The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Rolexes Online by Time4Luxury

Rolex Buyer’s Guide

Why Should I Buy a Rolex? A watch takes about a year to be manufactured. They are one of the most high quality timepieces in the market. It was founded in 1915. Many famous people had worn them. Rolex are now known as a symbol of success, class and tradition. They are also a work of art. Many people buy it to commemorate a special moment in their lives. Everyone deserves to own a Rolex at some point in their lives.

When to Buy a Rolex? When is the best time to own one? Here are the top 5 reasons to own one: Invest in yourself and buy 1 to commemorate a milestone. Get one to communicate success in life. You may also see it as an investment. You can also give to your loved ones. Time4Luxury will be able to offer you the best price available.

New vs Used Timepieces. If you buy new, you will learn to appreciate it more and it will definitely be authentic and in perfect condition. However, buying new costs more and re-sale value may fall in the past. However, it is difficult to predict which Rolex model will be celebrate in the future. Buying used is good as it is cheaper and you can enter the market of vintage Rolex. The cons is that you might buy a fake or replica.

Choosing a Rolex Model. Oyster Perpetual is a very functional and formal model. You could consider the Lady-Datejust. The Datejust is one of the most iconic models around. The Day-Date is the ‘President’s Rolex’. The Sky-Dweller has 2 time zones and an annual calendar. The Milgauss was designed for scientists and is anti-magnetic. The Explorers are for the courageous, those who like to conquer new frontiers. The GMT Masters were meant for pilot and travellers. The Submariner is one of the most iconic, elegant dive watches in the market. The Sea-Dweller is one of the most heavy duty timepieces. The Yacht-Masters are for people into boat racing. The Daytona represents speed and racing and is reminiscent of the legend Paul Newman. The Cellini line is elegant and Renaissance inspired.

Where to Buy a Rolex. You can get them from many places. However, getting online can prove to be cheaper. If you pay by wire transfer, it is also possible to get a discount.

How to Sell Your Rolex

Ensure that you sell to a reputable person/ company. The online retailer is becoming increasingly popular. Re-commerce means selling used goods back to the retailer.

Where to Sell your Rolex. Auction houses take 15% off the selling price. This will reduce your profit substantially. If you use online auctions, the auction house will take sellers and buyer’s commission and the process is quite cumbersome. Jewelry stores are tough too. Online retailers are your best bet.

How to Sell Your Rolex. Ensure there is a model and serial number. With the box and papers, your value goes up. Get quotes so that you know how much your watch is worth. Next, request quotes from distributers.

Things to Know when Selling Your Rolex. Do note that authenticity is very important. Your watch features are valuable. In addition, learn to sell your watch as it is. Do know that when you sell, you might only get back 70% to 80% of retail price. Online retailers have higher volumes of traffic and might prove to be more profitable.

Selling a vintage Rolex watch. Functionality and authenticity are the key. You can also pay in order to ensure authenticity.


Rolex Watches for Men and Women by Leonard Lowe

Some of the models have changed gradually over time. Learn to understand vintage Rolex movements. Be smart and do research before purchasing.

A photo cannot capture the beauty of a watch. The best place is to go to dealer to try the watch. The watch should fit snugly on your wrist and have a nice feel. The only way to know whether your watch fits is to try it. Rolex doesn’t change its models very much. The Datejust has a very timeless design. Rolex has a rich history.

Why Rolex? Rolex is known as a luxurious item and many people associate the brand with a gold watch. They were known for making technically superior timepieces. In 1953, their watches were waterproof. In 1953, the Rolex Submariner was introduced and it was useful for military divers. This is the strong heritage that Rolex is based on. The brand is just over a 100 years old. Despite other brands having a richer history, Rolex rose up the ranks because they made high quality tool watches. They use white gold for the hands on the dial to prevent corrosion. Rolex made the steel models popular. A tool watch is made for a special purpose. The Explorers are known for rough environments. The GMT Master II are good for travellers. The Submariners, Sea-Dwellers and the Deep Sea are good for diving. The timing bezel can be used to time other sort of events too. The Daytona is used for timing the speed of things and is associated with Paul Newman and racing. The Milgauss is associated with anti-magnetism and scientists. Rolex is actually an innovative company which kept improving on their movements.

The Rolex (Sports) Models. The Oyster is the waterproof case. Every Rolex tool watch is an Oyster watch. Perpetual means automatic. Although Rolex didn’t invent the first waterproof case, they made it so well that they were so renowned at producing it. The Explorer 2 has an orange GMT hand. Both the Explorer 1 and 2 are very versatile Rolex watches. The Datejust is one of the most successful models around. The Submariner is one of the most iconic watches around. Ref 6200 was introduced in 1953, ref 1680 in 1966. Some people prefer the Submariner without date because of the symmetrical dial. The Sea-Dweller has a depth rating of up to 1,200 metres. The Deep Sea can go up to 3,900 metres, an incredible feat. The GMT Master II ref 16710 has the Pepsi, Coke and Espresso models. NR = noir, BL = bleu, RO = rouge. You can identify the GMT model with a GMT hand. The Pepsi is one of the most iconic colours in the Rolex line-up of watches. The Blue represents night and the Red represents daylight. For the modern models, the Pepsi is only available in white gold. The Batman is a popular model too.

The Speed-Freak. Before 1989, Rolex obtained their movements from Zenith. Because Zenith was a small manufacturer, people had to wait before they could get a Daytona. In 2016, Rolex introduced a scratch resistant ceramic bezel for the Daytona, making it more reminiscent of vintage ‘Paul Newman’ models. Should one get black or white? White dials are more feminine and elegant to the touch. Black dials are more tool like and rugged. The black dial is better for formal clothing and the white dial works better in summer and with light coloured clothing. The black one is similar to the Ref 1655 in 1970. The white one is more suited for mountains. There is an orange 24 hour GMT hand. The white dial Daytona is very uncommon. Black dials have better readability. The white dial is more eccentric and jewellery like.

Precious Metals. The author does not like two-tone watches. It is lukewarm and looks gay. White-gold is understated and subtle and cool. The Yacht Masters are for sailors. It has polished centre links, white gold hands and a platinum bezel. The watch is also very comfortable to wear. The sunburst dial is also a thing of sheer beauty. There are also white gold submariners, GMT Pepsi and the Daytona. Having a pure gold watch is a strong statement. Only wear a full gold Rolex when you are filthy rich. The platinum Daytona is downright beautiful.

