is loneliness. A highly stressful job might be a cause of alcoholism/ drug abuse. As your tolerance builds up, you need a larger amount of alcohol to be ‘high’. Addiction is the point where you forgo personal and professional obligations and drink. There is also a tendency for you to become violent and act in a distressful manner.

Dealing with Addiction. You need to realize that you have a problem. If your consumption affects your exercise/lifestyle, you have a problem. Do you see alcohol as a stress buster? Do you think drinking is the only way to have fun? Too much alcohol can lead to cognitive impairment. Only when you admit that you have a problem, you will have a chance to break free. There is really no shame in asking for help.

Why Should You Address Addiction Immediately. The usual process is the go for detox and then rehab. You must be emotionally healthy if you want to kick addiction. After you go through detox, there might be side effects and you must be careful. It is best to approach a doctor. Consuming a pill can only bring you short-term relief. You need to find a way to regain emotional stability in your life.

Specific Types of Substance Addictions (Alcohol Abuse). Alcohol abuse is when you have excessive consumption. Withdrawal symptoms include headaches, hallucinations etc. There are also other types of abuses like tobacco and drug abuse. There are usually triggers which tempt you to want to drink. Examples of triggers are: a person, place or an event.

The Recovery and the Rehab Process. You need to be commit the time necessary for a rehab programme. For serious cases, you might be sent for an in-patient treatment programme. For milder cases, there are outpatient programs, where addicts can go home every day. Abrupt removal of the substance might cause withdrawal symptoms. Rehab is really about therapy and there maybe the practice of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Group therapy is also very useful in the fight against addiction. The family can serve as a tower of strength.

How to Build Self-Esteem. It takes time to recover and that is understandable. It is normal to feel down for a while. Self-esteem has to be slowly established over time and there are no shortcuts. Take things 1 step at a time. It is normal to go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Turn all the negative vibes into positive energy. There is no need to be too critical of yourself. Negative thinking should be avoided at all cost. Learn to forgive yourself. Change your mind-set towards things. Always remember to celebrate any small achievements that you might have. Surround yourself with positive people. Learn to take care of yourself. Hang out with happy people and work out more.

How to Set Boundaries. Avoid tempting situations if you know what the triggers are. Develop a positive support network. Create a schedule that includes time for socializing and family time etc. Do not be complacent.

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