The Roll-Away Pumpkin by Junia Wonders and Daniela Volpari

Marla Little’s pumpkin was rolling down the hill. She warned others that it was rolling. She screamed for help and started chasing it. The farmer followed her and gave chase too. The baker saw the pumpkin and decided to join them in the chase, so did the milkman. The butcher joined the party too. The parade marchers followed suit. A group of people thought that the vegetable parade happening after seeing the party chasing after the pumpkin. They were extremely excited as a result. A plump lady decided to prepare food for the party as she felt they needed food. The pumpkin rolled toward the cauldron where the plump lady was brewing soup. She tipped the cauldron so that the pumpkin would enter. The most delicious pumpkin soup was served to everyone. Marla Little was happy. The End.


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