To be honest, I don’t like two-tone at all. It is not precious metal and not steel, it’s somewhere in between, somewhat undecided, lukewarm and gay. Two-tone for me is like gold plated: it tries to be more than it actually is. And that is completely uncool. – Leonard Lowe

Historical Rolex Models. Some vintage Rolex will appreciate in value due to how robust they are. You buy the Rolex for your next generation as well. Sometimes, even after 10 years of daily wear, the watch can still run accurately. There is also the story behind the previous collector, making the watch even more precious. Rolex doesn’t change their designs very much. From 2005 to 2015, Rolex introduced their supercase and maxi-dial. These changes make the watch appear larger. The clasp and bezel have also been improved. Ceramic bezels are being used now. Some people did not like these new changes, as they felt it changed the character of the watch. The vintage models, being limited in numbers, started to appreciate. Now, super-luminova replaces old tritium dials. The old bracelet had hollow end-links, but were lighter and more comfortable.

The real (modern) Rolex Classics. The Explorer 114270, being 39mm, might seem too big to some. Small watches were the in-thing between 1920s to 1970s. However, smaller watches might make a come-back next time. Small watches are also more comfortable and wear lighter. Simplicity is indeed timeless. The new Explorer II 116570 is 42mm and is quite large. The author prefers the older 16570. Even for the Sub, some people still prefer the 14060, rather than the newer 114060. The older GMT, 16710, appears more elegant and dressy. The latest Daytona, 116500, appears classier than the 116520. Both of them share the same case. The new one looks more like a Paul Newman.

The (old) vintage Rolex Classics. This refers to watches in the 1960s and 1970s. There is patina developing on such dials because the aged tritium. No two watches age in the same way. Some of the old Rolex Explorer models are the 6610 and the 1016. The first Bond submariner was the 5510. Roger Moore, from 007, wore the 5513 in the film, Live and Let Die. The Pussy Galore is the GMT master II ref 6542, worn by the Bond Girl. The circa is 1959. Paul Newman wore the Daytona in the 1970s. The ref 6262 goes for at least USD 25,000. The Explorer II, ref 1655, is particularly beautiful. They go for about at least USD 15,000 each.


A Beginner’s Guide to Investing by Ivybytes

Investing can be very simple indeed. It is very possible to spend little time to monitor them. A more passive strategy and well picked portfolio might do better than simple stock picking.

How to Double Your Money Every Seven Years – The Parable of Jill and Average Joe. Compound interest is amazing and allows you to accumulate wealth. It is good to start young. It is best to start the moment you enter the workforce. Most people are satisfied with returns that are too low. They need to aim higher and get what they deserve. One saves so that in the future, the money will grow and you will have more of it. Compound growth is actually exponential growth. Use the rule of 72 to know when your money will double. Let the money work for you. Why does the average investor not enjoy good returns? One is because of fees to an investment manager or financial advisor. He might also make poor investment decisions. This has a lot to do with timing. Never underestimate the value of compound interest.

Laying a Solid Foundation – How to Make Sense of the Investment World. Bonds are a type of debt that represents an IOU from a user of money such as a company or government, to a provider of money such as an investor. The debtor has to make periodic interest payments and return the principal at the end of the term. Stock is about buying a stake in a company and sharing the risks. Stocks have unlimited upside but are more risky. Companies can return some of its earnings to shareholders as dividends. A stock market is a place where an individual invested in a stock or bond can sell it to someone else. Mutual fund pool funds together so that they can invest in a larger pool of portfolio of stocks. The value of the stock today is the present value of its future dividends. A dollar is more valuable than one tomorrow. Many of us prefer instant gratification. However, to get the present value, you need to apply a discount rate. A good rate to use is the US Treasury bonds etc, or a zero coupon bond. However, markets do not simply reflect the intrinsic value of a stock. It is very difficult to predict actual dividends. Factors like the economy will affect it. Humans are also full of fear and greed. As a result, holding period of stocks have shortened. There is also a concept of reflexivity, where movements in stock prices do not just reflect estimates of the future, but they can, in fact, directly impact the future. It can be a cyclical in nature.

How to Get Off to the Right Start: A Practical Guide to Choosing an Investment Account. Look for discount brokerages and do not pay excessive commission. In general, there are 4 choices: full-service brokerages, mutual fund companies, discount brokerages and banks. Discount brokerages allow you to DIY and buy whatever you want. This is the low cost way to invest. You can also buy into mutual funds. Full service brokerages are offered by banks and they are like an investment adviser. Returns from a deposit pale in comparison with the stock market potential returns of course. There are no maintenance fees for discount brokerage accounts. You can link your stock account with your bank account.

How to Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Taxes, Without Opening an Offshore Bank Account. Taxes are a large investment expense. Tax advantaged accounts like IRA and 401(K) can be used. Use a tax sheltered retirement account. Interest income from bonds are taxable. There is also a capital gain tax. Dividends received are also taxed. Tax has a huge impact on compound interest. Therefore, it is important to use a tax-advantaged account. 401(k) is a retirement account that is provided by your employer. The employer may match your contribution into 401(k). You can also deduct your contribution from income before computing taxes. Any investment in 401(k) is tax free until it is taken out. However, there are penalties for early withdrawal on 401(k) and IRA, before age 60. Withdrawals made after 60 are subject to tax. Your investment options might be limited somewhat. IRA is not managed by your employer, but has similar benefits. There are also Roth and traditional ones. Understand the differences between Traditional and Roth IRAs and 401(k). You might need a taxable account if you need a short term funding for buying a car etc. Everyone should have all 3 accounts.

Getting Organized: How to form your own personal investing plan. Planning for a retirement is definitely important. Goal setting is really important. There needs to be a clear signpost. How much money do you need? Ask yourself about your spending habits and expenses. 2/3 of your current income is extremely comfortable. What are your stretch goals? How much money will you need to meet them? Your portfolio should last 25 years after retirement. You need to set aside a sum of money for investments every year. You can split your savings into different accounts, like IRA, 401(k) etc. The first step should be to contribute enough to a 401(k) to maximize the employer match. You should a bank account that can cover at least 3 month of living expenses in the event of emergencies. Learn to maximize tax-deductible contributions to an IRA. Do the same for 401(k).

Why You Need to Know Your Investing Alphas and Betas: A Guide to Investment Returns. Beta refers to your exposure to the market. Alpha returns shows your skill and whether you can beat the market. Alpha returns are difficult to achieve and people should focus on beta. Exchange traded funds will give you beta returns. You need to compare your returns with an index. Beta measures how risky a portfolio is. Investors need to be compensated for the risk inherent in the stock. There is no economic reason for positive alpha returns. Beta drives returns more than alpha. They are also easier to achieve. There are both active and passive mutual funds. Actively managed funds will pick stocks that do better than the market. ETFs are really convenient and very liquid.

