Why You Should Not Own a Mechanical Watch (Or Any Other Timepiece for that matter)


  1. Mechanical watches are simply an accessory which you can easily do without. Clothes are the first thing people notice when you are out and about. If you want to draw attention to yourself, wearing tight-fitting and trendy clothes is a better bet than owning a luxury watch. A watch is such an indiscreet accessory that is barely noticeable except to people who are into watches. Conclusion: It is more important to buy good-looking and trendy clothing.
  2. Wearing a luxury watch might improve your confidence, but it won’t help you in dating or picking up girls. If you have any personality flaws, a watch will not help you fix it. Basically, a watch will not help you to improve your social life in any way. Social skills can be improved via practice and putting yourself out there.
  3. People might think that you are too flashy and flaunting your wealth in public. They might think you are insecure in nature. In addition, they might view you as being snobbish and a show-off. That’s certainly not how you want to be viewed by others.
  4. Owning luxury watches is a sign of being materialistic. We all know that material items can only bring that much happiness in our lives. Please google ‘hedonic treadmill’ to know more.
  5. There are better ways to deploy your money and generate returns. For instance, one can invest in stocks, bonds or housing to generate passive income. Basically, for watches, there is high tendency to lose money once you try and sell them. Thus, owning watches might not be a very sustainable hobby.
  6. Going for holidays provide better satisfaction than watches. Holidays provide a unique and eye-opening experience which you can’t get from your watches. It is better to buy experiences as compared to material goods.
  7. Due to hedonic adaption, chances are that you will quickly get used to your luxury mechanical watch and get bored of it. You will have the constant urge to upgrade and buy the next expensive timepiece. This process will keep continuing and there is no end in sight. You are like a mice on a treadmill, constantly running but no end goal in mind.
  8. If you want an emotional connection, you will be better off finding a girlfriend or something. It is delusional to build an emotional connection with an inanimate object like a mechanical watch. Lol.
  9. You can easily get the time on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, nearby café. Timing on GPS devices/quartz watch like a watch is more accurate than a mechanical one. Hence, it is illogical to embrace old technology and use mechanical watches.
  10. There are other ways to feel masculine and powerful besides owning a mechanical watch. For one, you could head to the gym and bulk up.
  11. 11. Cheaper hobbies can also bring you a lot more pleasure. For instance, I like drawing and it also brings me great pleasure. There is beauty in spending time and effort in improving your craft. In addition, it is an extremely cheap hobby. The same can hardly be said for mechanical watches.
  12. You are your own individual and deep down inside, you know that you don’t need a watch to differentiate yourself from others. You must let your personality shine through without owning any external object on your body.
  13. A mechanical watch has periodic servicing costs which you can’t escape from. Just like a car which maintenance, a watch requires cleaning and oiling about every 5 years or so. Therefore, there is definitely upkeep costs. You don’t own a watch, the watch owns you.
  14. It is troublesome to own a mechanical watch and to wind it. If you forget to wind, you need to reset the time. In addition, you can’t bang your watch around as it will affect the movement and accuracy. Almost all mechanical watches are susceptible to shock, magnetism and temperature variations.
  15. You don’t need a good watch to be an alpha male. Confidence can be trained in other ways.
  16. You are a sucker if you are drawn into watches because of the luxury watches’ advertising in the media etc. Although, advertising has hidden messages and can subconsciously affect the brain, you know you are strong enough to resist them.
  17. You suck if you buy watches just to compete with your friends and to gain high status. There is no need to be a heavy hitter in the watch game. You shouldn’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Competing with others will just lead to misery because there is always someone else out there who owns better watches than you.
  18. One can reward themselves in many other ways besides buying a watch. Perhaps you should spend money on your parents and treat them to an expensive meal.
  19. Mechanical watches are so old-fashioned. The technology has already existed for hundreds of years. Why is there a need to turn to old technology? Isn’t mankind great because we always look to the future and develop cutting-edge technologies?




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