Moving Beyond the Stock Market: An Introduction to Asset Classes. There are many other investment opportunities available. Stocks are the most common. One can make from the dividends and capital gains. You can also buy foreign stocks like those in emerging markets. For bonds, they are less risky and relatively more stable. Bondholders have a higher claim than shareholders during liquidation. T bonds are the safest. One can also consider mortgage backed securities or even municipal bonds. There are also inflation protected bonds. There is also an asset class known as REITs. REITs are legal entities that own properties like apartment buildings, malls, and office buildings. They have to pass dividends to shareholders. They are required by law to distribute most of its profits. REITs usually perform well when stock markets are down. There are also commodities, venture capital, hedge funds, private equity etc.

Why the S&P 500 is not good enough: How to Use the Principles of Diversification to Choose an Intelligent Asset Allocation. Diversification is important. Asset allocation is more important than stock picking. Diversification can increase returns while keeping risk the same. Sometimes, people combine unrelated asset classes in order to smooth returns. An S&P Index Fund is not a diversified portfolio. This is because diversification occurs between different asset classes. Observe the endowment funds and what they are investing in. You can be like 50% stocks, 30% bonds etc. There is an argument that corporate stocks are as risky as their stock counterparts. Stick to a plan that works well for you. As you get older, it is advisable not to have so much money tied up in stocks.

Putting It into Practice: How to Painlessly Implement Your Target Asset Allocation Using ETFs. Cost and liquidity are important for good ETFs. The fees should be less 0.5% of assets. There are good investment opportunities in the 401(K) too. You can buy an equity index fund for US or international stocks. In addition, you can also get a good actively managed equity fund. The expense ratio of mutual funds should be less than 1% of assets. Find those mutual funds with less than 60% of turnover. Look for those with 5 star ratings. Look for portfolio managers with long tenures. Buy a bond fund. REITs should be kept in retirement accounts.

Making it Bulletproof: How to Manager for the Long-Term with a Lockbox (and a Sandbox). Keep your savings in a lockbox. This is your buy and hold portfolio which should not vary over time. Keep a lockbox so that you will be immune to the above. Most fund managers are not good enough to outsmart the market. Set aside 5% for playing. You can bet into a 10-bagger. Avoid day trading as people tend to lose money. Your sandbox should not be more than 20% of your assets.

A major reason for poor performance is the human tendency to look around at the crowd and buy what everyone else is buying and sell what everyone else is getting rid of. In other words, we buy assets that have recently appreciated and sell those that have recently depreciated. – Ivybytes



How to Profit Collecting Vintage Watches by E.J. Kelly

This book will help you to make good decisions. This guide is portable and concise. It will be useful for new collectors out there. It is easier to profit from mechanical watches than other types of watches. They are inventive and are alive. These watches also have a high value and are scarce in production.

There are roughly five types of mechanical watches: hand-wound, automatic, chronographs, alarm watches and chronometers. The mainspring was invented in 1511. By 1571, the wristwatch was invented. Blaise Pascal wore his wristwatch in 1623. By 1770, the automatic watch was underway. Breguet was one of the first brands to use the mechanical watch. Women treated watches as a form of jewellery. Men’s watches were typically made for military personnel. In 1909, the first chronograph was made. The first waterproof case and screw-down crown was invented by Rolex in 1926. In 1948, Eterna produced an automatic watch with a ball-bearing rotor. In 1969, the first Omega moon watch went into space. By 1970, quartz watches hit the market. Mechanical watch production was hit but some of these watches continued to fetch astronomical prices at auctions.

There are examples of Americans making quality timepieces. One of them was Daniel Burnap. He helped to design brass clocks. Pre-1850, there were more clocks than wrist-watches. These clocks can be considered as collectibles now. Aaron Denilson and his partner, Edward Howard founded Waltham Watch Company. They had a monopoly for nearly 20 years. The American Railroad Pocket Watch was invented due to the poor timekeeping on trains. Some brands like Hamilton, Elgin, Hampden began to become more popular. After WWII, many watch makers were badly hit and some had to close. The watches manufactured before this time can be considered really collectible. Some US brands managed to emerge again, but they bought Swiss components. Nowadays, more US brands do not produce their watches in-house anymore.

The Mechanics of a Good Watch. It depends on the materials used and process/production. The overall styling is important. A watch should be judged based on its performance and quality. Some can be made from expensive material. Gold filled watches are usually of better quality. Stainless steel was more popular over recent years as it was an anti-magnetic material. Engraving, etching makes the watch more valuable. The finishing and polishing on the bezel matters. The dial can be made of enamel or other materials. Markers can be carved, plated, applied, hand painted etc. Dials can be sunken or not. Quality movements are durable and reliable. Jewel bearings increases serviceability. Quality can be judged based on the number of jewels, its setting and the number of screws to hold them down. Some screws can be highly polished and bevelled to become smooth. Brass or nickel plating for movements are common. The co-axial escapement for Omega watches helps to avoid the need for lubrication. Quartz watches are accurate as they do not require lubricants. Always buy within your means.

Understand terms like repeater watch, tourbillion etc. The heart of the watch is the ‘balance spring’. The escapement is a device in the watch that checks the motion of the train and the amount of energy sent to the balance. Mainspring is a coiled spring that supplies power to the watch.

Learn to Identify, Inspect and Grade a Watch. Start with vintage hand-wound mechanicals. Some of their price points are okay, but always start small. Self-winding mechanicals fetch good prices too. Be wary that some watches are simply frauds and should be avoided. Please do your due diligence before buying. Be wary when a vintage watch is re-cased. Sometimes, the original movement number can be replaced. Please look out for discolouration on the dial. Make mental models in your mind when you inspect a watch. Pull out the crown and set the watch. Listen to the ticking of the movement. Take out the loupe and check for dents, scratches etc. Open the case-back and look out for rust, dirt etc on the movement. Look and record down the serial number if possible. Determine which year and period was the watch manufactured. Understand the following terms: (Pristine Mint; Mint+; MINT; Near Mint; Extra Fine; Fine; Average; Fair; Poor; Scrap. Learn and memorize the grading system.

You can buy broken luxury watches, fix them, and then sell them at a profit. There is a great demand for high end ladies vintage mechanical watches. Do not enter the ladies market straightaway unless you know you can get the watches at a cheap price. Family functions or social gatherings could be a place to start to purchase watches. Pawnshops are a good place too. Some people are willing to let go their items on the cheap. Some of the pawnshops have vintage watches. You might even be able to find a Blancpain sometimes. Goodwill stores are another good option. Before you travel, go scout out and hunt the vintage watch stores overseas. Make it a point to visit them. Set some time aside to visit these stores. You can combine your passion and also learn about their culture. Advertise garage sales if you want to sell your watches. However, in this case, if you want to buy, advertise that you want to buy. This method is also relatively inexpensive. Flea markets are good too. However, you should bring a loupe. Give a ‘frown’ when you hear the seller quote a price. Bring cash and stay disciplined.

How to Buy ‘In Real Time’. There are no barcodes for vintage watches. Learn to find good deals on the internet. Use eBay’s red laser to alert yourself of deals and auctions that are ending soon. However, not all sites’ search functions will produce good results. Take advantage of the descriptions on these websites. Learn about the auction process and how it works. Sniping is where you withhold any bidding until the last minute on a desired item. Bid during the auction’s off-season. Look for misspelled words or poor quality photos of watches on sites and then question the owner about them. Bookmark different sites and visit public forums etc. Use the internet like a library.

Selling: ‘Profit from your Passion’. The market will tell you what should be the ‘right’ price. Niche products do command higher prices. I have never lost a penny on a watch. When there is increased demand, the prices tend to rise. Always let it be known to others that you are a watch collector. Auction sites are great too. Create a title for your auction. Check out the sites from other countries. Make sure you are doing business with credible dealers. Always be honest when you deal with others. The mediums to use are the same as when buying a watch. Mechanical watches should be serviced once every 3 to 5 years. Keep your watch in a cool and dry place in order to prevent rust.

The Gray Market, ‘Don’t Get the Blues’. It is an irregular way of distributing/selling merchandise. They might be fake. However, they are not illegal to own, sell, or buy. This might happen when dealers or distributors sell outside their territory. This is driven by demand. There are usually no tariffs. Usually, you will buy watches without serial numbers and there is usually no warranty. It is difficult to sell a watch without serial numbers. Stick to the basics outlined in the guide.

Your Watch Business. Approach your friends and relatives. Find guidebooks and a few watch books. Establish business cards to make yourself look authentic. Find a proper digital camera and set aside money for advertising and your budget. Slowly learn to build your inventory. Choose a business name related to your watches. Wear a watch that you are willing to sell. Always tell the truth about where you found the watch. Take photo with natural lighting only. Keep the watches in a cool and dry place. Use bubble wrap when shipping. All transactions should be recorded using accounting software. Keep track of your expenses. There is no need for a real business plan. For collectible and vintage pieces, it makes sense to head in this direction and not open a watch shop per se. Women are getting more interested in watches and you can potentially target them. One can always sell watches to dealers. Put some system in place to make your life comfortable.

Hot Watches or ‘Time Honored Classics’. The entry price for mechanicals is between $100 to $1,000. Learn to specialize for watches in a particular period or in a particular type of mechanical watch. There are many factors that will affect the price. Some of the famous European brands are: Baume & Mercier (owned by Cartier); Blancpain; Breitling; Corum; Ebel; Eterna; Excelsior Park; Glashutte; Tag Heuer; IWC; JLC; Junghans; Le Phare; Longines; Minerva; Movado; Omega; Tissot; Ulysse Nardin; Universal Geneve; Zenith. American watches: American Waltham Watch Company; Bulova; Benrus; Elgin Watch Company; Gruen Watch Company; Hamilton; Timex.

The watch is a personal “billboard”. It also displays an understanding of aesthetics. It is a miniature piece of art worn on your wrist. When you buy a distinctive timepiece, you are sharing a common interest. Art and beauty! – E.J. Kelly


Lean and Six Sigma for Beginners by G Harver

A Quickstart Beginner’s Guide to Lean Six Sigma

Learn to involve everyone in the organization’s processes. Six Sigma is one of the best ways to cut cost. The Six Sigma certificate is very valuable indeed. This is about finding confidence in your business and learning how to streamline processes. Six Sigma can also be applied in the government setting. Learn to adopt a six sigma approach. Your business’ performance should improve as a result.

What exactly is Lean Six Sigma? Six Sigma is focused on minimizing waste. It also about reducing poor performance and monitoring processes to know how well you are doing. It is simple and it is about consistent delivery to the customer. Your performance should be measured well. You want to achieve your intended specifications. Your actual results must be as close to your planned ones as possible. Learn to align projects with your strategic objectives and be able to assess them. You want every input to drive revenue creation. There should be no bottlenecks or downtime. It is about clearing everything that slows you down. Look out for 1) downtime. The projects should be clear and every employee’s efforts should be measured so that they fall in line with organization’s objectives. It will keep employees on their toes.

How Lean Six Sigma Works on a Daily Basis. You must aim for 100% quality. We all want as much profit as we can make. Motorola used Six Sigma back in 1986. Both quality, quantity and speed of production are the key. You should avoid any wastage that leads to poor workmanship. Please avoid overproduction. Low consumption is a bad sign. Time is money. Any time that your employees are not working or slacking is a loss to the company. Utilize your talents and make them multi-task even if necessary. There must be no wastage in transportation. Inventory storage cost must be factored in. Just-in-time inventory is the best. The key is that inventory must be processed once it arrives and without any undue delay. Do not over-process as it is time consuming and eats into your profits.

The fact is that you are just wasting time walking here, there and everywhere; in the process, you are adversely influencing other people towards your bandwagon. That is why you need to minimize aimless movements during working time. You need to appreciate that idle movements do not constitute leisure. Scheduled leisure time is helpful but idling about is not. – G Harver

Beneficiaries of Lean Six Sigma. Employees will feel challenged and drive in the same direction as the company. Motivated and healthier employees rarely take leave or absent themselves. Technology can help to improve efficiency and productivity. Time taken to attract customers is reduced. It is an efficient tool throughout the industry. People who are skilled in Six Sigma are employable and can work as consultants in a big company. For example, you could work as a lead manufacturing engineer. You can work as a business process analyst etc. There are many roles in an organization that seeks to improve company performance.

Salaries Associated with Lean Six Sigma. The roles are unique and command good salaries. A Green Belt certification will boost your credentials. Lean Six Sigma trainers earn even more. You can consult for IT companies, F&B companies etc. The master black belts are the best paid. Try to get the company to sponsor you for your training.

Things for CEO to note in readiness to implement Lean Six Sigma. Do not wait till you are making losses before implementing six sigma. Make improvements that will get you to 100% perfection. It is a structured approach. Decisions are based on accurate data. Success is based on a small margin of error. It is highly dependent on accurate data. It is important to have strict discipline when implementing six sigma. Analyzing data and looking at it from the right perspective is the most important thing you can do. Learn to take each project one at a time. Embrace solutions only when there is conclusive evidence that it will work. You need everyone on-board if you want to implement Six Sigma effectively. Senior Management must also be kept in the loop and updated. Empower people to carry out new initiatives even if it means eliminating paperwork. Bring an expert who can conduct training for your staff. Always be receptive to feedback.

Tying Lean to Six Sigma Method for Best Performance. Lean means travelling light. You must deliver your product or services fast. Delivery must be of high quality too. The cycle should be fast. There may be internal problems in your team that affect delivery, such as low morale, work too complex, multi-tasking, correcting of product defects, lack of flexibility, inefficient systems etc. How do you overcome the above? Understand your customers’ demands. Reduce number of tasks people do at the same time. Work towards smaller deliveries rather than a huge one. Develop a routine and expectations with your customer. Take orders only if you have the capacity to fulfil them.

Actual 6 Sigma Gauge. Some form of normal loss in the manufacturing process should be expected and this can be predicted at the start. This is pre-determined. Sigma Level 6 has a success rate of 99.99966%. The more you succeed, the higher you fair on the sigma scale. There are 6 sigma scales and each documents the defect level per 1 million units produced. Your ultimate business goal should be to reach only 3.4 defects in every 1 million units produced. This is known as the 6 sigma level.

Effective application of lean six sigma, including in profession. View your profession as a business. Serving your auditee fast means saving your organization’s time. Learn to offer high quality services. Learn to create projects that are well defined. Every move your organization takes has an impact on the bottom line. Train key personnel. Use DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. Define the problem. Use only individuals who are compatible. Set working parameters. Overhaul your processes if there is fraud present in your organization. Have an effective plan for data collection and system analysis. Analyze the problem. The next step is to improve the situation. Propose a solution and execute a plan. Your solution must have a clear cost-benefit analysis. Present your plan to the stakeholders of the project. Learn to control the situation. Communicate both your goals and achievements to your stakeholders and get their buy-in.

Lean 6 Sigma in Government Operations. Wastage is bad for the government and it can bring the house down. Governments can consider VSM (Value Stream Mapping). To do a VSM, present both alternatives and show both mappings. Show 1 for the current process and the other for the new process. In Kaizen, the changes are incremental in nature. There is a lot of red tape in government and should be addressed through kaizen improvement.

Challenges to Anticipate in Lean Six Sigma Implementation. Identification the correct process owner is the most important thing. However, some of them may not be very enthusiastic. Some of the departments may not be working well with one another. You might encounter barriers in language. You must obtain management buy-in. The trick is to display any small wins quickly so as to show others that the project is working well. Develop rapport with everyone concerned. Learn to resolve issues quickly together. Have charts to indicate progress. Ensure that you have a project implementing team.

Why adopt the Lean 6 Sigma Style? A black belt certification means that you are highly valued. There is even a body called International Association for Six Sigma Certification. Six Sigma is about enhancing efficiency, reducing waste and leading to an increase in revenue.

Lean 6 Sigma for SMEs. Downtime is not good for any organization, even SMEs. Many SMEs are at level 3 or 4 currently. This is eating into their revenues. You want to spend as little time as possible fighting fires. Small organizations are more nimble and can implement 6 sigma more easily.

How to embark on implementing lean six sigma. You need to identify a project champion. You need this person to be involved as soon as possible. Gauge your project against your organization’s strategic objectives. The project champion is concerned with the big picture.

Yellow and Green Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma Training. There are yellow, green and black belts available. The yellow belt training takes 2 days. It will teach you how to calculate the sigma level, defects per million units of output, yield. The green belt requires takes 8 days.

Black Belt Level of Certification within Lean Six Sigma. The Black Belt training also takes 8 days. You will need green belt before you can take the black belt. This level involves statistical analysis. You will understand how to perform sampling. You will be able to compute metrics and control charts. You will be able to handle regression etc. There is also a master black belt certification which is available for use. The MBB exam is over 2.5 hours long.

How does 6 Sigma Compare to Total Quality Management. TQM improvement is on a gradual basis. It involves more statistics and not so much on behavioural change. Six Sigma is not about ruthless cost cutting.

Details of Waste Eliminated by Lean 6 Sigma. Cutting waste in the transport area is important. Do not store unnecessary inventory as it is heavy. Unnecessary non-value adding work is also a waste of time. Excessive waiting time should be eliminated. Overproduction is bad. Underutilizing skills and defects are also undesirable and are a type of waste.

Lean and 6 Sigma above quality assurance. Quality assurance is good and system is important. Get rid of business steps which are redundant.

Why Companies Are not Taking Advantage of Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma is one of the best ways to cut costs. The key benefits are 1) improving quality of products/services; 2) improving customer experience; 3) Increasing bottom line. Sometimes, there a lack of information hindering companies from applying 6 sigma. Some people believe it is a fad. There are also costs associated with 6 sigma implementation. Some people feel their business is too small for 6 sigma to be effective. A group of people might feel it is too mathematical.




The Man’s Guide to Women by John Gottman (Part 2)

Part 4: Making Love to a Woman

Image is Everything (Understanding How Women View Their Bodies). A female has a complex relationship with her body. Men like it for its curves and how soft it is. Men never get sick of it. A hero will compliment her on her looks and body. In addition, learn to compliment her if she dresses well. Women view a lot of advertisements every day. These advertisements show what typical beauty should be like. Most women have a painful relationship when they look in the mirror. Tell her: you are beautiful no matter what you wear. A female sees herself as part of her body. If she thinks she is ugly, she is not going to feel good. Media also says that looks don’t last forever. Women have too many clothing choices. You should never criticize the way she looks. Her self-esteem is closely tied to how she looks. You can make her feel beautiful in your eyes. Being thin is not everything. Women like to feel that they are fertile. There was a point in time when eating disorders were very common. Some men also hate their bodies too. This is not just common with women. Men are concerned about their penis size. A woman has to feel desirable. What can you do with a body to excite her? A joke about her weight can affect her emotionally. Do not suggest that she go on a diet or exercise.

Her Body is a Wonderland (An Anatomy Lesson). Touch a woman’s erogenous zones. You must know her mind and heart. You need to ignite her mind first. It is not possible to fake an orgasm. She is responsible for her own sexual pleasure. Understand the basic female anatomy. Her sexual organs have been mysterious. The G-spot, the clitoris, the A-spot and the U-spot are all difficult to locate. Mons Veneris is usually covered with hair and is the padded area on top of a woman’s pubic bone. Labia means lips (there is a labia majora and labia minora). When she is aroused, her labia can get aroused. The clitoris is small and difficult to locate. It is extremely sensitive and full of nerve endings. This is the best part to stimulate. A Hero will be able to find it. The G-spot can make her wild. The A-spot and U-spot are less commonly known. The A-spot is called the anterior fornix erotic zone. You must enjoy her from head to toe. Stroking her hair or kissing her lips, touching her neck etc can get her aroused. Learn to make passionate love to her. If you can’t find the clitoris, ask for help.

Becoming Her Best Ever. A primer on passionate sex. You have to be a hero in the bedroom. Animals like to engage in sex quickly, without much pleasure. The male porcupine keeps stroking the female’s face so that quills come down before they can make love. The male will not get injured this way. The male porcupine is a hero. Use indirect strategies to ask for sex. Men think more about sex than women. Not many men have a requirement before they are willing to engage in sex. Gay couples have a lot more sex than lesbians. Even after menopause, many females can still have sex and there is no decrease in sexual pleasure. Sometimes, a woman can have a stronger sex drive than a man. Many initiations for sex are non-verbal in nature. The bottom line is to just ask her for sex. There is a 75% chance she will say yes if she is feeling safe. Do not be angry if she rejects you. If she feels pain, stop touching her immediately. These might be areas of enduring vulnerabilities and you need to respect those boundaries. You need to be close and connected to the lady. Casual sex is just mutual masturbation and it isn’t great. For women, interest does not spell desire. You need to connect the mind and heart. Forget whatever you whatever porn you have seen. Porn addiction can interfere with your sex life. Making love is both an art and a science. Women can reach orgasm fairly quickly. Sex is supposed to be fun for the both of you. Everything you do, even how you kiss her matters. Create the sense of anticipation and foreplay necessary. Dopamine kick starts in your brain. You will have the sense of anticipation of a reward. Look passionately and lovingly into a woman’s eyes. Remember to smile more. When you smile, think about her and be genuine about it. Everything positive for you in a form of foreplay. Avoid giving kisses which are too wet. Kissing her neck is sexy. If she bares her neck, it is a sign of major interest. Her nipples are an erogenous zone too. Do not flick it. Breasts are to be cherished. Apply light and delicate touches. Use your finger to awaken her breasts. It is best to go in with a gentle approach. There is no sexual routine to follow. Oral sex can be very pleasurable. Use your tongue to roll her clitoris and this will drive her crazy. Keep your teeth away. Your tongue and lips should do the job. Use your hands to touch her breasts and nipples. Enter her vagina with your fingers and arouse her sensitive spots. Slowly move your penis inside her. Tease and tempt her. Understand the rhythm which she is comfortable with. Experiment with different positions like the missionary position. Some people like the woman to be on top. Only 25% of women can experience orgasm through intercourse also. A sex toy may be able to help her. However, do not simply focus on getting her an orgasm. Most of them must have at least some clitoral stimulation. If the man is on top, it is harder. Make sure your nails are not sharp or you will hurt her. If her nostrils flare, she is enjoying it. Men tend to want to fall asleep after ejaculating. Even after sex, the woman wants to be held and stroked. Hold her. Becoming best buddies with her clitoris. Pleasure understand that sex is not like porn.

It’s one of the best things about sex: What’s good for her is good for you, and what’s good for you is good for her. – John Gottman

Look into her eyes. Kiss her deeply. Run your fingers lightly up and down her body. Don’t rush. Experience her desire. – John Gottman

If you are not multiorgasmic, after you come you will have a refractory period during which all the pleasure and prayers in the world are not going to get you erect again. The average refractory period for all men is typically a half hour. – John Gottman

Part 5: Living With a Woman

Learn to fight like a girl. Understanding women and conflict. There are rollercoasters to every relationship. Men want less fighting. It is important to learn to manage conflict. She wants a good listener. Problem solving is secondary to a lady, whereas it might be primary for a man. There is no place for shock and awe. Conflicts might break out from time to time. Conflicts are arise from anything at all. Men handle anger differently. Female hate a sense of injustice. You need to do your fair share of work. Women tend to stay angry longer and use indirect aggression. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling. Women don’t like the feeling of being powerless. Usually when you quarrel, your heart rate goes up. It is difficult to communicate well in this state. What can you do when you are emotionally flooded? The trick is to breather and count to 10. This is a way of soothing yourself. The other strategy is to take a break, not take flight. You can continue the conversation, say, 30 minutes later. Men maintain vigilance and physiological arousal for long periods. Often when you are flooded, you don’t feel a sense of empathy for her. Females can resolve and engage in calm and self-soothing behavior more easily. Women prefer to talk things out whereas men prefer to flee. During your break, you need to detach yourself from everything and takes at least 20 minutes. The trick is to do something else like reading a magazine. Domestic violence stems from the fact that people don’t calm down. Create a break ritual in the middle of a conflict. A Hero will try and understand what the complaint is about. Ask the following questions: What do you need? What are you concerned about? What are you feeling? Women are looking out for trustworthiness. You must always listen to her. Try to avoid getting aggressive. Conflict happens even in the best of times.

Why Does it take so long to buy a pair of shoes? Understanding the Evolutionary Importance of Shopping. Vast majority of women like shopping. In the past, people foraged for food and females did so too. The men hunted while the women gathered. Men shop only for specific items he needs. He also likes to be efficient and determined in looking for something. After his purchase, he goes home straightaway. Females tend to have better memories than males. For instance, they can better remember the items to buy. There are also shops where men can wait while women do their shopping. A lady is usually judged based on how she looks. She needs to be clothes-conscious. Shopping, therefore, even matters more to a woman than to a man. Understand that shopping is in their DNA. It is for them, an expression of their creativity.

Best Friends Forever. Understanding Women and Friendship. Usually, you will get to know her friends too. Men aren’t that close to their friends as compared to women. Women still need social from other women. Socially isolated people suffer more than others. Men need a woman to stay alive. Therefore, you must allow her space so that she can nurture such relationships. Females have better affiliation systems than males. Befriending others releases oxytocin, which lowers the stress response. Women rely on social support. These matter too as it can influence your own relationship too. Best friends aren’t just for girls. Do not be jealous about the attention she gives to her friends.

You can attune with your partner night and day, and this is great for the relationship, but women still need the company of other women and the support that goes along with it. – John Gottman

Interestingly, what determined whether men would die younger was whether or not they were married, whereas for women it was their friendships with other women that determined their longevity. – John Gottman

The answer is that even the best of relationships can’t give a woman everything she needs. The quality of your friendship is important to your relationship, but the quality of her friendships with other women is also important to your relationship. – John Gottman

Part 6: Loving a Woman for a Lifetime

Is She the One?  Understanding Women and Commitment. Everyone has to go through the stages of love and got to get to know each other. You will still have ups and downs. You can’t force commitment. Men also want commitment as well. Most of them like meaningful and committed relationships. The first stage of love is lust. You keep thinking about her and how great she looks etc. However, the problem with this is that you might ignore red flags in the relationship. In the second stage of relationships, you see the red flags. Find someone to care for your offspring. Sometimes, arguments might set in. She wants to learn and know that you are trustworthy indeed. The third stage is about building loyalty and commitment. A men performs at his best when he has someone beside him. She must make you feel wonderful. Do you feel at home with her? Do you feel like your best self? More alive, more joyful and more adventurous? It is not necessary to completely share the same interests. If she has a completely opposite view on children as compared to you, it isn’t likely that she is the one. Men need stronger relationships too. Marriage confers health and longevity benefits. It is also important to find an educated female. Men who are single tend to drink more and engage in bad health habits.

Mother Nature. Men often want to witness the delivery of their child. It is important to support the woman in her journey through motherhood. Being present matters a lot. It is an awesome sight to behold. It isn’t easy to become a father. Women definitely want their children to thrive. Each time your wife strokes her baby, her oxytocin levels increase. Learn to develop a bond with your baby

Ensure you take care of her needs. You need to understand a woman’s relationship with her child or you will never understand her well. Men are now taking the role of nurturing babies. Now, dad has to play the role of caregiver too. Fathers like to play with babies too. When the kid is young, they usually choose the dad as play partners. The role of play cannot be under-estimated. Fathers also give room for the infant to explore. A dad must never be seen to be ‘absent’. Mothers also like their husbands to parent the kid. A father certainly plays an important role. Many men feel tied down once they have a kid. They complain that there is no more adventure in their life. Taking care of a child can be very rewarding indeed. Mother love is a force of nature. Men must do their fair share of the work.

The best predictor of the empathy of the child was how involved the dad was when the child was 5 years old. The more involved the dads, the more empathic the kids. – John Gottman

Staying Together (Loving a Woman for a Lifetime). Einstein was clueless when he came to ladies. How do you keep her happy for a lifetime? Do not give her a list of demands. Never think you are Mr Know it all. Never ever stop dating her. Learn to be vulnerable. Trust is the backbone to the relationship. Trust is associated with a sense of safety and loving. Avoiding conflict is also bad. If you avoid conflict, the relationship slowly drifts apart. Cracks in a relationship can form and the house will eventually topple. You must always turn towards your partner. Kiss her goodbye for 6 seconds at least. It builds passion and romance. Make time at least once a week for date night. Plan and prepare for it. Think of new things and places to visit and go. Get to know her better even though you may already know her well. Appreciate the small things in life. Honor her dreams and relationships. You must support her in achieving her goals. You never want your woman to feel lonely in a relationship. Cherish and embrace her.

Compliment her, thank her, admire her, show her with your words and your actions that you love and value her. Tell her she is beautiful. Let her know you desire her. Do something nice for her. – John Gottman


The Man’s Guide to Women by John Gottman (Part 1)

Secrets from the Love Lab. You will definitely benefit from this book. However, this book is meant more for males. Women are inherently mysterious. This book is written as an easy-to-read and easy-to-use guide. Whether a relationship succeeds or fails largely depends on the man’s actions. How you think and what you do matters the most to a lady. Learn to succeed with women for a lifetime. Understand a woman’s mind and heart. After this book, hopefully your relationship with a girl will improve. John Gottman is a researcher. He learnt about women the hard way. There are definitely new insights in this book. Couples were observed in a love lab. They were observed over a period of time and their core body signs were being measured. It is important to know what women want and need. Understand the secrets of attraction.

Understanding a Woman. What do women really want? This is the most important question around. Stephen Hawking had trouble understanding women. Every girl is special and unique. The book will guide you of the heart and mind of a lady. You want to be totally immersed. The only thing that women look for is trustworthiness. ‘You are who you say you are and you do what you say you are going to do.’ It’s about being reliable. This is important especially when raising children. Fathers need to be involved in taking care of children. You should do little things that show you care for her. You also need to safeguard her heart. In addition, you need to listen to her if she has problems. Learn to be intimate and well-connected. Problems might develop if you dismiss women’s emotions instead of being attuned to them. Trust is built via emotional connection. Focus on your woman when she is talking to you. Put away your cell phone. Attention equals affection. Face her when she is speaking. Ask questions to understand her. This is important as it demonstrates genuine concern. Practise non-defensive listening. It is important not to retaliate or counter-attack. Always learn to empathize with her. Read her body language and interpret. Show empathy and compassion. Attuning is a skill which can be honed over time. Try not to talk about yourself too much. Never ignore her or shut her off. If you use your built or size to intimidate her, she will not be extremely comfortable with you. Even if you are seeing multiple women, they still need to trust you. Men want less fighting and more sex. In addition, men like to feel approved and adored by their women. Men are better at hiding their feelings. Never show that impatient attitude towards women. There is no need to offer sage advice if you don’t have any good advice up your sleeve. Acceptance of her emotions is the key. Boys are less serious when playing a game. Problems are dealt with easily among boys. Guys like to dispense with the emotion and get on with playing. To girls, the game is just a mask for exploring the closeness of the relationship. Men have issues when girls express negative emotions. Emotions mean intimacy to a lady. Show up and be yourself. Avoid checking out other women when you are with her. Pay full attention to her when she is chatting.

Women want men who are there for them when they need them. They want men who are interested in them and who care about them. Women need to feel respected, heard, and connected. – John Gottman

To put it simply, listening is sexier than talking. Asking questions is sexier than broadcasting. Being genuinely interested in her is much more important than trying to be interesting to her. – John Gottman

A Mind of her Own (The Art of Understanding a Woman’s Brain). Our brains are made up of cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. Male brains are 10% larger, however, it does not mean we are more intelligent than females. Women’s hormonal levels rise and fall during each month. There is a sense of rhythm for a female. The holy trinity is estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Even testosterone is important for a lady. The cycle will affect her moods etc. During the first 2 weeks of the cycle, she can be more talkative and relaxed. The 2 weeks after this cycle, will might be more stressed and irritable. Women will eventually have to go through menopause. Women are more emotionally sensitive. During ovulation, she might be more eager to have sex. During PMS, she could be more moody. Before menstruation, women usually like alone time. You could help her get her alone time. Not every women will have a 28 day cycle. You should understand your women’s cycle. Do not take her moods personally. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with you. Hormones can influence her sex drive. Women are more attracted to alpha men when they are ovulating. There are times when you should be both alpha and beta. No wonder it might be difficult to understand women. Strip dancers make more money when they were ovulating. Women can also enjoy sex after menopause. Testosterone is also present in ladies, but in less quantities. Men often think more about sex than women. Sex drive declines as you age. Women tend to experience fear more easily than men. They experience fear in a completely different way. They are conditioned to be concerned about their safety and well-being. Once they experience fear, they will be more wary of the similar events happening. Touch is effective, even holding hands. It can have a powerful effect on woman as it makes them feel safe. Never dismiss her fears as being irrational or blame it on PMS. Try not to walk in front of her.

For starters, when a woman is afraid, hold her hand. Even better, try to help her avoid feeling afraid in the first place. – John Gottman

Women need a reason for sex. Men just need a place. – Billy Crystal

Part 2: Dating a Woman

Chapter 3: Read My Hips (Understanding Women and Attraction). Confidence, intelligence and high social status can be very sexy indeed. Being a dungeon master in a game can signal leadership qualities. You can be a hero to a girl in that sense. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Be secure in your abilities. There are non-verbal cues you can use. Pick-up lines are virtually useless. Women can signal whether they want to be approached or not. They might give clues or signal actions. Most men think they are unattractive. This is a problem. Women are drawn to symmetrical faces. People want to reproduce with someone who can give the most viable offspring. A woman’s hips can signal fertility too. The trick is to take up space or ‘space maximizing’. Also, make glancing behaviors. Look and smile at her. Do not cross your leg at your knee. Slap your guy buddy. Try not to fidget too much or make random gestures. Stress is not sexy. Keeping calm is something girls are attracted to. Women will exhibit cues if they flirt, like tilt their heads, give short glances, play with her hair etc. If she likes you, she will smile and give you direct eye contact. If she gives you unfavourably non-verbal behavior, you should not approach. You have to make yourself as universally attractive as possible. Humour is an indication of intelligence. Attraction has to be mutual for things to work. Repeated glancing and looking away from you is a sense of attractiveness. Hygiene and clothing matter.

Now you might not have nunchuck skills, bow-hunting skills, or computer hacking skills, but whatever your skills, women will be attracted to the expertise you demonstrate in your particular area of interest. In other words, if you collect stamps, be the most powerful, high-status collector there is. – John Gottman

The men who were successful were space maximizers, showing their dominance in the social setting by stretching out their legs, throwing an arm around their chair, or otherwise owning the space they occupied. – John Gottman

First Impressions (Do’s and Don’ts of Dating). If she likes you, she will look at you and glance and smile. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. This is the key. Be a good listener and be genuinely interested. Put the woman in the center of attention. Pick-up lines or jokes generally don’t work. Women like honest conversation. Let the girl talk and finish her sentences. Keep the questions positive. Listen to her responses and ask follow-up questions. The questions should be open-minded in nature. Look into her eyes when she is speaking. Lower-pitched voices are attractive. Try to mirror her body language. Pay attention to her words and her body language. She is most likely to give you her number if you touch her forearm while you ask. Women are wary and do not want to go to bed with a complete stranger. Put the girl in the front and centre of your date. Engage in an adventurous activity on your date. You might just arouse her. There is a fine line between interrogation and conversation. Demonstrate your protective instincts. Do not tell her she is wrong. Just say that her point of view is interesting. Don’t ask her if she likes you. This will just make you seem insecure and you will end up in the friend-zone. Plan a date that makes her feel special and important. Do not scan the room and check out the other girls.

Women are impressed with a guy who has emotional energy, who is passionate about whatever he’s talking about, and who asks questions and really listens to the answers. – John Gottman

Ask for about her interests, her passions, her life dreams, her bucket list. Find out where she’s traveled and what she loves to do. Ask her who her best friends are, and find out what they are like and what she loves about them etc. – John Gottman

Part 3: Romancing a Woman

Making Your Move (The Science of Seduction). Humans release pheromones when we sweat. People can find it attractive. It is about attraction and sensuality. Women have a better sense of smell. How you smell matters. A baby also produces smell. Pheromones are a two-way street. Research has shown that gay men preferred odor of other gay men. There are such things as pheromone parties too. A woman always remembers the first kiss. It matters a lot. It certainly brings a vivid memory. There are huge numbers of nerve endings on your lips. For a good kiss, oral hygiene is important. Learn to be confident. Do not ask for permission to kiss. Read the signals and see if she wants to kiss you. If she looks at your eyes and lips or if she licks her lips, it’s a clear sign. Learn to go slow for your first kiss. Touch her face, stroke her hand to build a sense of anticipation. Feel the sensations in her mouth. Men’s saliva contains testosterone. Do not drool as drooling is not sexy. Always trust your instincts. You can hold her and kiss her too. You need to read the signs and see if she is attracted to you or not. Moving in too fast doesn’t work.

Is she more than a hookup? (Reading a Woman’s True Profile). Oxytocin feels good. However, it impairs your ability to make sound decisions. Oxytocin reduces the fear level in your brain. It makes life more erotic. Infants who were ‘securely attached’ in their childhood are better able to handle conflict in their adult relationships. Early imprints can affect how you behave or perform in a relationship. Even geese can be attached to humans especially if they are still infants. Watch how the girl you likes treats her family to get an idea of how she will treat you. Try to notice if she is kind or not. If she complains, see if she blames others. Is she honest or does she like to lie? Is she conscientious and open minded? Is she more optimistic or pessimistic? Does she follow up on her actions? Does she accept your friends? Is there sexual chemistry? There needs to be a mix between heart, mind and body. Stay clear of the damsel in distress. Does she always seem to be the victim or does she learn from her mistakes? Is the princess who expects special treatment? Nowadays, this type of girls lack empathy and common courtesy. Is she a competer? Does she boast about her achievements? This type of woman might be a perfectionist in nature. Is she a drama queen? Is she always getting in trouble? Is she an alcoholic? Some traits might indicate a personality disorder. Conversation has to be smooth and easy-going. Limerence might cause you to ignore red flags in a relationship. Do not base a relationship on physical attraction alone.

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